Top 10 Trends in Cloud VPS to Watch Out For in 2024

Cloud VPS

With more companies and individuals starting to come to terms with cloud computing, there is no doubt that it is a sector to watch in 2024. Not only are technological innovations going to make cloud computing more powerful and efficient, but more companies are going to look at cloud VPS solutions as the way forward. People are starting to realize that a typical VPS solution does not provide the same type of scalability and flexibility as a cloud solution does. That is why there are so many interesting trends to watch in 2024 with respect to cloud VPS.

1. Exponential Growth

Thanks to Software as a Service, there are so many interesting doors opened up to businesses and individuals with respect to cloud computing. There was a time when only a major company could look at a cloud solution as a viable option. But so many cloud VPS solutions are affordable and efficient, which means that consumers know they are getting value for money. They are starting to see they can get so much more out of this product, as compared to the other services in the same price range. That is what will push this growth forward.

SaaS-type solutions are going to be the key going forward. There will be a massive increase in the companies that are adopting these solutions, with many experts suggesting that around 60 percent of the cloud-based workloads will be tackled by SaaS in the coming year. That is a roughly 20 percent increase from the numbers from a year ago.

2. Cloud Storage Capacity Boost

Cloud services are starting to become the primary way of doing business. That means cloud storage capabilities need to go up, and they need to go up fast. What service providers are going to do is set up more data networks in different parts of the world. This will ensure they can safely and efficiently get all the information stored for their clients, without a problem. The interesting thing to note will be how these increased storage capacities are priced. Companies will want to recoup what they are investing in, but they have to ensure they are not pricing out small businesses and individuals who are seeking these cloud storage solutions.

Businesses that are happy to work with big data and cloud VPS providers are going to have a very good time in the coming years. Not only do they get so much more cloud storage space, but they will also reap the benefits of increased efficiency and better security. They can have all their data stored in the cloud for affordable prices, and they can be sure that data will not be lost or stolen by anyone.

3. Internet of Everything

We are already seeing the emergence of the Internet of Things or IoT. We can see how consumers are increasingly likely to accept smart devices and appliances around their homes. Whether it is something like Amazon’s Alexa or an appliance that can tell when it needs to be updated or requires additional components, the Internet of Things is already a massive movement.

But now we are going to see an evolution that can best be described as the internet of everything. Consumers will have an easier time interacting with devices in an intelligent way, and human-to-human communications will also be boosted. Whether it is the ability to translate languages through headsets, use hospitality robots at hotels or resorts, or some other technology, consumers will see the benefit. And all of this is powered by the cloud!

4. 5G and Internet Speeds

With the amount of data the world is generating set to rise even more in 2024, we are also going to see better internet connections. Not only are broadband and cable connections going to see improvements in speed, but it is not long before we will start to see 5G. It is unclear if 5G will become mainstream in 2024, but it is certainly going to have a presence. With faster speeds come better applications and the ability to do more on devices. And better speeds mean that users will be more likely to keep all their files in the cloud, even their media files.

5. Cloud Security

When considering cloud hosting providers such as IO Zoom, security is always a concern for consumers. They want to pick the provider that has the best security setup because they do not want their website or data compromised.

In 2017, we saw some cyberattacks that had an impact. There was the WannaCry ransomware incident, along with the CIA Vault 7 hacking. Equifax had its data breached. These incidents still happen, and they will continue to happen.

But the good news is that all providers are going more to keep data secure for their customers. Individual and state-sponsored data hacks will become more common, which is why cloud providers will need to step up their game to a greater extent. It will be interesting to see what providers can rise to the challenge, and who may face problems. You can read this post “Cloud computing and data security” to learn more about it in detail.

6. Big Analytics

Thanks to the increased cloud storage space that will become available, experts are adamant that big analytics will be adopted by more companies in the future. It is estimated that 1.1 zettabytes will be available by the end of 2024, which is double the space available in 2017. Now businesses will be able to use affordable and reliable cloud hosting and data storage solutions to drive their analytics programs. It will be easier to save more data and analyze it in real time.

7. Cloud to On-Premise Connectivity

Every business has its own needs, which is why cloud solutions that are customizable will be more appealing in 2024. Some enterprises may prefer to keep their on-premise solutions, and they will want to link those to the cloud. Why would this happen? Because on-premise network security is often superior for controlling data flow migrating enterprise data can be a problem for companies.

When cloud hosting providers can offer these cloud-to-on-premise connectivity solutions, companies will flock to them. Expect that to happen in 2024. Complete migration to the cloud is still something companies see as very expensive. If they can do it in stages, or have a half-cloud, half-physical network setup, they will be a lot happier.

8. Crowd Sourced Storage

We have not seen this trend emerge, but experts believe it is not far behind. With cloud storage solutions becoming more affordable, the desire to have all personal data stored in the cloud will rise. But the problem is that for certain applications and programs, a lot of storage is needed. That can get expensive for each individual. But if groups of individuals crowdsource and combine their funds, they would be able to do a lot more.

9. Serverless Cloud Computing

Using and managing a server is something that turns many people away from the cloud. But thanks to serverless cloud computing, it is possible for developers to create and run applications without needing to concern themselves with server management. That is only going to result in more people using the cloud, especially for creating applications.

10. Edge Computing is on the Up

Edge computing is the practice of completing data processing at the edge of a network so cloud computing is optimized. This practice will increase exponentially because so many Internet-connected devices exist. It will become necessary, and edge computing will be used to manage the flow of traffic that comes from IoT and IoE devices.


Each of these trends is something that cloud computing enthusiasts should watch out for. These trends also suggest that businesses could do with adapting to the cloud shortly. It is the way business will be done in the not-too-distant future, and cloud VPS solutions are getting more affordable each year.

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