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Email Marketing – The Top Marketing Strategy For Today’s Businesses

You will obviously be in a big state of worry if your marketing campaigns are not providing you the expected return-on-investment. Irrespective...

Email Marketing

You will obviously be in a big state of worry if your marketing campaigns are not providing you the expected return-on-investment. Irrespective of the amount spent, we all want a good return on our money. So, it is extremely important to opt for the right marketing channel. This post will explain the need for email marketing in a business.

Creating a powerful email marketing strategy allows you to reach and connect with your target audience and enhance sales at a cost that is affordable. Just as media and other platforms have transformed, email marketing tools provide your business with the capability to reach customers much easier than ever.

The following reasons will let you know why businesses need email marketing.

Email marketing increases brand awareness

Social media is not the only platform that helps the brand awareness of a company. Possessing the prospect or customer’s email address implies one thing: a level of interest is shown by them in your business. Email marketing provides you the capability to enhance that level of interest, that brand awareness, by staying on top of mind. Actually, this does not mean sending four emails to every customer. By doing this, the customers will hate you for sure. Try some email marketing instead that promotes your activeness in the local community.

Many times, organizations try selling their products through email marketing and ignore the brand awareness factor entirely. By doing this way, they are prohibiting the possibility of adding developing customer trust and thereby developing a sense of responsibility to their brand.

Almost everyone uses email

Almost 91 percent of consumers use email according to a Hubspot survey. This is enough to convince you to explore this tool and start using it. Email presents an excellent opportunity to reach customers. You can provide new products, specials, and discounts to your customers. Your customers can also share as well as forward those offers to anyone they would like.

Coming up with timely offers

If you approach it in the right fashion, email marketing helps you in selling your products. It is imperative to utilize all the customer information and data you can. Sending special offers to the customers on their birthdays or letting them know that their favorite is half the price is highly effective when compared with sending them a menu simply.

Seasonal offers can also be incorporated into the email marketing strategy. This allows you to promote an annual sale or a holiday special. Ensure you create a sense of urgency for every offer as the customers are most likely to purchase when the deal ends soon.

Email marketing is affordable

Email marketing is affordable as you can reach a huge number of customers for a rate lower than pennies for a single message. With email marketing, the cost per conversion is very low. At their level of a platinum marketing email, services for email marketing like SendGrid costs about 0.0006 cents for a single message. Mail Chimp enables you to send up to 12,000 emails free of cost. These services also provide larger monthly for evolving businesses with up to six lakh subscribers and sender plans of high volume for anything beyond that. It is a good idea to hire someone to manage these efforts.

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Email marketing allows for targeted messaging

The significance of email marketing when it comes to email lead marketing (lead nurturing) is discussed here. Here, the main idea is that your potential customers are at various phases of the buying cycle. Few may be in the consideration phase, while the others may be at research and compare phase, and others may even be in the ready-to-purchase phase. In order to move them to the next buying cycle phase, the customers require information. This is done by pushing the right content.

Email marketing is easy to measure

Many email marketing tools provide the capability to track what happens after you have sent out your email campaign. You can track open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, and track delivery rates. This provides you a better understanding of which email campaigns to tweak, which ones are working, and which ones to get rid of altogether. You should not ignore these metrics. They are a significant component of your internet marketing campaign. While there are different surveys and studies that provide optimal numbers to aim for, it all depends on your target audience and industry. You must provide daily emails if your customers need them. You must send emails to your customers based on their needs and recommendations. It is all about knowing your customers properly and delivering valuable content to them.

People engage with emails

An email has been a form of communication for over 40 years. An email has evolved as the major choice of our communication as the years have gone by. All of us are groomed to reply to an email in various fashions like to forward, to reply, to sign up, to buy something, or to delete. We tend to do something with the email. You can utilize email to drive people to your website or pick up the phone and call. Last year, over 25 percent of sales had come through email marketing.

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You can stay in contact with your audience

Emails possess the capability to keep your clients informed. When it is convenient for them, consumers can check their emails. Emails to your customers can be very simple like “Hello, here is a special offer for you!”. The customers who have signed up to your email list have made a commitment already to receive these notes. Therefore, they will enjoy these emails, and this will uplift engagement with your customers.

You can reach customers in real-time

54 percent of all the emails are opened on a mobile device according to Litmus. This is highly significant, and while planning any type of marketing strategy, this should come into play. Today, mobile devices are used by most of the customers to access all types of information and media along with emails. Not only this, the emails that are designed well produce higher conversion rates on mobile when compared with any other medium.

Today, especially in the B2B world, email is huge as it accounts for the highly significant form of communication for almost 73 percent of businesses.

Written by Savaram Ravindra
Savaram Ravindra was born and raised in Hyderabad, popularly known as the ‘City of Pearls.' He is presently working as a Content Contributor at Tekslate.com and Mindmajix.com. His previous professional experience includes Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He holds a Masters degree in Nanotechnology from VIT University. You can Connect with him also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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  1. Hello Savaram,

    Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategy. If you are doing affiliate marketing than email marketing can help you to get more leads and sales. Thats why I always recommend my users to start collecting emails from the first day of blogging. Great post, Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  2. Hello Savaram, Nice article! Some great strategy here that are sure to help Marketers and business owners understand the importance of email marketing as a communication medium.

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