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Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts

Whether you’ve been online for one month or 10 years, it is the words on your website or blog which are the...

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Whether you’ve been online for one month or 10 years, it is the words on your website or blog which are the one crucial element which can make or break your business.

That important element is communication between you and the reader of your blog or website.

Think about it for a minute, while doing the offline sales people train hard and work for years to improve and tweak their communication skills. They take training courses, attend seminars, and practice, practice, practice. And they also have an advantage to selling that we online business owners don’t have. They use their body language and gestures to gain your full attention and can speak directly to you, to their clients to get the proper attention.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m too shy and not pushy enough to make it in the cut-throat offline sales industry. It isn’t enough to say “Do my work for me!”. I started my online business to find an easier way to sell. I thought there must be a way to reach an unlimited number of people without having to cold call or hunt leads down.

Working at Computer

And thankfully I was right. Online customers will come to YOU. Forget harassing those people who really don’t want to speak to you. Imagine people coming to you to learn more about YOUR products and business. And more importantly who these Customers can be?

  • Eager to hear about you, your services, your business and all you have to offer.
  • Excited to see your next product launch and are ready to buy.
  • Willing to give you their email address so you can give your product recommendations.
  • Happy to give you repeat business and unexpected praise and feedback.

And the biggest problem with your website may be like might be loosing potential subscribers or worse yet, a potential customer. You aren’t there to personally greet your website visitors, so your website MUST communicate effectively.

So What is Copywriting?

The use of the right keyword or words on the web page can also be also known as copywriting – can help you get more customers and subscribers. And you can do this, all without resorting to hype or other unsavory tactics rampant on the web.

In reading about copywriting, you may have learned about something called, “Killer Copy.” The idea behind killer copy is that you can sell anything to anyone. You know, the old saying about being able to “sell ice to an Eskimo”?

Sorry, I’m not much into being a “killer” with my copy or selling things to people that they don’t need. I’d rather educate my customers to help them make the best purchasing decisions. If my product isn’t what they need, I don’t want them to buy it. If my products are crap (and they’re not, of course!), I’m not going to hype them up with that good old-fashioned “killer copy” only to have them ask for a refund the minute they receive it.

There’s definitely a better way to approach copywriting in your online business. You can still be persuasive without going over the top.

If you’re looking for:

Long-term, repeat customers.

Salesmanship that establishes your credibility.

The ability to sleep well at night.

…you’ve come to the right place, and I have something just for you, but you may be wondering.

I certainly don’t want to bore you with a ton of details about me, but you may want to know where I’m coming from and my experience online. I have been writing since I was a little kid, as all good writers have. When I graduated from high school, writing and research was the names of the game as I completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree.

When I finished my degree, this love of writing grew into writing at my “real life” job. From Marketing Manager for an English as a Second Language school to a Human Resources Advisor for a government agency, my experience has honed my written communication skills.

But the best was when I came to the online world in 2008 and was able to make writing my very own business. For over a year and a half, I diligently wrote web copy, optimized websites for search engines for my client’sand produced numerous press releases.

While I was writing for others, I started creating my own content sites, selling products as an affiliate and selling my own products. As I did this, the word started getting out about my copywriting business, and I got to a point where I was I was getting more inquiries for my services than I could handle. I considered hiking up my rates from my reasonable hourly rate, but I just wasn’t ready to charge huge sums to small home based businesses getting started on the net.

Besides, I knew I could make more money working online on my own projects and using my copywriting skills to my benefit.

Still, I didn’t leave my clients behind. Even though I wasn’t writing their copy anymore, I have been providing online marketers with the resources they need to build their own successful online businesses. It gives me great pleasure to see success stories from people like you.

So, let’s get back to how I can help with your copywriting. I’d love to share some of my own approaches to copywriting and give it all to you step-by-step, so you can start applying these strategies to your business starting today.

After all, nobody knows your business better than you, and you are the most qualified person to write your own copy. Even if you think you can’t write…you might just turn yourself into a pro with my Copywriting Sweetie Training & Software Course.

Here’s how to…

Learn How to Write Sales-Producing Copy, Even If Don’t Consider Yourself A Great Writer.

You don’t have to be a literary genius to sell your products online. If you know your products well, understand your target market (I’ll help you with that) and can put a few sentences together, you have what it takes to develop your copywriting skills.

If you’re looking for  simpler ways to get more sales, here’s just a small sampling of what you will learn:

  • The design is crucial to your website’s sales (and that doesn’t mean a beautiful site with all the bells and whistles but a good website which gives good user experience to your visitors).
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines that will pull your reader into the copy.
  • Simply guide your readers to a call to action that gets results and turns into sales.
  • Write product descriptions that sell instead of the bland, uninspiring descriptions found on many sites.
  • You need to keep your sales message consistent and not confuse your visitors with too many options.
  • Making your writing flow throughout your copy and make your readers eager for more.
  • Use the previous testimonials of your clients to turn them into a powerful sales tool.
  • Your every sales page should include a P.S. In fact, P.S. which stands for “powerful sales” message.
  • You can use powerful email marketing software to help you put your marketing messages together quickly and easily.

The media, advertising, and marketing landscape is a very funny and fascinating space. Different opinions come fast and thick, society is always changing and truly unique skills, requiring memorable, effective and long lasting copywriting concepts and ideas and watertight, timely storylines (both visual and verbal) – are often sadly far and few between. It all seems, at least on the surface, to be so subjective, too random. Everybody thinks they can write. Yet, there is a very scientific methodology to the art, science, and psychology of great copywriting. Learning copywriting may, at first,  sound overwhelming or daunting. But don’t be thrilled so fast – just start exploring the world of copywriting with Tricky enough!

Written by Carol James
The article was written by Carol James – professional academic writer of EssayLab service. In her portfolio, you can read technical, economic, educational, psychological high-quality articles for such magazines and blogs as Design News, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, T+D, Real Simple, Nexus and many others. Feel free to contact with Carol with questions and suggestions!

5 Replies to “Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts”

  1. A killer copy is a new thing I’m reading this amazing review. From this article, I came to an understanding that this killer copy is typically used for an E-commerce site. I think for researching this kind of article it really takes more time. Thanks for the valuable topic.

  2. Hi Carol and Robin,
    What a great point that copywriting is a highly paid and hard-learned skill, and here am I – without that skill – trying to make sales LOL.
    But like you, having been the victim of “killer sales copy”, it’s not my style at all.
    I know I spend too long on my blog posts for any sensible ROI, but I do it because I enjoy writing and hope that the articles I produce will help someone. Then perhaps in time blogging will become a profitable hobby.
    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  3. Hi Carol,
    This copy can only come from a genus with an outstanding experience in the industry of copywriting.
    All the ideas you gave are very important. It won’t make any sense if you write an article that took you roughly 3 hours or more and don’t get audience reading and coming back to read. But truth be told. It’s better to concentrate on one post a week knowing well that it’s gonna convert. Thanks for sharing with us Carol.

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