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Azure Data Security and Encryption Best Practices

Do you want to learn best practices on data security and encryption as offered by Azure? Are you trying to protect your...

Do you want to learn best practices on data security and encryption as offered by Azure? Are you trying to protect your data from unauthorized access? The good news is Azure got you covered. With Azure data security and protection toolkit, you can have your information encrypted without an unexpected interception. Our review of data security shows that the Azure protection toolkit offers such standards in line with the National Data Guardian Data Security Standards. Thus, you must safeguard your individual, group, or organization information with protection and encryption tactics. No matter whether you’re shopping online or trying your luck in free mobile games  — you should be confident in your privacy.

For starters, answering the question of what is data security will be of utmost importance. According to Wikipedia, data security definition includes the protection of digital information from unauthorized users and avoidable destructions. If you want to provide security for your personal details, then you’ve got to see what Azure has to offer. You’re only scrolling away to unveil fantastic stuff for the protection of your sensitive information. What are you waiting for?

It suffices to say that to protect your files in the cloud, you have to determine and control the states in which your data can occur. It is worthy of mention that best practices for Azure data security and encryption relate to the following states: data at rest and data in transit. In both cases, you can be sure that Azure’s protection toolkit got you covered.

Azure Key Vault

This feature keeps you in control of keys that encrypt and provide access to your information. Interestingly that key vault is used to create multiple protected vaults (containers) that are created to prevent accidental loss of sensitive and classified information. The following are the security best practices you can make use of.

Best Practice: Grant access to individual users, applications, and groups at a subscription rate.

Detail: Implementing this function, you can use RBAC’s predefined role. That is, you can simply grant access to users to manage certain key vaults with the help of your predefined role.

Best Practice: Determine who can access it.

Detail: You can control access granted to users through two separate interfaces: data plain and management plain. It is essential to know that these two operate independently, depending on the action you want to perform.

Best Practice: Keep your certificate in a key vault.

Detail: It is worth mentioning that your certificates are assets of high value, so you cannot have them compromised under no circumstances. Keep in mind that to endanger them equals to endanger your information and application security. This network allows you to manage your certificate in a key vault; more so, you have control over accessing it.

Data Encryption at Rest

Data encryption is a crucial step in ensuring privacy. You can choose from the following options.

Best Practices: Disk encryption to protect your data.

Detail: Azure’s Disk Encryption contains combined features of Linus dm-crypt and industry-standard Windows BitLocker, which provides volume encryption for the data Disk. Furthermore, the Key Vault can be used to control the keys that give access and encrypt your data.

Best Practice: Secure your data to reduce risks associated with unauthorized access.

Detail: One way to prevent the risk of getting your information stolen or compromised is by encrypting your drives before writing any data.

Azure Data Security


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Azure Data Security

Security is of utmost significance to the Azure SQL database. The reason for this is because protection is the fundamentals of database maintenance. You should know that with Azure, most security requirements will be satisfied: PCI DSS Level, HIPAA, and ISO 27001/27002. While applying a database level security, we advise that you use protocol security such as a firewall. It precludes users from accessing your database server until you grant permission to a computer for such action.

Furthermore, Azure data security is perfect for database threat detection. Precautions on the latter include:

  • Identification and classification of your sensitive information for proper protection.
  • Immediate and prompt response to potential threats as soon as they are detected.
  • Effecting secure configuration on your database for adequate protection of information.

Below are the best practices on Azure database-level security.

Best Practice: Discovery, classification, and labeling of important information in your database.

Detail: To do this effectively, all you need is to classify your information in SQL Database and enable data discovery and classification — a function in the Azure SQL Database.

Best Practice: Look out for database vulnerabilities in a bid to enhance its protection.

Detail: You need to scan the Azure SQL Database vulnerability assessment service. It detects potential vulnerabilities in your database.


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Azure data security and encryption practices have proved their functionality by many. It is no gainsaying that you will assure social security by subscribing to its services, as we’ve diligently shown you in this article. Do you think Azure data security is top-notch? Kindly drop your comments here!

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