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Apple iOS 13.5 launched with alert support for COVID-19

Apple has again created a high buzz in the market, and it’s latest updated version iOS 13.5 is ready to install. However,...

Apple iOS13.5 features

Apple has again created a high buzz in the market, and it’s latest updated version iOS 13.5 is ready to install. However, the most awaited moment for Apple users has come, and now by updating their devices, they can leverage the benefits of the updated iOS features.

This time Apple has also designed its features, by focusing on the COVID 19 pandemic. iOS 13.5 updates have been improved in several ways and support users to take essential measures of COVID-19 by integrating the functionalities such as Coronavirus contact tracing feature and unlock the devices faster with face masks.

In this blog, let’s have a glance at the updated apple iOS 13.5 features and how they will help us in the COVID – 19 situations. In order to leverage the benefits of iOS-based mobile applications, partner with the iPhone app development company.

Updated Apple iOS 13.5 Features

Unlock your devices faster with Mask

Wearing masks is one of the major precautions that people should opt to prevent themselves from this virus. iOS 13.5 based Face ID unlock feature encourages users to wear the masks as it offers users to unlock the devices faster than ever before as compared to passcodes.

This feature will be a boon for the healthcare industry. For users, they can easily unlock their devices and have fewer contacts. However, it is also essential to know that Face ID features support few iPhones only such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. This functionality will turn advanced and more secure, which can also practice users to wear masks regularly.

Exposure Notification API

iOS 13.5 comes with the Exposure Notification API ( application programming interface) feature. It supports third-party applications, which helps to track the COVID 19 patients and areas. This feature is based on the contact tracing API, which allows society to fight with corona-virus and stop the virus from spreading. With a third-party API, users can get the alert in their devices, and they can track the nearby locations and COVID 19 patients easily.

This upgrade will be a boon for the healthcare industries again. With it, you can even have a record of the people, with whom you have met in the last 14 days. But to leverage this feature, the users need to upload the health advisory related application and users have to update their devices.

Steps to update your iOS devices

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Health
  • COVID 19 – Swipe on

It is essential to update the devices with the latest versions and should install the application in your devices.

Medical ID

Now the emergency option mind inventory has been turned into Emergency access to a medical ID. This feature allows you to record your full medical data, and that can be easily utilized for your emergency usage. Users can also share the same information automatically with call operators or other people easily. It supports timely adjustment. This turns the sharing of medical data more efficiently and faster with other people. It allows you to share the data with the nearby care centers.

But until now, this feature is only available in the United States. Other countries and regions have to wait to leverage these functionalities.

Adjustments to Group Face Time

In iOS 13.5 updated version, it has been observed the modifications in the Group Face Time calls only. In a facetime call, when users have a conversation or call in a group, so automatically the person who is speaking will automatically enlarge the face of that particular person.

This feature can be experienced with a new ‘Automatic Prominence’ section in the FaceTime part of your iOS device’s Settings app.

How to get Apple iOS 13.5?

To get iOS 13.5 is very easy on your devices and to download the new leverage the functionalities of the updated version is not at all for the Apple users. In every second half of the year, Apple used to launch its updated version for the users every year, and in the latest version users used to experience some new or advanced features in terms of technology.

When the final version used to launch in the market, iOS users who are compatible to download this version, they used to get updates in the form of notification.

How to update your iOS version?

Settings > General > Software Update.

Tap on download
Install the latest version


Apple iOS 13.5 latest version is highly in trend, and many users have downloaded and leveraged its benefits. It’s a significant contribution of Apple as it’s advanced and latest features help users to fight with the coronavirus situation more quickly.

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