Domain Name Generator tools to find a Perfect Domain for your website?

Domain Name Generator tools

Are you looking for a new Domain name for your website?

Are you confused to pick a perfect Domain name for you?


Are you tired of finding a domain that could also be a name for your company?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, I am sure that this post of mine is going to be a great help to you. Because today I am going to share how you can find a perfect domain for your website. When I was a beginner, I use to buy domains as such ordinarily, but those domain names didn’t get any success for me. But then I took the help of INTERNET and found that there are many free tools that can help me to get a perfect domain for our company or brand. I used some Domain name generator tools to get a good domain name for me.

Why do you need to buy a perfect domain?

It is important to buy a perfect domain for your business because that same domain is someday going to become a brand or a name that people are going to have in their minds. I wanted a domain name for my blog “being technical” but was not able to get that because of the unavailability, but then I took the help of the domain name generator tools and found the desired name for my blog “Tricky Enough.” I mean the name itself goes into the mind of the people that there must be something on the website and secondly, they don’t forget the name.

And I must tell you that whenever I tell anyone about my blog and tell them the name. They always ask me once again and instantly began to ask what it is all about. I am not telling you all this because I have a good Domain name, but my motive is to make you understand that the Domain name matters and one should get a clean, tidy, and perfect domain name, whether you are buying for your blog, business, or anything else.

Getting a perfect domain for your website is really important these days.

In the above point, I mentioned that it is important to get a perfect domain for your website. I will be explaining it in an easy way. Suppose you are on the Internet and found a site that is good but has a long or difficult name and I am sure that you will forget the name of the domain for sure because this has happened to me many times. But I don’t forget the names of those domains which are good and have simple and perfect names. You can take the examples of the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble and some others are, the name of sites that have become brands and are unique and difficult to forget. 

You can even choose your name as a domain name which could also be an advantage; people will recognize you as a brand and an individual who runs the website. I have many blogger friends who have domain names by their own names.

How can a domain act as a Brand for you?

Think of a domain that will become a brand for sure. Let me explain to you with the help of an example. If you take the example of a site like Amazon, then you will notice that over the years Amazon has become a brand and many people prefer buying (I would rather say millions) of it. The name Amazon sounds different and is a one-word domain which helped it to become a Brand name.

And Likewise, you can also choose a domain that could turn into a brand name one day.

List of Domain name generator tools.

So, here is the list of domain name generator tools that you can use to find a perfect domain for your website or blog. I know that it is really a difficult task to choose a domain name that is going to be short, easy to remember, SEO friendly, and more importantly which will eventually become a brand in a short period of time.

So, here is a list of those sites which can help you to choose the perfect domain for your blog and website.

  1. Name Mesh
  2. Lean Domain Search
  3. Dot-o-mator
  4. Wordoid
  5. Domain Hole
  6. Name Station
  7. Bust a name
  8. Impossibility
  9. Domainr
  10. Name Jet
  11. Domains Bot
  12. Instant Domain Search
  13. Know EM
  14. I want My Name
  15. Wordlab

Each of the above-listed sites is good enough and will help you to find a perfect domain for your website. I will suggest trying more than one Website to find a domain name for your Website. I know that each single listed site above can solve your problem but going for an alternate will not harm you instead it will help you to get a perfect domain. And Personally, I have tested all the above sites, and I must say that some of the above-listed sites are excellent and are a great help for sure and I think the above websites are the best domain name generator tools.

Some Extra Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for your Website or Blog:

I know that I have already written a long post but I think sharing a few more tips will make this post a lot better.

  • Keep things simple, don’t make it complicated.
  • Try to look for a domain that has a single word only.
  • Choose a Domain by Keeping in mind the topic of your website. I mean if you are choosing a domain for SEO that contains the word SEO in it and posting the content related to food. That will not work. Be wise and choose a domain related to your topic.
  • As in the above paragraph, I mentioned the Brand. So, choose a name that has the potential to turn out to be a Brand in a little time. Take the examples of Bigger sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and much more are there.
  • Do proper research before Buying a domain. Go for other domain extensions .com is not available.

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Finally, What I want to say:

Now that you are all set to buy a perfect domain for you. I will in the end only say this is wise in choosing a domain name. Because Choosing a perfect domain could Change your life and can even help you to make money online using your website. And a perfect domain could also help you to get a good domain authority for your website quickly.

If you think that my post is good enough, then please share and if you have any questions or queries feel free to ask through the comments.

I will be happy to help.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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    Hi Robin,
    Find a perfect domain name for blog or website is a time consuming task. A serious blogger never compromises with the domain name.

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    · January 8, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Hi Robin,
    Getting a perfect domain can be difficult. And to make it easier for one, I believe it’s ideal to make it act as a brand for me, as you rightly said. That might even make it simple and single worded.
    This post is enlightening, bro.

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    Thanks for sharing some sites to find a perfect domain for my blog niche

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    Hi Robin Great Share My Friend! I had no idea they had such tools for generating domain names!
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    Great Share Robin! I had no idea they had such tools for generating domain names!
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    Hi Robin,
    Finding a perfect domain name for blog or website is a time consuming task. A serious blogger never compromises with the domain name, but also ne would never want to spend hours to hunt a domain name.

    The tools you have suggested going to save lots of hours and help those bloggers who are looking for a new website in 2017.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece. I have created a detailed post on the same topic, I think it might help your readers. Here is the link:

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    Thanks admin for this nice article to know about best tools to Generator Domain Name.

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    Searching a perfect domain for our website is really tough task because most of domain which suits to our business niche website get booked earlier. These listed sites which you have represented in your post will really sounds beneficial for many newbies and professionals to choose a perfect domain for their blog and website. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

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    Hi Robin,
    Well I went with my own name as the domain name – which is probably lucky as I have changed my direction once or twice in my online journey 🙂
    I once made the mistake of including the number 4 into a domain name, meaning “for”. It confused people no end!
    Good advice there, Robin. I wish I’d know about those tools for generating domain names a while ago!
    Joy – Blogging After Dark