An SEO dashboard- The ultimate guide on picking the right one

An SEO dashboard

SEO is a big thing for all online businessmen. Most of the operation depends on the website’s performance. Therefore, there are a bunch of technologies to analyze the performance of their website. An SEO dashboard is thus helpful in making a report on the performance of the website. Luckily, there are a bunch of such dashboards but you need only the right one. A neophyte makes stuck at the point of choosing the right one hence we are here to help you.

What does SEO mean to your business?

Lots of people do SEO of their client’s website while others do it just to help their friends. It, thus, depends on the budget level you have. You can utilize any cheap or free tool if it’s just your beginning or you are doing it for your friend’s new website as a trial. However, if you serve the SEO services to your client then the cheapest or free application may not be so worthy. Your clients always expect the best from you.

A real-time view

An SEO dashboard- The ultimate guide on picking the right one

Report or a dashboard- What do you want? A performance dashboard tracks the regular performance of the website by taking shots of the current moment on the website. On the other hand, a report will give a historical view of your site where you can check the monthly report or yearly report of a website.

Whatever you need depends on your client’s needs.

It may take hours and even months to create an SEO client dashboard. For anyone who needs a quick report or dashboard have to wait? Therefore, an automated tool is what you need to save tones of your time and of course your money as well. Various tools offer great value for money only when you invest in the right tool.

Right usage of the dashboard

How much your target audience care for the use of an SEO dashboard? If they don’t then no need to invest, a free tool is best for the job. However, if your audience or client is depending on each piece of information that you send us a report, then it’s better to invest in the big guns.

What about detailing?

Your decision to invest in a tool depends on your client’s needs. Would they take a detailed report on everything related to their site? Or are they fine with a simple report? This will impact on the price and features of the tool you are selecting. And it will, in turn, impact the result.

Integration matters

An SEO dashboard- The ultimate guide on picking the right one

An SEO client dashboard offers varied data sources in one place that’s an obvious benefit for the client. Everything is displayed on one single page. So, check a tool that integrates all the data sources and results and display it on the page. However, it will again depend on how your client would like to see the report.  

Importance of white labeling

Some tools focus more on white labeling while others don’t even care about it. It again depends on you whether you would like a report as per the company’s brand or not. Is it important or not? Deciding on this matter hence take white labeling as one of a factor as well.

Now, come to the main part- how to create an SEO report? Well, after working for so long maybe your client or boss doesn’t appreciate you for the report you have generated using an SEO dashboard. It’s okay, don’t feel down, we will show you how you can grab the attention of your client with a good report. They will appreciate your work. And you can keep working with them in the future.

Use our 3 basic steps

  1. Objective matters.
  2. KPIs establishment.
  3. Report building and sharing.

For all online businessmen, SEO is a big investment. Hence, effecting strategies are needed to create an SEO report. Some may create a report every week while others do daily. Generally speaking, creating a report every month is best.

Let us discuss the steps in detail.

  1. Objectives

Without knowing the objectives, you cannot move forward. So, ask the clients about the objective he has and then plan a strategy. Ask what their current goals are, and then analyze. Do an SEO audit first to know whether the objectives of business align with your strategies. Some of the set goals of your client may be:

  • Sales increasing.
  • SERP improvement.
  • Seeing improvement in their engagement.
  • Bringing more traffic.

Generally speaking, your client will have all these goals. You cannot focus on all of them at the same time so get some time to each goal.

But while improving one goal its impact will be seen on another goal as well. it is because all of them are connected. For instance, it doesn’t mean that a website with more traffic results in more sales. On the other hand, getting too much or too little traffic also affects the engagement level as well.

Therefore, determining the objectives is important before you choose an SEO client dashboard.

2. KPI

What is KPI and why to include? First thing first, your report should show a measurable goal. It is because people rely on hard numbers. Moreover, your report should include results for

Your client needs a report showing positive results on these factors.

3. SEO report

An SEO dashboard

Automatic or manual preparation of SEO report is the way you can build a report. An SEO dashboard will generate it automatically. How?

It does it by connecting your integrations and creating a report as per the template you choose. You can customize it as well using comments, images, KPIs, and even headers. Simply attach the report to an automatic email and dispatch it to your client.

But if you like the idea of creating it manually then it will eat up your some time. We suggest you prefer an SEO dashboard rather than building it on your own.

All your work will be completed in less than an hour. Moreover, It will automatically update the new data monthly. Get an SEO client dashboard and give a report to your client that’s worth appreciating.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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