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Steps To Build a Successive Web Application

Introduction In this era of web development, UX plays a significant role due to factors which include usability, page loading speed, design,...

Build a Successive Web Application


In this era of web development, UX plays a significant role due to factors which include usability, page loading speed, design, and readability. Though, the generation switched to more advanced mobile web browsing. Still, one must not forget the value of PWA (Progressive Web Application).

Questions may arise that what is the PWA and what are the steps which the developer needs to take to sustain and enhance a successive web application?

Progressive Web Application and its benefits

Gone are the days of mobile websites where the users need to refresh the whole page. PWA does add the cushion regarding this issue, and the best part is that it does not require any mobile connectivity. PWA must need installation, and it is reusable as one can add this application in the home screen shortcut.

PWA is the presence of web development, but it is Too Early To Decide a Clear Winner Web Development Or App Development.

Things required for PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Before using PWA on a daily basis, it is much essential to know about the elements needed for developing PWA. These are as follows:


It is the open source tool which is entirely free and equipped with MVVM (Model-View-View- Model) bindings. These bindings simply the coding process of JavaScript UIs as with the help of ViewModel properties, it allows users to define views and declare bindings.

This tool runs on the JavaScript and is capable of working in all web frameworks and major browsers.


It is the most reliable and fastest way to build PWA. In this tool, server worker built and offline function- based with the web server’s “offline.html.†With the help of PWABuilder, users can submit the respective PWA to the iOS devices and Android app store.

Users need first to paste the website URLs and then fill the necessary details, icon, and description. Users can change properties such as screen orientation, background color, and language as per the requirements.


It is the necessary step to the world of web development where users need first to accustom themselves with .NET framework and Java. Considered as the best JavaScript framework, AngularJS used as the web application. It is helping hands to the beginner as their official site provides users with tons of tutorials, guides, and study materials to furnish their minds.

The latest version provides the favorable environment for developing in mobile and desktop.

Users can switch to Polymer which provides users with templates and other useful components for the speed PWA developing.

Another alternative for the user is React which is JavaScript library and beneficial for UI development.


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If users wish to bundle or collect their JavaScript resources and files, then Webpack will prove beneficial to them. These resources considered as the JavaScript objects and hence, it will result in faster loading.

Though guides and tutorials given in the official websites are not user-friendly, and one must consider for another method to learn this method tool in a secure manner.


It is community- based websites which contains many topics related to programming which includes PWA service workers and JavaScript. If users wish to add Webpack repositories and PWA.rocks, then GitHub will not let you down as it contains these both tools. It will help users in understanding and contributing to the development purpose.

It also consists of project management feature which allows users to collaborate and join hands with other developers. Through this feature, they can take advice from these developers.


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It is the components which allow users to store essential static data. Cache found in many of the architecture parts. For example- they can be placed in between clients and the dynamic content server to improve the response time. Other than this, they are also essential in improving common access specific as well as the in the script. Thus, with the help of cache, developers can be creative in building user-friendly web environments such as basket.js and Amazon CloudFront.

On-demand asset loading:

Through this phenomenon, users can optimize the performance of web application. It provides users with three benefits such as reducing loads on the server, reducing the number of existing requests as well as reducing memory usage in the web browser.


Users should imitate the above steps to build a successive web application without any hassle.


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