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Copyscape Alternatives for Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a very serious issue, especially for online content. Google usually penalizes plagiarized content and ranks them very low. Another problem...

Copyscape Alternatives for Online Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a very serious issue, especially for online content. Google usually penalizes plagiarized content and ranks them very low. Another problem is that; at times, the plagiarized content ranks higher than the original content. As a result of this, it’s always best to be on the safe side by checking the originality of your work before publishing them online, especially if you source them out to freelancers. And the tool people use to check the unique content is Copyscape or a few more. But As we know Copyscape is not totally free so you can use a few Copyscape alternatives for checking plagiarism online.

Copyscape is a popular tool for checking the originality of a work. While the free version allows you to insert links to the text you want to check, the premium version offers even more by allowing for batch links and for you to simply copy the text and paste it into the search column.

This article is not meant to highlight the features of Copyscape, but to provide alternatives to it. This will help you to always maintain the originality of your work.

Some of those Copyscape alternatives include:

1. PlagScan

Copyscape Alternatives for Online Plagiarism Checker

This is an alternative plagiarism checker of Copyscape which many academicians and institutes use worldwide. It checks for copied work from a massive number of websites and journals. It gives results not just on plagiarized texts but also on potential plagiarism as well as possible references. PlagScan is a major asset in ensuring academic originality.

2. Dustball

Another great Copyscape alternate for professional writers is Dustball. This plagiarism checker does not have any unseen tricks, and you can easily access its services and tools in its free version. If you are a professional writer or you employ freelancers very often, Dustball is a wonderful alternative to Copyscape, in discovering copied work.

3. WhiteSmoke

Copyscape Alternatives for Online Plagiarism Checker

Now, this is a plagiarism checker with some distinctions. WhiteSmoke does all the things that Copyscape or any other plagiarism checker will do for you. It, however, goes one step further, just like Grammarly, WhiteSmoke also serves as a wonderful means for editing. It checks for both grammar and spelling errors in your work.  WhiteSmoke is a great tool to help prevent your website from getting penalized by Google, leading to a low ranking.

4. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a completely free and accessible plagiarism checker and many top essay writing services recommend Duplichecker as a viable alternative to Copyscape. All you need to do with Duplichecker is upload the document or the text itself in the search box and hit search. You can be assured that every single sentence and phrase will be checked.  For unregistered users, there are three free trials, to however gain unlimited access, you have to create an account.

5. Small SEO Tools

Copyscape Alternatives for Online Plagiarism Checker

Another one of the best Copyscape alternatives is Small SEO Tools. It is completely free and actually requires no sign-ups whatsoever. Many freelancers and professional writers love this tool because of the ease and the fact that it’s free. All you need to do is paste the content in the plagiarism checkbox, fill out the CAPTCHA that will appear, and wait. It searches and brings out your result after a short while. It’s important to note that it has a limit of 1000 words for a single search.

6. Plagiarism Detector

This is an interesting alternative to Copyscape. It allows for sentence by sentence checking for plagiarism, amongst other very remarkable features. It allows users to compare each of the sentences with similar ones on Google so that they can detect if their sentences are copied or adaptations from other sentences. Most of the features on the Plagiarism Detector are free and do not have any limit. However, there are some premium features that have limits and to fully access them, payment is necessary.

7. Plagiarisma

Copyscape Alternatives for Online Plagiarism Checker

Here’s another alternative plagiarism detector.  This particular checker supports over 180 languages, although it allows only three searches per day. The drawback with this checker is that it does not look for copied or plagiarized content on Google in its free version. To get a Google cross-checking on Plagiarisma, you will have to use the paid version. This also applies if you want to increase the limit for searches.

8. Quetext

Article writers and all kinds of writers generally love this plagiarism detector. In fact, editors at My assignments-help frequently use it as an excellent and more affordable alternative to Copyscape. Article Checker does not require that you register or subscribe and it produces trusted results in a matter of seconds. Another great feature of this checker is that you need not upload documents or links, you can simply copy and paste the text that you want to check.

9. CopyGator

This uses a completely different style to ensure your content remains original. CopyGator is best for blogs and websites that have RSS feeds. It simply monitors the feeds of your blog or website, and it notifies you if any of your content is duplicated online. It’s like a plagiarism alarm that notifies you that your content has just been copied and published online. To activate it, all you need to do is supply it with the RSS feeds of your website or the website you want to put under surveillance. Big Bang Dissertation team often uses it to check their work.


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Avoiding plagiarism while writing content.


The effect of plagiarism on any work ranges from penalties to embarrassment and disappointment, at various levels. It is therefore very prudent to always check for the originality of contents you intend to publish. While Copyscape has been a great resource over the years, if for any reason, you can’t make use of it, this article has shown that there is a ton of other tools waiting out there. Next time you want to check for content originality and Copyscape is not within your reach, you know what to do!


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    Plagiarism is no doubt a great evil prevailing in writing, especially it’s great in online writings.
    It is no doubt a serious issue to deal with to escape from different kinds of penalties.
    The alternatives to Copyscape is really worth using as Copyscape’s rates are on a bit higher side.
    Among all the tools mentioned I know only Small SEO Tools. Infact this is the one I use ofte.
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