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TikTok For Marketers In 2024: What’s In It For You?

How has your business been doing in the shadow of COVID19? This unpredictable period the world has been dragged into changed it...

TikTok For Marketers

How has your business been doing in the shadow of COVID19? This unpredictable period the world has been dragged into changed it completely, probably. Regardless of which side you’re on, either the customers or the marketers, you must have noticed the endless hype surrounding social media platforms and the endless rush on TikTok after TikTok likes. One reason for this, due to the inability to go shopping in physical stores and malls; many businesses have strengthened their social front (or created one from scratch) to guarantee their customers a smooth and seamless shopping experience. In other words, companies take advantage of social media to make sure they won’t go unnoticed whatsoever, even when a global pandemic attacks the world. Therefore, our digital marketing experts have outlined the principles to create engaging content on TikTok that could benefit any TikTok account. So what are you waiting for? You’d better write them down or just commit them to memory because they will surely come in handy!

TikTok, In Brief

First things first bear in mind that TikTok is a video-centered app. In such a saturated sphere as TikTok, everything changes and evolves fast; this is true for the trends and challenges popping up and leaving as quickly as they came. While it’s also possible to upload pictures or slideshows, we don’t see much of them on TikTok, and they certainly don’t get as many TikTok likes as one would want.

Riding The TikTok Tide

  • We recommend focusing on creating vertical videos of 5-60 seconds long because the shortest ones they are, the better are your chances of becoming viral.
  • Including a trending song in your video also contributes to better performance rates since the song you’re playing has already made a name for itself.
  • Finally, it’s essential to stunning your audience with ‘hooks’ in your videos; these are also an indispensable part of the ultimate recipe for creating viral content. Although TikTok videos are as short as any dream, it doesn’t mean that the challenge isn’t tough in winning your viewers’ like, following, or else.

Promotion On TikTok

Note that if you want to promote some product on TikTok, if your videos are too much ‘commercialized,’ people will simply ignore them because they will know someone tries to sell them something. In case you’re unsure of just how to categorize your video in that regard, you can always run different variations of a video and see which one performs better. This is called A/B testing, in which we compare any number of videos, where only one component differentiates one from the other. It could either be manipulating the target audience you’re aiming for or the content itself that’s being modified. Overall, you should aspire to create the most authentic videos you could; if you really want to arouse interest in your product, that is.

Of course, finding the right audience for your ads is the basics of digital marketing; another productive means to broaden your business’ reach is through creating a lookalike-audience. Lookalike-audience is the professional term referring to people sharing personality-similarities, etc., with your current consumers’ base, thus generating high-quality leads and increasing sales.


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Written by Yuval Zilberfarb
An ESL teacher who decided to take his knowledge in the language and apply it to a different field, Yuval works as a content writer at SEOMADEZ LLC. His articles cover the essentials for digital marketing in the major social platforms, namely Instagram and TikTok. Yuval finds inspiration in Indie-rock music and Mac Demarco’s discography in particular.

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