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Why ‘Content is King’?

Allow us to take you through an imaginary situation and make you understand Why ‘Content is King’? Imagine you are a resident...

Content is king

Allow us to take you through an imaginary situation and make you understand Why ‘Content is King’? Imagine you are a resident of a country which has no governing body to check for the activities or the development of the State. What would happen?

The Chaotic situation would occur wherein the people wouldn’t know where to head and the flow of all the activities shall stand to be meaningless.

Now, can you relate the same situation to the world of Information & Technology?

Here, the governing body is the Content.

UGH! We are talking about content but before we dive deep, let us understand what content is.

What is Content?

Content is both information and communication. In general terms, content is any text document or any publication.

It involves well-drafted information and experiences for the end-users i.e. the readers to read.

Whether you like it or not, Content will always remain the king.

Here’s why.

  • Content fosters engagement:

Every single day, millions of content are published on the internet worldwide. You, as an end-user, come across many of them in a day and read such content which you find relevant and useful.

Social media posts, blog posts, and website content all aim to encourage interaction and engagement. It gives you the scope to promote your goods and services on the biggest platform.

Content brings engagement. Mind you, your content should be good enough to give the readers a reason to read, watch or listen further.

Your readers shall fall in love with your services post reading your content for they will come to know what you are aiming to convey and promote.

You can easily gain an edge over others in the era of cut-throat competition with your unique and engaging content.

  • SEO’s driving force:

SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization is mainly driven by quality content. No quality content? Forget high search rankings. If your content is of the highest quality and your Onpage and Offpage SEO efforts are excellent; Google Bots will recognize it and then rank it accordingly in the search ranks.

If your content is being read and shared by many people, it will keep you pinned at the top of Google for your content has attracted readers who are reading, commenting and sharing it with others.

It is not only about the presence of the content on your website but also about the quality content.

Guest posting is another attractive way to get high-value links pointing back to your site.

Producing and then exploiting content for achieving the desired outcomes is the mantra for successful SEO.

  • Promotes loyalty amongst your audience:

Which content creator doesn’t wish to see the following progress?

Aiming to convert the visitor on your website into your loyal customer shall promote loyalty.  This leads to the formation of a loyal audience base who visits your website again and again for reading your content.

This audience can be converted into your buyer and then into a repetitive buyer. Giving your readers some quality and engaging content to read attracts more readers. 

Vague and complex content which is not easily understandable by the reader doesn’t fetch much attention and simply gets overpowered by other powerful content and is thus pushed back on the ranking list.

Creating the content as per your target audience gives you something to lean on in the long run.


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  • Content helps sell products and services:

Never forget the real aim of producing and publishing content for ultimately, you are here to sell your products and services. Through the medium of the content, you can promote and sell your product subtly without sounding sales.

Create content to entertain and engage your audience but at the same time, add a line here or there to tell about the services that you offer.

Re-direct the readers towards a link or add Call-To-Action button at the end of your content so that the readers can read more about your product and buy if they desire by paying for it on the spot.

Your content can either make or break the intent of your efforts and there’s no middle way. Producing and publishing such a content which makes the reader feels as if it’s being written for him can do wonders for you in the long-run.

High-value content holds a dominant place as it sells your products and services.

  • Quality content boosts website traffic:

Producing an average piece of content is equivalent to sheer wastage of time. You must have witnessed that whenever you produce engaging content in the form of blog posts or social media posts or videos and publish it on your website, you’ll be attracting traffic to your site.

Some may find your blog posts worth-reading while the others would keep replaying your videos.

But how does it help? When the number of visitors to the site increases, you would gain potential customers for your products and services. Rather, they would also keep coming back to you.

This way you are generating leads for your business. Never letting your loyal readers click the back button with your amazing content is the real power of a piece of content.

Valuable information that is being provided by your content will make the reader stay hooked to it.

  • Direct communication with the customer:

Crafting your content, in such a way that will make it seem like you are directly communicating with the audience, is the key to utilizing your content in the best possible manner.

Engage them, make them a part of your content and make them something solid to ponder.

Content which has a personal connection with the audience is always adored by the readers.

Creating and then promoting such a content which holds good value for the customers will always appreciate the worth of your business.

This will show your audience that you really care for them for they will feel that personal connection with your content.

  • Generates leads:

Lead generation is essential for every business. This is the factor when your content needs to play a pivotal role in generating leads for your business. Without it, you will definitely not make it to the last.

Quality content will simply attract leads and take your business to newer heights. Content is just like a puppet for it is up to you either to use it to the fullest as per your requirements or simply come up with a bad show.

And if you have leads, you are done with half the task. Produce quality content to boost your sales.

For that, you need to sit down and give it a thought. After strategizing, bring on the best in front of your readers.


‘Content is king’ will always remain static. Market your quality content in such a way that it makes you the leader in the industry by getting you the attraction that your business requires.

Written by Rajesh Arora
Mr. Rajesh Arora is a Digital Marketing Manager With an aim to maintain a coherent brand image for the clients, he knows how to use innovative and trending technologies to bring remarkable results for them. You can also reach him via his website.

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