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5 Ways To Update Your Old Blog Posts To Increase Traffic

Nowadays, blogging is mainstream for many individuals and companies as it is a great way to stand out, attract a larger audience,...

5 Ways To Update Your Old Blog Posts To Increase Traffic

Nowadays, blogging is mainstream for many individuals and companies as it is a great way to stand out, attract a larger audience, and achieve success. Very often, there’s so much written and created that reinventing the wheel would be wrong. But what to do when your rich and interesting blog doesn’t work anymore, and people simply do not see your content in engine search results?

We know how to increase blog traffic without creating something brand new. You should note that it all depends on the situation, and blogging photography may need a change in descriptions, not images. When it comes to articles, here it’s possible to apply different strategies for an effective blog update. Let’s move on to discover ground-breaking blogging tips.

Why You Need to Update Old Blog Posts?

Optimizing your blog for SEO is a crucial reason for webmasters to resort to renewing their previous posts. You know that blogging takes a lot of time and effort and every time, creating new content is inefficient. 

It is reported that old posts help to receive more traffic rather than new ones. So if you aim at making money by blogging, pay attention to tips for content updates. You will benefit from increased conversion rates, boost traffic, enhance user experience, and save your resources. 

How to Choose Posts for Update?

With a lot of posts in your blog, it may be challenging to choose the ones that urgently need renewal. You should keep a list of these posts organized to regularly update your content. Firstly, pay attention to the posts that attracted more traffic earlier. This data is available in Google Analytics, where you can also see posts losing rankings. Besides, old posts with powerful backlinks would also be good for renewal. 

5 Tips on How to Update Blog Posts 

Here we prepared for you effective blogging tips to increase your traffic and ranking. 

#1 Update Images and Image SEO

Visuals are integral elements of a successful post, so creative visual content can bring you incredible results. Poorly edited images make your blog unprofessional, and people will not pay attention to text if it is complemented with unattractive visuals. 

If you are into blogging photography, add several new photos and formulate interesting descriptions to boost traffic. In other cases, you can use stock photography to choose attractive images for updating old posts. 

Pay attention to a featured image that people see first before reading the text. The more interesting images you have that correspond to the post theme, the more time people will spend on your site. As a result, your post ranking boosts. 

#2 Update Keywords

Professional SEO services can help you improve your online presence in many different ways, and keywords are one of the most effective. Right keywords ensure you a higher ranking and increased traffic. 

Find words and phrases the audience uses the most often to search specific content and build your strategy based on their preferences. It’s possible to make keywords and phrases manually, but there are more reasonable options. 

You can resort to special tools offering keyword generating. Apply new keywords in additional sections without destroying the already made structure with old keywords. Do not forget to add them to your meta description and titles for better results. 

The backlink building plays a crucial role in blog success as it provides visitors with relevant information on the topic. You need to add fresh links to your post and make sure old ones work well. 

It’s an excellent way to increase the time users spend on your site if there’re many powerful backlinks. By applying internal and external links, Google will see that your content is still relevant and show it higher in the list of search results. 

Consider that internal links are an efficient tool for attracting people to read more of your blog posts. Insert them naturally, so that blog readers get redirected without even noticing as their curiosity moves them forward. 

#4 Create and Leverage Media Content 

Useful, informative posts will always attract many visitors, and an explainer video is the best way to achieve this. You can refresh your content by adding this video made with the help of capturing the screen. 

There are many tools you can use depending on your operating system, as a screen recorder for Windows or a recording tool for Mac. Keep in mind that recording licensed content and posting it on your blog is forbidden. 

Another creative solution to leverage content is to make podcasts and videos to share on social media. It’ll help to engage a larger audience and make them visit your blog. Show people an interesting part of information and encourage them to read the post to find more.  

#5 Refresh Titles

A title is the first thing a person sees in search engine results. It should be catchy and fully convey the message you reveal in the post. If you have questionable content, do not hide it from readers behind attractive descriptions and titles. You will find your audience when being honest about what you share with the world and why it’s worth exploring.

Your titles must contain keywords or synonyms to subtitles in your post. Having a strong blog and post title leads to increased organic search and ranking. Update inefficient titles to stand out and make people visit your page.


Now you know plenty of creative solutions for old blog content updates. Apply methods you like the most to the questionable posts and benefit from blog success. It will increase your website ranking as people will more often see your posts in search engine results and visit your website. Thus, act if you want to promote your blog and believe in what you do to attract the audience.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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