5 Best Parental Control Apps to Buy in 2024

Are you searching for the best parental control software for remote monitoring? If yes, read the thorough article to learn about the...

5 Best Parental Control Apps to Buy in 2022

Are you searching for the best parental control software for remote monitoring? If yes, read the thorough article to learn about the top parental control apps to buy in 2024.

Parents have multiple reasons to use parental monitoring applications. But with the most tech-savvy generation, it would not be easy to choose the best parental monitoring app.

Kids use the Internet for academic pursuits, and we usually use it to connect with others. However, smartphones have become a prior need of every human. Speaking of kids monitoring software, that is a commonly used term. The parental control software lets you remotely track all your kids’ mobile and physical activities. Furthermore, you can control the application using an online control panel or dashboard.

Some of the applications used for children monitoring offer premium quality features to fulfill the needs of parents. Let’s find the top parental control applications for 2024.

5 Best Parental Control Apps to Buy in 2024:

The demand for parental monitoring applications increases with the rise in smart devices. When you search for a mobile tracker app for Android or iPhone on the internet, you will become surprised by watching the long list of parental controls available there. But the trouble is, most of the applications are nothing more than a scam.

Here we have listed the top five parental control apps 2024:

Let’s get started.

1. TheWiSpy:

It is web-based monitoring software and noninvasive parental control app to monitor teens and kids’ devices remotely. It enables parents and guardians to monitor all the activities of target devices remotely. The application is completely hidden, and the target user cannot detect if the application is working in the background. It has an easy installation process that takes two to three minutes to install on the target device via URL. There is no rooting needed while downloading the software.


TheWiSpy is compatible with all those Android devices that run on OS 4.0 and other following models.

Pricing Plans:

TheWiSpy has 3 price plans that offer three different packages:

Basic Plan:

— 1-month license = $29.99

— 6-months license = $89.99

Premium Plan:

— 1-month license = $39.99

— 6-months license = $99.99

Platinum Plan:

— 1-month license = $49.99

— 6-months license = $79.99

Quality Features:

TheWiSpy is a perfect tracking solution. It offers unique 30+ features, and all its components are trustworthy and steadfast.

Track Messages:

You can view all the SMS or MMS on the target’s mobile. Further, you can access the deleted chats. The application is also called the SMS tracker app.

Manage Call Logs:

TheWiSpy lets you monitor all call records of the target user. Similarly, you can hack phone contacts such as the contact name, timings of connections, etc.

Surround Recording:

Microphone spy helps you listen to the enclosed voices of the target device.

Camera spy permits you to capture images & videos of the surroundings of kids and teens remotely.

Track Social Media:

Social media includes more facts than mobile messages these days. The teen phone monitoring app entitles you to view all the messages of the IM and monitor all other activities on social media platforms.

Check Emails:

You can follow emails and other applications of the target mobile remotely.

2. Bark:

The parental monitoring app offers quality parental monitoring tools. It helps parents to trace all the remote activities of teenagers and kids. The Bark app notifies all the phone alerts. It helps indulge your kids in more and more productive activities. Bark operates on Android as well as iPhone devices. Bark offers its users to monitor their kid’s activities through an online control panel or use the application for monitoring.


Both the subscription packages of Bark have all the features, and their prices are as follows:

— Monthly subscription fee $9/month

— Yearly subscription fee $99/year


Social Media Monitoring:

You can trace all the social media connections with the Bark monitoring app. It further helps you view the newsfeed, calls, and messages of IMs.

Content Filtering:

The application filters all the content and displays it on the control panel without being detected.

Email Monitoring:

The emails of the target users hold more information, so the Bark allows you to read and view all the emails.

Screen Time Alerts:

The application and mobile usage of the target user can be identified through the Bark parental control application.

Hack Phone Contacts:

You can access all the contacts of the target phone, with all details of the caller or contacts.

3. mSpy – Introduction:

mSpy is among the best parental monitoring apps. mSpy proposes some quality features with a high compatibility rate. It enables you to track all the target devices of kids remotely. The app wholly works in secret mode. Furthermore, it offers different price plans with the proper division of features.


mSpy is compatible with more devices than the other applications used for kids monitoring. It is compatible with iPhone & Android devices and it doesn’t need jailbreaking.

Pricing Plans:

mSpy offers two diverse price plans with quality features.

— The basic version costs $29.99 per month.

— The premium version costs $69.99 per month.

Quality Features:

GPS Location Tracker:

The mSpy will notify you of the live locations of a target device. You can use geofencing for location tracking also.

Messages & Calls Spy:

Children converse with friends and folks through different mediums like messages, calls, etc., and mSpy accesses you to control and command the target mobiles.

SMS Tracking:

The SMS tracker app permits you to read and view all the messages on your target mobile phones. Moreover, it grants you access to all the messages of IMs.


mSpy can save entered keys and passwords of the target mobile through the latest feature.

Hack Contacts:

The mSpy application helps you hack phone contacts. You can review all the other details also.

Control Apps:

mSpy enables you to control miscellaneous applications and their usage. Further, you would limit displeasing applications that you think can damage your kid’s health.

Read Emails:

View and read all the target device’s latest and previous emails.

4. Qustodio:

Another most effective application designed for monitoring kids and teenagers is Qustodio. It helps you monitor the online activities of your children remotely.

Besides, it offers different systems to check further details of Qustodio among all the parental monitoring software available online. Let’s move on to the Compatibility of the tracking software.


Qustodio is an easy-to-use solution and works on all operating systems, including Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows. Qustodio will locate your kids and help you know the current activities of your children with remote monitoring.


The Small Plan:

$54.95/year (Connectivity for five operating devices.)

The Medium Plan:

$96.95/year (Connectivity up to 10 devices).

The large Plan:

$137.95/year (Connectivity of up to 15 devices.)


Timeline Activity Reports:

Qustodio will track all the activities on the Children’s device and display them on the dashboard. You can view location updates, web browsing, and search tabs of other social applications.

Set Daily Time Limits:

Excessive use of mobile phones can damage the eyesight and health of the kids. Qustodio allows parents to put daily time limits for mobile phone use.

Application & Website Filtering:

Qustodio permits parents to add restrictions or block websites or applications containing adult content. It further helps you filter all the websites having inappropriate content for children, including drugs, weapons, porn, etc.

Trace GPS Location:

The GPS location tracker enables you to locate kids wherever they are. Additionally, you can use the map of the target device to find the current locations.

5. FlexiSpy:

This app is another ideal option in our best parental monitoring apps list. FlexiSpy supplies stealth mode and remote controls to track the Android and iOS devices. In addition, it allows parents to use a GPS location tracker to find the live location of their kid’s device.


FlexiSpy – a monitoring app compatible with all Android and iOS rooted devices; it permits you to command your target device via an online panel.


It has three different pricing plans for its users:

— Lite: $29.95

— Premium: $68

— Extreme: $199


The monitoring app proposes almost the same features as the mSpy proposes.

Remote Stealth Camera:

Whenever the target device receives a command, it will capture the photo.

Call and SMS monitoring:

You can trace calls using the application. You can turn on the call monitoring feature from the control panel to view messages & call history.

Social Apps Spy:

You can use a monitoring app to monitor the socially used apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Geofence Alerts:

You will get prompt alerts when your children visit a marked zone. This feature enables you to take quick action for your child’s protection.

Trace Locations:

The app has made it more convenient to trace the locations. Additionally, you can use this feature to find real-time places.

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Final Words:

Almost all the applications mentioned above are user-friendly. They offer high-end-functionality, but TheWiSpy and Qustodio propose quality features, but their prices draw a line between the apps. We would say that you must choose an app that is more reasonable than the other parental monitoring software.

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