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Benefits of choosing Drupal commerce for an E-commerce store

Worldwide webmasters continue their search for top-notch platforms to host their websites. Generally speaking, when we discuss e-commerce websites, webmasters have a...

Benefits of choosing Drupal

Worldwide webmasters continue their search for top-notch platforms to host their websites. Generally speaking, when we discuss e-commerce websites, webmasters have a wide range of needs and are always looking for a cutting-edge solution. They are interested in those platforms that are robust and fully customizable and have a wide scope for expanding features and functionality. However, there are plenty of free content management systems on the web that is used to develop e-commerce sites, but making a perfect choice is onerous. So, As per the title, we will the Benefits of choosing Drupal over other E-commerce platforms.

Drupal is one of the best open source platforms in this vast list, which aesthetically satisfies all such needs and produces the greatest results.

Drupal CMS is growing with popularity in the web development world. It is an open-source CMS that offers a number of specific features that can be perfect for creating websites that are flexible, scalable and secure.

Here we will discuss 10 important reasons why Drupal should be chosen especially for the development of eCommerce websites :

1. Drupal is Secure:

Drupal’s most important feature for e-commerce websites is that it’s safe. Developers who are far more knowledgeable about security than us have worked hard to eliminate security risks and make secure code writing easier for developers. This ensures that information about your store and your customers is kept out of the reach of hackers and prying eyes securely and securely.

Drupal currently has more than 0.1 million active contributors, which is growing by the day. It means that there is effective ongoing monitoring that ensures that vulnerabilities to security are addressed readily. Therefore, Drupal is an ideal platform to handle financial information on websites.

2. High Performance:

Drupal’s image compression, CSS and JS aggregation, as well as the basic theme optimization–all help, even if your website is loaded with graphics and videos, to improve the load time. Enabling it will help to convert all files to reduce request speed and boost speed. It is proved that the page speed will be slowed by separate and repeated HTTP requests without it.

Usually, Drupal websites have high loading speed and fast response time that is important for online retail. Also perfect for displaying a wide range of products, Drupal can handle high traffic as well.

3. Faster Development:

Compared to other available CMSs, development time is much lower. When the core is installed, there is no need for the developer to bother with the platform to manage content, images and integrate third parties.

With Drupal, there is no need to develop two separate versions of the visual templates and there is also no need to manually configure the CMS with product information. The technology assimilates information held in the e-commerce store, such as when building a website landing page that should feature both content and products featured.

After deploying the site, you can use the customization facility with the appropriate services for Drupal development.

4. Powerful CMS:

There’s more to an e-commerce site than just taking orders. Customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to full community sites built around product or product markets. In order to attract and keep customers in your store, blogs, forums, product reviews and articles are becoming essential. All of these features are easy to add and manage to your e-commerce site when it is integrated out of the box with a system such as Drupal.

5. Third Party Integration:

That’s Drupal’s core strength. Drupal modules were built to interact and connect firmly with the Drupal core. In view of this, Drupal Commerce and Ubercart are integrated with Drupal at the highest level. This brings to your shopping site a magnificent experience. And if you need to connect your e-commerce to Paypal, Moneybookers, 2checkout, Amazon, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Maps all of them will be integrated in just a few minutes.

6. Multiple User Management:

What is well known about Drupal? Not only for its community of users but for easy optimization. It has a strong user role and access control functionality since it is designed for community-based websites. The fact that user roles and access levels are not limited can be used to create and customize roles like an anonymous visitor, authenticated user, editor, etc. When the site grows, the advanced user management features may be disabled or enabled later.

7. Mobile Ready:

All need to be ready for mobile today. In the arena, Drupal definitely leads the way. It enables developers to create high-quality websites that are not only rich in features, wowing the client not only in looks but also incompatibility with functionality and devices. Website developers can create dynamic and innovative websites with Drupal that attract users and help businesses generate more leads.

Drupal Commerce creates websites so that they can be viewed on Android phones, iPads, and other smart devices just as they are viewed on the website.

8. Optimized for SEO:

You have full control over the URL structure with Drupal. This way a custom URL(URL alias) can be given to each content created in Drupal. User and search engine-friendly URLs can also be set based on content type, post title, keyword, etc.

Drupal only provides a single system to work where website analytics, SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO) is quite easy to control, which is onerous with two systems. In addition, optimization of the customer journey is also simpler as it has one journey despite two bridge journeys.


So why do you use Drupal Commerce? Today, Drupal it’s a very nifty tool that has brought some sort of revolution to the development of e-commerce websites.

Your customers will find your site more frequently, experience a safe shopping experience, and hopefully hang around your site for longer browsing your site’s content and other sections of customer retention. As a store owner, you can be sure that if someone has not already developed a module to do what you want on your site, somebody will have the knowledge to do it.

Written by Jeevan Kumar
Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and a strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations - Magento development company.

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