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What Makes SEO Scary for Business Owners?

Business owners are often quite scared about SEO. They entertain several concerns including scam artists, as well as, misconceptions about measurement. SEO...

SEO scary

Business owners are often quite scared about SEO. They entertain several concerns including scam artists, as well as, misconceptions about measurement. SEO or search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing but many of you are still not fully aware of the concept, and it is still pretty much an alien concept. As a result of this, some misconceptions prevail even today. However, meticulous scrutiny would confirm that there is absolutely no reason why you should not incorporate SEO very much into your business’s digital marketing strategy. Here are some common misconceptions about why business owners seem to be quite reluctant about embracing SEO.

SEO Is Very Complicated

SEO is a pretty specialized field, and some business owners are afraid of search engine optimization as they find it quite mind-boggling. However, it is not so much complicated as assumed by business owners. It is certainly not rocket science. However, digital marketing itself is a forever evolving field so a strategy that is effective one week, may not be of any use to the next. The most important point to be made here is that there exists a tremendous amount of misinformation and misunderstanding about search engine optimization.

The most efficient strategy for any amateur is to keep on following blogs online and carry on reading posts on a regular basis to stay updated. It could be taking just a few months for learning about the world of SEO and its significant role in everyone’s lives. You must always keep in mind that the digital marketing sector is progressing at incredible speed. By adopting search engine optimization, they could very well be making the right decision for their business. Choose a reputed bulk email marketing service for boosting your business.

The Scam Misconception

In reality, of course, there exist a few lowlife scammers who belong to the digital marketing world, and they take advantage of the fact that you as a business owner are not too conversant with search engine optimization as a concept. While interacting with any SEO company or agency, it is a good idea not to rely on any guarantees and remember to check out the credentials of an SEO agency.

Google seems to be constantly changing thanks to the algorithm updates. Do not get swayed by any SEO agency promising you a top ranking in SERP. Some of these agencies could be big frauds planning to steal away your money. Acquire a thorough knowledge of SEO. Many free resources, handouts, blogs, and webinars are available. You need to educate yourself thoroughly before you plan a trip. Seek an initial appointment with the digital experts.

SEO Is Expensive

Fortunately, SEO could be started on a really small scale, and you could take your time to decide if you wish to take a huge leap forward. Suppose a business is set up only with a $1000 investment monthly. After ample research, the SEO agency can identify numerous relevant keywords which are effective in yielding over 35,000 searches every month. If in case, your website appears on the first page of Google search results for these relevant keywords, you must understand that the average CTR would be just 2 percent. If they are successful in converting 5% of the visitors, the average sale value actually would be only $100. If you are determined to go ahead and invest in SEO, you must get mentally prepared for a long wait until results keep coming.


SEO could seem to be really complicated and difficult mountain to climb. Business owners must be wise enough to consider the wider picture and acquire sound knowledge about the multiple SEO benefits. You must understand that SEO could prove to be helpful and it could present opportunities to relatively smaller startups to get actually equally noticed as the larger enterprises on the SERPs.


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Written by Walter Moore
Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

5 Replies to “What Makes SEO Scary for Business Owners?”

  1. It’s a commonly stated as myth. I understand why people want to know more about SEO. From small to big business, it’s best to use a professional SEO campaign. You can hire SEO experts to work on your website. Thanks for this article!

  2. I think SEO for those who don’t have any background is a complete puzzle. I thought the same when I was starting out. And it’s a very dynamic industry. Same as to digital marketing which you mentioned, it changes every now and then. And it takes time to learn and fully grasp the concept and takes even more time to actually apply the theories and get desired results. But it’s a must to at least learn the basics. If not, better yet hire a good team to do the work. Anyway, do you recommend small businesses to invest in an seo campaign?

  3. Hey Walter,

    SEO is a complicated discipline. There are many components to it, and best practices change from time to time. Google often releases new technologies that offer alternative ways to rank.

    That makes the lives of SEOs even more complicated, as they have to overcome a learning curve to properly serve their clients. A tiny percentage of business owners and employees have the skills and knowledge to do their SEO.

    SEO is a complex topic which needs a lot of specific knowledge, but most people can easily understand the basics. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  4. Hi Walter,

    SEO myth buster here. Well done.

    Not a big SEO guy but I bought in – a lil bit – after landing on page 1 for “how to submit a guest post” and “how to rank on page 1 of google” in consecutive weeks. Easy peasy, really. I wrote a practical post. I linked in. I linked out to reputable sites. I got social shares. I guest posted on authority, related sites to sweeten link juice. I ranked.

    No need to be scared of SEO. No need to worry or fret over search engines.Keep current. Research. Study top blogs. Educate yourself. In time, and with practice, you can rank and drive passive traffic to your blog and business site.

    Smart post here.


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