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How to view Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram stories are short photos or videos disappearing in 24 hours from the time of publishing. People uploading stories can know their...

view instagram stories anonymously

Instagram stories are short photos or videos disappearing in 24 hours from the time of publishing. People uploading stories can know their Instagram story viewer. In case you wish to view the stories of others anonymously, it is possible now. And for sure you can view Instagram stories anonymously.

There are simpler ways to get a sneak peek view of others’ Instagram stories without leaving any trace to their knowledge. There is no need for you to login into your Instagram account, thereby you stay anonymous but go through the Instagram stories.

Why do you need to view Instagram stories?

Stories are always tempting. Especially Instagram stories have informational strategies and approaches of competing brands. Thus, it is easy to understand intentions. Market research allows peeking into the competing brand, but you want to conceal the fact that you viewed the stories.

Learning and viewing the strategies of other Instagrammers, and eventually use the same for yourself is a way of expanding the Instagram account’s influence and increasing your number of followers. It is faster and easier to increase Instagram the number of followers. You may enter your user name and get for free real followers instantly. It is worth trying and is fun as you are anonymous.

What is an Instagram story viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer refers to the free online web service allowing Instagram Stories watching and everything is done without anyone’s knowledge. You can view any Instagram public account with its active Highlights and Stories.

The added advantage is you can also save a story in one click to any device and download automatically the story updates. Now you have a StoriesIg app to get you to access anonymously all the Instagram Stories and will not disclose your identity. You can enjoy seeing and reading all the stories of others who did not allow you on Instagram. No more can one block you from reading Instagram stories. It is because you will not appear in the list of the viewers. You will not be entering any login credentials or your data details to access the Instagram Stories. Thus, you stay secret, not the stories.

Enjoy reading stealthily. It is fun to do something without others’ knowledge. It is straightforward. You need not install any third-party apps. Also, you can enjoy the free web service and enjoy stories through stories. And you can use any device to enter your profile name and ensure internet access, to enjoy the stories. Apart from this, you can also enjoy downloading the stories anonymously.


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What is StoriesIg?

Storiesig allows viewing Instagram Stories anonymously. You cannot reach through iPhone or Android but can check on your computer. It works like all other apps, but as you want to keep yourself undisclosed, it is right to check for the Instagram Stories on your computer anonymously.

The process is quick and simple. You can download the content type and repost it on your Instagram stories. It also permits downloading anything on the Stories highlights. Now, if you are seeking an easy way of downloading Instagram Stories, it is the right place to visit Storiesig.

No worries, Storiesig is not going to probe you with questions as to why and what. You may be an Instagram story viewer who is looking for Instagram Stories for memory’s sake. It may be of your account, or you wish to repurpose the same in the future for other video content. It is also possible you need it to build a digital shrine. Whatever here nobody is to judge you; it is your choice to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Lucky you, there are plenty of safe and free services out if you wish for an Instagram story. You can happily stalk the stories, save and walk away. An easy guide to get past the Insta story downloading and here is the way to save an Instagram story.

Ways to see Instagram stories anonymously

Download from your account:

  • You can download Instagram stories one by one each clip.
  • You can download the Instagram stories for the entire day.

Download from others account:

  • The best option- Using StoriesIG.org.

Using Storiesig.org

Are you wishing to save the Instagram story of someone? It means you have valid reasons for doing so. Doing through StoriesIg implies you are safe in a non-judgment zone. Save the Instagram story following these steps. The steps of third-party websites are the same, and the websites almost do the same thing. They serve your purpose of Instagram stories of others with minimal differences, so pick and go ahead with the stories.

  • Visit storiesig site.
  • Enter the username and download Instagram stories or their Highlights.
  • Click on the profile photo in case you wish to download the video from a story that is appearing active, or pick the highlights by scrolling down if you do not want the story download.
  • Scroll to whatever is your choice of Instagram story that you aim to download.
  • Finally, save the link by clicking right and save it on your computer.

Using Instadp.org

Instagram is popular since day one, right from its launch. There are amazing pictures and the hashtag feature has increased its popularity. And there are amazing videos and images and the increasing demand has resulted in amazing features. Also, there are restrictions in using the platform. The frustrating restrictions are not allowing viewing in full size the Insta DP of uses and this is due to the restrictions. The users are growing in numbers and wish to have the feature in Instagram that they seek third-party websites or apps to view instadp of users in full size.

The alternative tool is instadp.org. You can download Instagram stories and a full-size Instagram profile picture following these steps:

  • Open Instagram website.
  • Open the user profile Instagram that you wish to download.
  • Copy from the URL the username of the user.
  • Paste it on the form and click on search.
  • Click download and get it downloaded.

Enjoy Instagram stories without any fear, anonymously. You can check, after you view the story also, the count does not change.

And I hope that you will be able to view Instagram Stories Anonymously. If you are facing any difficulties, do let us know in the comments and we will try to help you.


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