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How Do I Become a Magazine Writer for a Tech-Magazine?

It’s every writer’s dream to write for a renowned magazine. Getting articles published on a global level and having them read by...

Become a Magazine Writer

It’s every writer’s dream to write for a renowned magazine. Getting articles published on a global level and having them read by famous personalities.  Sounds exciting right? Apart from writing, have you ever thought about working as a full-time magazine writer? How exciting and rewarding it is. You get to learn about new topics, visits exciting events, travel, and create your very own fan base. It’s honoring and worthwhile. Between 2011 and 2018, the average time spent around reading print magazines has crashed to 56%. People can be seen reading digital magazines more these days. 

However, if you are a novice, then getting yourself into this career could be quite tricky. But if you have believed in yourself, faith in your talent and your capabilities, then don’t think much just go for it. 

What is the magazine writing all about?

Magazine writing involves creative idea generation for new articles. According to a report, digital magazine spending has doubled since 2015. Therefore, the demand for professional magazine writers has been on a rise since then. Magazine writing involves researching featured-oriented topics. People with creative, brilliant minds are generally well fit for this job. Also, you can relate magazine writing with journalism — not your average newspaper type but more of a blog type.

Magazine writing in this era is not only limited to catalogs but the role will also involve writing for magazine websites, blog stories for social media, reviews, and so on. A magazine can directly employ magazine writers, or a writer can be referred from an agency offering professional content writing services. But how do you become a magazine writer from scratch, let’s find that out:

1. Find your Natural Talent

Magazine writing can only work; if you are born creative otherwise, I believe this career option isn’t suitable. You would love to harness your natural talent and polish it. For instance, if you are creative at writing fiction stories, then stick to that. Or if you are good at giving people advice then go for an advice column. If you need help in polishing your existing skills, then take a short course or pursue a relevant degree. To create an eloquent piece of article, a company can hire writers from various best content writers. 

2. Do What you Love

Never let go of something that you love doing. Enthusiasm is everything. Your words must pour passion into your content. Don’t do it for the sake of a job; do it with full dedication. Keep your readers wanting for more with your style of writing. Your aim here should be to motivate your readers towards reading more of your content. Also, by writing passionately not only your readers will be happy but your editors might leverage you with a bonus as well.

3. Select your Niche

No writer can specialize in every domain if he is at the start of his career. It’s better to pick out a niche and perfect in it. If you start by writing many topics that are adversely going to affect the quality of your content. So, you are left with two options either you can specialize in one niche or you can write on many subjects and lose the quality of your content. Moreover, the fan base that you create will want articles designated on one domain. It is what is going to make you special and make your content stand out.

4. Explore all Content of a Magazine

Once, you are hired, thoroughly go through all the contents of a website. Check all their pages, articles, blogs, and posts. Dig deeper into their style of writing. Get an idea of the topics they feature. You can always use a magazine “editorial calendar” available on the website to grab some useful insights on their publication schedule, their recommended topics, and further interests for that year. Also, refrain from writing articles with similar content, write in your own words. Copy pasted material is not supported.

5. Plan a Layout

When you have been assigned a topic, conduct proper research. Your content should speak for itself. Invest a considerable amount of time in planning a layout. Construct a rough draft, get it approved by your supervisor then start writing. It will allow your article to have a more professional outlook which will help you get a good start.

6. Double Check for Errors

Work pressure may cause you to submit your article without properly proofreading it. Don’t make this mistake. Your editor will immediately take an article down if it’s full of grammatical or structural errors. Trust me; you don’t want that. It could leave a negative impact on your editor, and you might even get fired. Hence, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Manage your time in such a way that allows you ample time to proofread your document carefully. A writer can get someone to do this job by hiring a writer from various content writing services. It saves up a lot of time as well.

7. Get familiar with the Writing Style

Every magazine has a distinctive writing style. Familiarize yourself with it. Don’t go nuts with your writing style. Your style is essential, but your editor will test your skill according to the magazine’s style. For this reason, conduct research and get to know about all the method your magazine utilize. Different topics may require different styles, so get to know all of them.

8. Update Frequently

The audience craves articles written according to the latest trends and hot topics. As you keep publishing your articles, make sure you create them by following the latest updates. Also, try to meet all your deadlines. Write engaging articles and own them.

Wrap Up

According to a study, around 44 percent of readers read 1-2 magazines a month. Approximately, 27% of them take interest in reading digital magazines. Magazine article writing comes with lots of challenges. But on the bright side, it is packed with fun and exciting experiences. Follow the tips above, to become a proficient magazine writer to write articles that sell.

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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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