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How events help boost affiliate marketing commissions updated?

Affiliate Marketing is an exciting money-making activity on the Internet. It simply requires you to promote products not owned by you and...

boost affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an exciting money-making activity on the Internet. It simply requires you to promote products not owned by you and be paid a percentage of the sales you bring in.

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the biggest income earners for many bloggers. Take a look at Income reports of these money making blogger and you’ll find out Affiliate Marketing is often on top of the list.

But to be quite honest with you, Affiliate Marketing isn’t a bed of roses. It’s really tough and one of the reasons is that competition is growing by the day. Again, many of us are lazy to conduct proper market research and promote the right products.

Grabbing banners and pasting them on our sites, adding hyperlinks to blog posts as is the habit of many bloggers don’t really amount to anything worth depending on.

There are however advanced Affiliate Marketing methods that will push your earnings through the roof. On my About Me page, you are going to be able to grab my free report in which I discuss an unknown Affiliate Marketing technique that will never fail.

What I’m about to share with you in this post is not part of the report at all. It means, though the marketing model is Harsh, there are still some golden nuggets around the corner.

Many of my blogging friends rely on Affiliate Marketing to make money blogging. According to Andrew Dominik of Quality Guest Post, besides offering guest post services, Affiliate Marketing plays a huge part in his income.

My ebook titled “Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers” has been well received. You may want to grab a copy if you want some more actionable tips on growing your blogging income promoting and selling other people’s products.

Take advantage of events

If you are going to follow these simple tips, you’ll see a remarkable boost in your affiliate marketing commissions. One of the reasons people don’t see results is lack of practice. Sometimes, we read and assume we know. That keeps working against us. But my tips here will help you earn the kind of income big guns in the industry earn.

Note however that some of the things you are about to read here are not totally new. You might have practiced a couple of them but I will be giving out some little tricks to make it more effective.

Every day around us there are events and some of these events are marketing opportunities. Companies take advantage of these events to cut down prices on their products in order to generate more sales.

These are just crazy opportunities. When these prices are sliced (Sometimes by over 50%), talk to your community about the huge discounts offered by these companies and see a rise in sales.

People are always looking for ways to save money buying online so an occasion to buy something for less than half its price would always see buyers scrambling for it.

BlackFridays and Cyber Mondays

Don’t even ask me why Fridays are black. But this is one of the biggest events in America that has taken over the whole world and Affiliate Marketers are making a killing in it. It’s an annual event that runs in the month of November of every year.

Companies always have a massive discount on their products during this time. What’s even more interesting is the fact that (for the most part), the discounts don’t have an impact on the amount you earn per sale as an affiliate.

This is typical for digital products. Siteground, WPX Hosting, 2Ahosting for instance always have a huge drop in their prices during Black Fridays but the amount you earn per sale grows with the growing number of sales you generate.

How to make Black Friday work for you?

To make Black Fridays work for you, you must be ready for it. The fact that this is a recurring annual event is an advantage.

For best results, create a single Black Friday post per product and each year, update and repost the same article. It’s unwise to create a separate post for each year.

Each year comes with its particularities. All you have to do is update that same article before time. You may want to contact the affiliate manager of that company (whose product you promote) before the time for some useful updates on the current promotion.

Another thing I have found to work like magic is to create a roundup post for different offers in an industry. A good example is something like web hosting Black Friday deals. In this example, you may want to bring out the top 10 web hosting companies and their Black Friday offers.

Every year, you just have to update and re-post the article for better search engine results. Once the event is over, don’t fold your arms and sit. Go out to build some backlinks to the article.

Doing this for the next few years, you will be dominating Google page #1 for most of the Black Friday related keywords. This will lead to massive growth in income.

Other Annual Events

There are other annual events you may want to apply the same working methods and empower your blog with more earning powers.

Take note of industry-related events. If you are in the sports niche, we have international tournaments like FIFA World Cup competitions,  FIBA International Basketball Competitions, etc.

Some of these events come with ticket sales and seat bookings. Travel agencies and hotels offer special discounts to event participants moving from across the world, opening more income opportunities to travel bloggers.

These events always present mind-blowing marketing platforms for affiliates. Religious events like Christmas come with a bag full of money many opportunities.

As a blogger,  events can really put a smile on your business if you think differently.


Now, this is something few bloggers exploit but it’s such a powerful income boosting avenue. There are two phases to this:

  1. Your own anniversaries.
  2. Others anniversaries.

Talking about your own anniversaries, it could be your birthday, your wedding or even your blog’s anniversary.

If you have a following, you may want to announce your anniversary and offer them something to celebrate with you. What you may want to do is request a unique discount code from a product you promote as an affiliate to offer your readers.

Simply get to the affiliate manager with a friendly request. For the most part, you may be given a unique coupon and a co-branded anniversary page. Make this to only be available for a short period of time and watch as your readers love and increase your earnings.

What about other anniversaries?

Some companies do their anniversaries and offer their customers gifts. If they run affiliate programs, it’s an opportunity to celebrate with them and boost your earnings.

If you are an affiliate blogger, don’t let the next big event pass you by without trying to boost your affiliate commissions. Don’t announce your own blog’s anniversary without trying to offer something to your readers as a price reduction from a product you promote.

These tips will go a long way to boost your affiliate marketing commissions and make you a successful affiliate marketer.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about this in the comment box. If you’d like to create a blog and make money with Affiliate marketing, check out these tips on how to start a blog.


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Written by Enstine Muki
Enstine Muki is problogger, Bishop and founder of MyWebsiteProfit.com

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  1. I have a question related to blogging how much time a blog could take to ranking on google, any tips if you would like to share with us.

  2. Having an event really is a great strategy for marketing. people are more inclined to buy something if it is affiliated with an event, you can also introduce your products to a wide number of audience

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