What Tools are Used to Check Plagiarism?


Ensuring the originality of your work is not just an ethical concern; it’s crucial for maintaining your professional reputation. Various online plagiarism checker tools exist to detect plagiarism before content goes public. Whether you’re a web designer wanting to respect boundaries or a publisher checking client work, these tools play a vital role.

Professors, editors, and professionals across industries rely on these tools to guarantee the authenticity of their work and avoid unintentional plagiarism. In today’s content-rich online landscape, accidental plagiarism can occur due to the sheer volume of available text, especially with the prevalence of social media and blogging.

The beauty of these tools lies in their effectiveness and accessibility. They’re user-friendly and, best of all, free. A few moments to run a plagiarism check is a small yet valuable step before submitting any assignment. It’s a precautionary measure that can save you from potential complications.

Top plagiarism tools in 2024

Navigating the sea of plagiarism detection tools can be overwhelming. Which ones are worth your time? Let’s dive into the top eight plagiarism checkers. Which are reliable, which to consider, and what limitations might you encounter? Let’s explore.

1. Grammarly

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Beyond its name hinting at grammar, Grammarly isn’t only your grammar assistant. It’s a handy tool for ensuring your writing is original and plagiarism-free. The beauty of it lies not just in grammar support but also in its compatibility with most internet browsers. Easily paste your text or submit your work directly from Word.

Starting with a free basic membership, Grammarly covers your grammar needs, but if you’re after more, the premium version offers a reliable plagiarism checker. Trusted by millions, Grammarly has built a positive reputation, helping users, including students, professors, and journalists, maintain the authenticity of their work.

2. Copyscape

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Copyscape stands the test of time as one of the oldest online plagiarism tools, trusted by many for years. It excels in checking website content, requiring you to input the website URL for analysis. While checking your writing in Word requires a subscription, it’s a small fee for a valuable service.

Despite Copyscape’s seemingly dated website appearance, don’t be fooled, it remains a top choice for ensuring the originality of web-related content. Using its premium account makes the plagiarism-checking process seamless and practical, whether online or offline.

3. WhiteSmoke

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WhiteSmoke stands out as a versatile online plagiarism checker, setting itself apart by being available as an app. Beyond plagiarism checks, it’s a comprehensive tool aiding in content and grammar, making it a valuable asset. The mobile app aspect allows users to ensure the originality of their work across all portable devices, seamlessly integrating with Word and Outlook, boon for those working or studying on the go.

Compatible with all browsers, WhiteSmoke goes beyond the basics. It provides templates for various types of writing, offering support for letters and more. Including video tutorials elevates it to an all-in-one tool suitable for writers at any level.

4. DustBall

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Dustball’s Plagiarism Checker has a solid 15-year track record. It’s a straightforward process, copy and paste the content you want checked. The free version allows up to 1,000 checks a day, but if you hit the limit, a small $8 monthly fee unlocks unlimited checks, and you can cancel whenever you please.

The free version is helpful, mainly when used strategically, whether you upload an entire document or paste the text. However her, the premium version is the go-to choice for three times the accuracy. Ideal for students tackling a semester or two, the month-to-month payment flexibility allows you to cancel as needed. It’s a budget-friendly option with the flexibility you might be looking for.

5. TurnItIn

TurnItIn, the online anti-plagiarism tool, has an intriguing originalâ€it was crafted by four UC Berkeley students in 1998, initially serving as a peer review tool. The plagiarism feature joined the mix in 2000, and since then, TurnItIn has been a valuable resource for millions of students and teachers. It is one of the versatile plagiarism tools, offering a pathway to overall writing improvement.

While there’s a fee for educators to leverage its benefits, reviews suggest that the investment is worthwhile. Joining the TurnItIn community has perks beyond plagiarism checking, making it a valuable expenditure. For professors and teachers navigating students’ tech-driven lives, TurnItIn is an effective tool that fosters a supportive environment for students and educators.

6. Quetext

QueText is a handy tool with the bonus of being completely free. Simple to use, head to the website, paste your text into the box, and hit “Check Plagiarism.” A few minutes later, after scanning numerous online databases, it gives you the verdict on the originality of your work or your students’ work. It is one of the most reliable plagiarism tools.

It is an excellent self-check tool and particularly useful for professors wanting to keep an eye out for plagiarism suspicions. While QueText focuses solely on plagiarism detection without additional grammar or punctuation checks, it’s free, making it a valuable resource for anyone needing a straightforward and cost-effective plagiarism checker.

7. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a versatile online tool catering to students, teachers, and professionals. Beyond the plagiarism tool, it aids in proofreading your papers. Pricing is based on the number of checks you perform from $20 for 100 and $60 for 500.

Your decision on what to pay hinges on your usage. It accommodates different English styles, helps avoid word repetition, and comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee for user satisfaction. Ideal for students tackling a semester or academic year, there’s also a lifetime membership option for those anticipating long-term use. Pro Writing Aid offers a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking plagiarism checks and effective proofreading.


The variety of plagiarism checker tools available caters to different preferences and needs. Whether you opt for the simplicity of QueText or the comprehensive features of Pro Writing Aid. However, each tool contributes to the crucial task of maintaining the authenticity of your work in an ever-expanding digital landscape.


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