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How to recognize a bad advice in SEO link building?

Whenever any new update or algorithm is released, a lot of speculations begin as for how things will be or what kinds...

bad advice in SEO

Whenever any new update or algorithm is released, a lot of speculations begin as for how things will be or what kinds of changes are possible, etc. A number of sites will have their own view on the updates as what can be done to cope with the situations or what are the possible steps to take. The internet gets flooded with so much information that it really becomes difficult to understand which sources are genuine and which not. Distinguishing them for the true information is not at all easy, and this is where you are bound to make a mistake and follow a bad advice in SEO.

In order to keep away from the faulty data or the wrong information, you need to ensure that the sources you depend upon are trusted. Make sure you rely on the websites which have comments from many people so that you can check out the authenticity of the same before implementing it. Yes everybody gets worried if sales do not come and with the updates in the air, the conditions become worst. In a hurry, people just start making the changes and indulge in the biggest SEO Link Building Mistakes.

Patience is surely the key to success as you need to wait and see what other sources are saying. Comparing the information can help you a lot as you get an idea which sources are providing the right information. But there is a lot more to just judging the sources as you need to get things right.

If you too panic with a large amount of information available on SEO and link building, this is how you can make a difference and see which one will be worth trying. Here is how you can achieve the same.

Do proper research

No matter how true the information may be it is always advisable to go through multiple sources to get complete knowledge. It is difficult to predict anything about that one source you are dependent on. Sometimes their information can be correct and sometimes may not be so just relying on one and moving ahead with it is not the right approach. Unless you have gathered information from different sources, you cannot decide whether you must make the changes or not.

Don’t let others dictate you

Many times it happens that your clients will ask you to follow some kind of SEO approach or link building tactics to get the result, but then you realize that it is not worth the effort. Doing it what your client says is not right as even you have the knowledge and know the ways to implement SEO in the right direction. Getting pursued by the client and doing the wrong things can hamper the business as well.

So make sure no one is able to dictate you, but you have your own ideologies to work on. Getting provoked by anyone and then reaching any decision is surely the worst thing to do. Be open with your thoughts and let your clients know what is right and what is wrong. Speak up what you have in your mind and do not feel any kind of a shame as it is your duty to guide the clients in the right direction.

Not all clients are same

Every client has their own set of requirements which need to be fulfilled, and so the approaches will also differ. You cannot expect one technique to work for rest of them, but you will have to plan out things separately for each of them. You need to ensure that you deal with every client in a different manner, understand what they are looking for and accordingly have a plan in mind and execute it properly.

Think before you take bad advice in SEO

Most people get prompted as soon as they come across any hot and happening news. Do not get panic but try to find out the truth behind the information and collect more facts. Do not get started unless you are sure of it. So ultimately it is your thinking as what should you do and how. Only you can decide what is good and what is bad. No one can do it for you, and so you need to think before you jump into things. There are many websites like Moz, Searchengineland and related, these are most reputable sites to get information or the latest news but best SEO advice from me is to compare the news or the information provided by these major websites and then go for the conclusion.

Fake or true information all around

No matter how careful you are but still you can get prone to wrong information. So it is always a good idea to research as much as you can. More information you have, better it will be to decide what information is worth relying on. The amount of information coming from the internet via various sources is just enormous, and it is difficult to say which is right and wrong. Only proper research can lead to better results.

Seo is definitely a challenging field, and with a lot of updates coming out so frequently, it is really difficult to come up with the same. Even the most experienced professionals can go wrong if they trust the fake news or follow wrong practices. Therefore it is really crucial to test things on your own before reaching any conclusion. If you come across any news make sure you put question hovering in your mind. The more you ask, better it will be for you, and you will have a clarity as well.

So there is nothing wrong in saying that you should analyze the things before executing it. SEO is a science, and there will be many aspects associated with it. A lot of news will come out now and then, rely on all of them can be tricky so a better way out is to test it for yourself and whichever proves worth can be opted. At the end, you need to decide what you are looking for and how to get it. Right planning and execution is key to success.

Just keep your basics right and do whatever you feel is correct. There is no right or wrong unless you believe it to get a complete insight into everything, trust genuine sources only and avails all the latest SEO information for yourself.

Written by Morris Edwards
Morris Edwards is a web developer & marketing strategist who works with a Singapore web design company. Apart from this, he loves to write blogs on web design, SEO & internet marketings.

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