The Importance of A Business Website During COVID-19

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The major aim of doing business is to offer needed services and of course, to make a profit. Pre COVID -19 era, most businesses may still be able to do just fine without a business website

However, the pandemic came and changed the narrative for most businesses. With the lockdown imposed for the general good of the people, having a business website is no longer a luxury but a necessity if you want your business to thrive in this era.

Just in case you are still in doubt on how important a business website is during this pandemic period, keep reading to find out more reasons why you should create a business website.

1. Lockdown Is Not A Complete Close Down

One of the things that could increase the spread of COVID 19 is constant physical interaction among people. This is why the total lockdown was necessary. Total lockdown means both humans and businesses must be locked down.

The good news, however, is that lockdown does not have to be close down. Not if your business has a good professional website.

If your office or business building is on lockdown, you can build new office space for your business. Only that this time around, it is an online office. You can check Idaho Falls web design for inquiries on creating smart business websites.

Business websites are less costly to build and won’t take as much time as it will take to build a physical building. What’s more, you can display all your goods, engage your customers more effectively and you don’t have to close the shop.

The online office is your business website. Even though the government is insisting on lockdown, for you, lockdown doesn’t have to be close down. With a website, you can still run your business not as usual, but more effectively.

2. Your Brand Will Stand Out

While most business owners are aware that having a business website is good for their business, what they don’t know is how important it is to their brand, especially during the pandemic. Even though most businesses are now online, most of them just engage in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Though all of these are good channels of promoting your business online, having a business website during COVID 19 will boost your brand out of the pack. A business website gives your business a more professional look and attracts more serious-minded customers to you.

3. Media Control

COVID 19 necessitated people’s online presence. With almost all activities reduced to what you can do in the space of your home, a lot of people easily get bored. There seems to be more time than work.

What a lot of people have found to be an escape route from boredom is online activities. And for shoppers, it is online shopping to the rescue. Now, with the excess time people seem to be having, there is time to compare stores and businesses online.

While you may not be there to promote your business physically, your website can do the talks for you. And it can be as loud as you want it to be. With a beautifully designed and state of the art business website, you have the opportunity to direct online conversations to be about your business and control what is said. You are in charge!

4. You Can Determine Your Sales Rate

The business with the highest sales and generating the highest ROI (Returns on Investment) are not businesses that can offer the best values; rather they are companies that can make the loudest noise about the value they are giving out.

The values your business is offering is good, but it can be better if you have a solid, beautifully crafted business website to support it. Not only can it be better, but it can also generate more for you, especially in this COVID-19 period.

The most amazing part of it is, it doesn’t matter if your physical business office is small, with a website, there is no small store, there is only a good website. There is no roadblock or weather constraint.

There is practically nothing stopping you from making your highest sales and generating your highest ROI possible. Everything is entirely dependent on you. 

5. New Website, Fresh Customers

There is nothing that can kill a business faster than a lack of creativity and innovations. Thankfully, with the compulsory lockdown that came with the pandemic, most businesses are forced to think outside the box and get creative.

While a business website is not necessarily new in the business world, for most businesses, it is a new addition to their tray of creativity. If your business must continue to maintain relevance, you must have a business website.

Not only will a new website give you continued relevance with your former customers, but it will also generate and widen your customer base. Your business will be exposed to potential new customers.

Everyone that visits your website is a potential customer, and every potential customer can become potential sales.

6. Maintain Your Loyal Customers

The truth is that even though most businesses are on lockdown, customers that enjoy your services will miss you. They will undoubtedly try to reach out to you.

One of the ways they will search for you is by checking your online presence. They will check for your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter address.

Imagine the great joy that will spark in their heart when they discover their favorite store is still very open and now on their laps – Online. Imagine the joy of opening your business website and still able to go through the categories of various products as if they are checking physical sections.

That imagination should motivate you to create a business website immediately if you don’t have one already. One thing you don’t want to happen in this COVID-19 period is losing the patronage and love of your loyal customers.  

7. Creating A Website Is Easy

The reason most businesses don’t have a working website varies. For some, they think it’s expensive and difficult, and yet for others, they believe their business has not grown enough to have a business website yet. 

All the above reasons may have been valid and maybe acceptable pre-COVID-19 era. But during this period, maintaining those excuses is like committing business suicide.

The truth is that you can personally create your business websites. It’s easy enough. All you have to do is determine a domain name.

It is vital that your domain name reflects the core of your business, what you do, or represent. In fact, you can use your business name as your domain name. The next stage after that is to register that domain name and host it.

Your next line of action will be your website content. Now, your website content is where you sell your business. It is not only with words that push your business out but also with beautiful graphics.

Your content can even have the goods and services you offer. You can even further create sections and categories that customers can choose from. You must include your contact details on your websites too. Click here to see mistakes to avoid when building a new website.

8. Keep Your Website Up to Date

One significant thing that is prevalent during the Covid-19 era is that most businesses are being conducted online. There is strong competition among businesses to get more customers and make a profit.

Having a business website during this time is a major advantage and could boost the sales of your business exponentially. However, that is dependent on whether you maintain your business website.

More than having a business website, it is important that you maintain the website to ensure its continued usage. Your business website should be easy to access.

Some of the things you may want to take note of are the keywords used in the content. Your keywords have the potential of making your website visible and easy to access. You also have to improve on the tags too.

A good website has a starting page, a funnel, and a landing page. Each of these pages has the potential of standing your website out from the crowd and making sure that the pandemic has zero effect on your business. Check here to see signs that the old website requires an update.


Most businesses were not prepared for the shock COVID 19 brought to their business. No one expected that a day would come when their magnificent companies, offices and shop buildings are forced to close physically.

But the year 2020 surprised every business owner. The pandemic necessitated lockdown which led to the lockdown of not only people but businesses too. However, physical lockdown became the “opening-up” of several people and businesses online.

People became attached almost to the point of obsession with their phones and gadgets. A necessity to stay in touch with other fellow human beings. For businesses to survive, they must reach out to these people online.  And what better way to reach out than with a business website. A business website is a game-changer. With a business website, lockdown is not close down. Your brand will stand out.

You can control the media’s opinion. You can determine your sales rate. You can maintain your old customers while having access to new customers. What’s more, you can create your website because it is easy to create. With a business website, COVID-19 should not be a game-breaker for your business.

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    In this lockdown period work from home was 100% successful for IT people. Businesses having a good website with Google ranking really got much traffic in this world lock down time.

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    Hang on there guys ! Use the time you have to reconnect with your customer and create a special bond ! There is a lot that can be done during lockdown.