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5 Reasons Why you fail to make links using Skyscraper link building technique?

Worldwide SEO Boss Mr. Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko invented the Skyscraper Link Building Technique for the promotion of blogs and...

Skyscraper Link Building Technique

Worldwide SEO Boss Mr. Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko invented the Skyscraper Link Building Technique for the promotion of blogs and websites. Which is really an outstanding and working formula for the purpose of increasing blog traffic and building links rapidly. This formula is tested by Brian Dean himself and even the owner of this blog (Tricky Enough) is using the Skyscraper Link Building Technique to rank well on the Google SERPs.

The wonderful technique works only for those who can execute it properly. This is an email-based link-building method. Even Google considers the technique to be a good one. Let’s have a speedy look at what is exactly skyscraper link building technique. And today in this post I am going to share the five important reasons why many SEO experts fail to make links using the skyscraper technique to build links.

What is Skyscraper Link Building?

Skyscraper technique is known as a tactic this was first used by Brain Dean to build quality links. Skyscraper link building is known as a way with which you can build backlinks to your website. By using this link building technique you can obtain up to 5% success in a speedy way.

Let’s move to the reasons that why this wonderful technique is not working for you.

Reason #1: Spam email

The most important task of this technique is sending emails to the right person at the right place and at the right time. If you fail at this, your Good content could not able to do anything. That means you will fail. So, the first thing is to create a new email or make sure your old email (which you are going to use) is not listed as spam in one or another way. Otherwise, your skyscraper emails will be sent to the spam email box. And you know most of the users don’t like to check spam email boxes. This is because your good email can be failed just for not reaching the right place although the person is right.


How to get rid of Spam emails and spam comments?

This is one of the biggest loss in the world of email marketing when our email turns to spam and even spending thousands of dollars on that emails let us down. And is also one of the reasons why you are failing to make links using the skyscraper technique. So, One must send the email but must not overdo or send automated emails.

As a solution, I will recommend you send the emails to the individual to reach the webmaster or executive of that website.

Reason #2: Emails not written perfectly

Skyscraper email should be written in a good manner and in the form of a request message. It should attract the reader of the email and an act of politeness must be there. The email should be understood by the reader as a request. Don’t try to make any kind of bond or agreement with the admin of the website owner.

Ask the owner of the website in a polite manner that you have written an amazing post in which he might be interested and I think it to be a good source for your this or that article. Doing this will help the webmaster to take a look at your content and if he likes it and according to him or her it useful then still there are 50% chance that you will get a link from them.

But there is one thing for sure that you will get traffic to your website if they open up the email and check your link (if the article is good or not).

Reason #3: Your Content is not good

After reading the email, the targeted blog owner may click on the link you have provided. But after having a look at your content if it is not found to be good enough. The blogger will obviously leave it. And your technique will be failed. So, before sending email, try to make something better and descriptive written ever.

Here is what I recommend:

Write a long post which is complete in itself. You might be thinking how long a post can be but you just have to make sure that the content is complete in itself and will make the article of the other webmaster more valuable and resourceful. By doing this your chances of getting a link using the skyscraper link building technique will be more than 60% (if he or she decides to open the content).

Reason #4: Choosing an Irrelevant niche

The niche must be relevant in this technique. Sometimes it becomes hard to look for an article in your own niche but finding a website will worth it. Highly optimized and good content and the even the good email will also be failed it the blogger or the webmaster doesn’t find your content is relevant to his. So, first find out the relevant niche blog articles they have written.

Then target those people with a niche in which you are working. I will recommend you to look for a single niche website instead of multi-niche websites.

Reason #5: Not knowing the webmaster

This is something new from my head. Before sending email, if you can try to leave a comment on their blog posts and make conversation with the bloggers in social media. This extra work will make you familiar with the blogger or the webmaster of the website. Connecting with different bloggers and webmasters can make our work easier. That is why he or she can believe you. And they will be interested to read your email and maybe mentally willing to accept your request.

Just think someone you don’t know, he sent an email to place a backlink on your blog, why you will listen, when you don’t know and this is the first email to you from him or her! Why you will count them! But if that person will be a little familiar, you will be interesting to read their email and if you get something better, you will accept his request.

Just think as If you are reaching someone to get links using skyscraper link building technique and you are a friend to that person and there are more than 80% of chances that you will get the link.

My Final Words:

I know this extra work will take some time. But by doing this your success rate will reach a different height. And you know how much boost will these backlinks give to rank a blog by this technique, just keep on using the skyscraper link building technique and you will know. Because the backlinks will be of high quality and most of the links will be dofollow instead of Nofollow links. Just do with smartness and hard work. Best wishes to you!

Written by Sadhan Pal
Hi, This is Sadhan Pal, the owner of BlogLand.info. A passionate boy in blogging. I started blog land to serve the new bloggers providing new tips on blogging and SEO. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Be connected with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

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  1. I’m researching about link building skyscraper. Thanks for stating the possible causes why skyscrapers fail to make back links. Will keep this in mind. Great content!

    1. I hope you will be able to avoid the mistakes by reading this article. Best wishes for you. Thank you so much for inspiring Mr. Diego.

  2. I am a big fan of Brian Dean. This guy explores the SEO Techniques in the right way and I have found these techniques actionable while implementing on mine blog.

    Sadhan, you have written the best article of your, I have found. Keep up your blogging.

    Best Regards

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