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9 Proofreading Tools To Make Your Blog Posts Shareable

The number of shares and likes determines the success of every single post and article. It does not matter how many people...

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The number of shares and likes determines the success of every single post and article. It does not matter how many people read it if no one performed the dearest move sharing it on Facebook or reposted it on Google+. If you have noticed that none of your posts has been shared, you need to define the problem first. Perhaps, your content is not interesting enough for your target audience. Besides, you may write plain text, and no one wants to read unformatted pieces of writing. The problem may also relate to poor performance. Here, we are talking about the mistakes that you make. Fortunately, it is easy to fix this problem and get shares with ease. According to me, the solution is to hire a professional writer or use some proofreading tools to make your content viral.

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In fact, there are two basic ways for improving the quality of your writing. First, you may hire a professional editor or proofreader. If you have no possibility to do that, you may use online proofreading tools and applications that have been developed for basic proofreading and even for advanced editing. In this article, we are going to cover all the best tools that include both live and machine editing.

Here is the List of Proofreading tools that you can use:

1. Grammarly

Among all the application that may be installed to the browser or used separately, Grammarly is the best. In fact, this is a number one choice of the English-speaking writers from different countries. The app has many options, including the grammar and spelling fixes, stylistic improvements, and plagiarism check. You may use a free version or buy an annual subscription that has some advanced options. However, Grammarly is also considered as one of the best online grammar checking tools

2. HemingwayApp

Grammar and spelling mistakes may actually ruin the success of your post, but the stylistic mistakes may be even more dangerous. Most of the bloggers tend to write in long sentences, which is actually not good for readers. They prefer short sentences and paragraphs, as well as short texts. Besides, if you have problems with messy writing and mixing the ideas and words, HemingwayApp will come in handy.

3. Fiverr

Machine editing is great until you try to work with live editors. Fiverr has a huge selection of editors and proofreaders ready to work with writers from different industries. The changes are really affordable, and if you take care of the quality of your content, paying $5 per hour of editor’s work won’t be too much for you. The benefits of ordering services on Fiverr are obvious:

  • You get more time on writing not editing
  • You can expect the high-quality services and independent opinion on your posts
  • You can use the mobile version of website to find the editors whenever you want
  • You can find editors who work with different types of texts
  • You can find editors who work with different languages

4. Ulysses

If you still prefer to edit texts on your own, you’d better have direct access to them all the time. Many writers notice that great ideas always come when you have no possibility to fix your writing, but when you get it, you forget everything that you’ve been planning to do. With Ulysses, you’ll get all your texts on your device and will be able to edit them whenever you want. And I will vote it be one of the best proofreading tools.

5. Unplag

Did you know that people hate stolen content? You may not even notice that you write in the same words as other writers, but your readers will definitely see that. Thus, you need to proofread your text on plagiarism as well. This will additionally prevent problems with copyright.

There are many plagiarism checkers like Copyscape, but we would recommend you to choose those with paid accounts. The matter is that they have access to the most recent files and some closed directories; thus, you will be sure that your post was checked in the best way. Unplag is one of the most popular anti-plagiarism checkers that has already proved its efficiency and is currently used by universities and colleges.

6. WriteRack

If you regularly post on Twitter, you’ve already met a problem of telling everything in a couple of sentences. However, this is the challenge even for the best writers and marketers. To save your time, we recommend you to use WriteRack, the tool that helps to make your post-Twitter-perfect within a few minutes.

7. Language Tool

Language Tool is perhaps the best application for those who’ve met the problem of poor grammar. If you never notice your mistakes and if you are always wondering why people blame you for them, it’s better to use this app for checking every post. It will not take too much time, as the response of the app is immediate and you see all your mistakes highlighted in different colors. You can see the below screenshot for the same.

8. Quill

Quill is more than just any of the proofreading tools. It is an educational app that will teach you how to become a good editor for your own writing. Here, you need to accomplish tasks for mastering your proofreading skill. You will also get a breakdown of your performance to understand what mistakes are typical for you and what you need to do to fix them.

9. Ginger

You can type your posts directly in Ginger Software, and it will immediately correct you. It works both with spelling and grammar mistakes. However, there is one untypical option that all bloggers love. This software can read the text aloud and notify you if you have used the phrases that have been used too frequently and the clichés that you may have used in your writing.

10. Fix Gerald

If you need to check a paper for any plagiarism and need a fast and accurate tool, Fixgerald is the one to use. This online tool is used by students all over the world and provides fast results. With those results, students can alter papers to improve their success scores and ensure they are submitting an assignment that is unique and written with perfect grammar. By using the latest software, Fixgerald can cross-reference papers against thousands of sources, both offline and online.


The best Grammar checker Tool I have used.

Proofreading is definitely not fun; it’s hard work that you should never ignore. However, the benefits of this work are so compelling that you will hardly resist using one more app to make your writing better. You will notice that your posts become better, and your visitors start to share them on social media thus attracting, even more, people to your Website or blog.

Do you use some of the tools to make your text better? Share them with your colleagues! We will gladly read your insights and discuss the best of the tools!

Written by Lori Wade
Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on LinkedIn.

7 Replies to “9 Proofreading Tools To Make Your Blog Posts Shareable”

  1. I also have a flair for writing and I was in search of some tools to proofread. I really find most of the above tools very helpful in my work. Thanks for the information!

  2. Hello Lori Wade
    Thanks for this informative post Really i get something new bout proofreading tool keep sharing this type of article because this type of article very helpful and profitable to new blogger.

  3. Thanks Lori for this informative post around proofreading tool. I personally use Grammarly for both checking grammar as well as plagiarism. HemingwayApp is also a great FREE app to check for tough sentence formations. Don’t you think Grammarly + HemingwayApp will be more than sufficient? I need your point of view on this question.
    Personally, I feel human touch is do required no matter how many tools you use. They are not yet perfect and your article may require that personal touch.

  4. Hi Lori,

    Improving the content quality is really necessary to make the post more shareable and engaging. Grammar is where most of the non-english speaking bloggers make mistakes. Thanks for sharing the valuable tips.


  5. Grammarly and HemingwayApp are really helpful when it comes to Proofreading. The pro version Grammarly is even more powerful. It not only rectifies the mistakes but also gives you a suggestion for better writing. Whereas, HemingwayApp is another awesome tool for better writing. I am using both of them and they are working pretty good for me.
    The tools you mentioned seems pretty impressive especially WriteRack. I would love to try them out.
    Thank You, Lori, for sharing it with us. Really helpful

  6. Hello Lori,
    Thanks for the proofreading tools for optimizing the content to make my blog post shareable. These tools you listed seems like helping me to become a good writer as well editor.

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