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How AI has Evolved HR Technology towards Automated Problem-Solving?

You might have seen your HR to always be in a hurry for processing the employee’s functions needs to be done on...

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AI has Evolved HR Technology

You might have seen your HR to always be in a hurry for processing the employee’s functions needs to be done on time for maintaining a satisfactory level of productivity and workflow around the organization. In this atmosphere when the company is counting on the manual tactics to streamline their employee management it raises the risk of erroneous work to be processed, as the manual repetitive task which is done by the HR has a limit to be processing. Another crucial task that is imposed on the HR department creates fatigue in the working pattern of the employees and leaves a fine loophole in the procedure.

This problem was discovered way earlier and the solution towards it is the implementation of an AI featured HR Software that needs no amount of human intervention after the final configuration of the policies and working pattern of the business. The companies which are opting for this kind of advanced processing leave a big smile on the face of their HR making strategical processing way easier to be contributed with their efforts and risk analysis. The AI is assisted with the growing concept of chat-bots and machine learning through which data pattern recognition can be done for risk and non-productivity avoidance. 

Keeping the Resource Engaged towards Productivity

Artificial intelligence is a great way to assist the supervisors and managers who are taking the responsibility of completing a project on the promised date. The amount of deviation which is observed in the development path of an organization will be notified by the payroll software and the superiors can take instant actions on it. Leaving a great impact on the employees as the system is monitoring their every move they will be performing according to the desired level of productivity. Performance is a great concern for any business which defines what amount of return on investment is generated by their knights.

Transparency and On-Demand Assistance

Have you ever heard of the employee self-service portal? This is a dedicated platform that gains its significance for employee satisfaction and management regards to human resource activities. Right from attendance punching from remote places to payroll slip generation all the activities related to HR processing can be done through this portal. It also has AI assistance which is in the form of a chatbot ready to provide on-demand help for the candidate. It also maintains transparency between the organization’s processing and employees through goal management, payroll variable declaration, and advances expense management.

Keeping the Company Deprived of Frauds

Frauds are not done by the machine it is always the deeds of employees and managerial personnel who are compromised with their ethical behavior and ultimately the affecting elements which causing loss to the company. You will be thinking about what role does AI-integrated HR Software will be doing here? Artificial intelligence after its configuration will only listen to the protocols, code of conduct, and bio-metric devices as well as other integration to generate real-time observable data that cannot be manipulated and provide a clean and clear idea of the actual scenario. This helps in the avoidance of fraud and error.

Fast Execution of the Clerical Task

There was semi-digitization in the manual oriented HR processing consisting of calculation to be done in spreadsheets which is through beginning a digital task consumes a significant amount of time and effort. Integration of the modules done in the AI will let the organization observe no manual task which is allocated to any person in the organization thus having fast execution of payroll and related HR tasks. Monotonous work causes a great amount of depreciation in productivity and whenever possible it should be avoided with AI.


AI being the ultimate disruption happening in employee management is the most leveraged technology to let the significant resources of an organization contribute to strategic activities rather than monotonous tasks. The human mind is to think beyond the horizon and make necessary high-end decisions that will let the business step into the new service sector. The development of a business is on the shoulders of managerial and HR personnel as they are the only governing body of an organization, time management is the prime aspect here for necessary efforts to be invested where it is worthy.

Written by Shy Lee
Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development

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