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Grammarly Premium For Free Without Any Grammarly Coupons

There may be many grammar-checking tools available, but Grammarly is one of the best and the most used tools for checking the...

grammarly premium for free

There may be many grammar-checking tools available, but Grammarly is one of the best and the most used tools for checking the Grammar of your content. And Today In this Post I will be telling you that how you can get the Grammarly Premium for free. I have been using the Grammarly premium version for the last three months to edit my essay. And I will be telling you the secret in this post of how you can get the Grammarly premium version for free.

Why Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is one of the best tools used to check grammatical as well as spelling mistakes while writing quality content. Almost all Professional bloggers are using Grammarly to avoid spelling as well as grammatical errors.

And More importantly, it can be used for free also. If your grammar is good, then I will recommend you to use the basic free version of Grammarly. It is one of the best free proofreading tools.

grammarly coupons

It helps to understand the grammatical mistakes of a person and Fix them. I would say that Grammarly is helping millions of bloggers and content writers to write error-free content which in return is ranked well in the Google SERPs. You would have read that Google ranks content that is grammatically correct and perfectly SEO optimized. Surely Writing content with proper grammar is one of the major factors. I will suggest you read about the Google Artificial Intelligence system (RankBrain).

Platforms Where we can use Grammarly Apps?

It is an amazing app that can be easily used with your browser. If you are a big fan of the Google Chrome browser, then it is the best Extension that can be used to check grammar for all the things with which you work on your Browser. It is going to help while making your Emails and commenting on the other blogs and mainly it is one of the things to be done before hitting the publish button for your post you can check the grammar and Spelling mistakes.

grammarly codes

Grammarly also provides an application For your Windows computer. You can see the above image for the same. That means if you are writing content on your Microsoft Office Word file, it will help you to get rid of the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors there.

Here is the list of Platforms where Grammarly can be used:

  • Multiple Browsers
  • Android phone
  • IOS phones,
  • In Microsoft Windows
  • In Microsoft Word

I must tell you that from the day I started using Grammarly, My results have boosted up and Even there is a huge bump in my Online Income.

What are its Pro features?

Grammarly’s premium features are far better than their basic version. The Basic version of Grammarly has some limitations Whereas the premium version is amazingly good. The Premium features include:

1. Spelling mistakes

2. Passive invoice Checking

3. Checking of the first letter of universal Words like Lord, God, and related to it.

4. And many More Features.

How exactly can you get the Grammarly premium for free?

It is not a big deal to get Grammarly premium for free. It is a simple method. I am following the same and will be suggesting to you the same.

What you only have to do is to follow the Grammarly referral program. You can see the below image for the same.

how to grammarly premium for free
grammerly premium codes

Grammarly has ended the referral program for me after one year but you can get your one-week Grammarly premium for free for the invite you send to your friends. You just need to create an account with Grammarly and install the extension on your Google Chrome browser, and in a few minutes, you will be getting the Grammarly premium version for free. You will not need any Grammarly Coupons or Grammarly codes to do that.

The Person just has to invite the people to your contact list simply, and Once they accept your request to use Grammarly, you will be getting Grammarly for free.

Try Grammarly Premium for a week for free

If one of the friends accepts an invitation from your friend list that means you and your friend will be getting one week of Premium version of Grammarly for free.

Get Grammarly Premium By Paying

If you do not have enough friends or are not willing to follow the above steps, then you can Upgrade Grammarly Premium. Sometimes, your friends may ignore your request which will end up with the normal Grammarly usage for you, but the best thing is that you can upgrade it by paying a small fee.

how to trick grammerly

You can see the difference between Normal Grammarly and Premium Grammarly in the Below Image. 

Also if you are going to pay for a year then it may cost you almost $140 USD which is not a huge amount to pay.

grammarly premium for free

So if the above things are not working for you or you know that it is not going to work for you or you are too busy to do the above things.

Then you should go for  Grammarly Premium.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

54 Replies to “Grammarly Premium For Free Without Any Grammarly Coupons”

  1. Hi
    I am using Grammarly free version for the past one year.
    As a blogger and freelance writer, I use this free tool
    soon I will try out the paid version of this app
    so I will buy using this link
    even now Grammarly is correcting by grammar mistakes now and then
    also, make a detailed review of Grammarly pro version which will be helpful for everyone

  2. Hi Robin,

    such a great share , Grammarly is the perfect tool for writing a articles.
    As being a blogger I always prefer to use Grammarly while writing the articles. Grammarly premium is worth buying.

  3. Hey Robin,
    I’m just using the Grammarly Free Version and it’s doing my best for me. In case I wanted to purchase the Premium Grammarly Plan, I’d definitely give a try to this coupon code you have shared.

  4. Grammarly is the perfect tool for writing stuff.
    As being a blogger I always prefer to use Grammarly while writing the articles. Grammarly premium is worth buying.

  5. Hello Robin,

    Thank you, buddy, for sharing with us such an amazing trick which makes it easy for us to use Grammarly Premium account for free with using any Coupons. I’ll definitely try out this spectacular method to use this tool for creating quality content.

    Many thanks for informative share once again 🙂

    Warm Regard’s


  6. Hi Robin,
    It’s a fantastic tool, and the technique you have shared is amazing. I will be using this technique to get Grammarly premium for Free.
    Thanks for the share.

  7. Hey Robin, there is no question Grammarly is the best tool to get over the grammar check and spell corrections.

    I have been using it from a long time before getting into Blogging for drafting emails and all stuff.
    Was using the free one, which do the job quite effeciently, but as mentioned in the article, if we can get the premium one by just following a trick, then why not. I will give it a go….
    Thanks for sharing..!

  8. Hey, Robin. Thanks for the great share. I was searching the trick to making free premium account of Grammarly and find you on Google. The trick is working fine my side. 🙂 God bless you. 🙂

  9. Grammarly is world’s best grammar checker tool and you shared a easiest way to get grammarly premium account for free. Thanks a lot mate for writing this awesome and working trick. 🙂 Enjoy mate!

  10. Hi Robin,
    I have sent an invitation to my all Gmail friends. They have shown a message that your invitation was sent successfully but there is nothing happening. What should I do now?
    Thanks for sharing such an important article.
    Salauddin Bepari.

    1. Hi Salahuddin,
      if they are not accepting your request then you won’t be able to get one free Grammarly but In the beginning, I faced the same issue, and at the end now I am having like four weeks free Grammarly Premium because many of the friends like accepted this.
      I will suggest you to keep trying and also tell your friendly verbally about this, and they might not ignore it.
      Thanks for being here.
      Keep visiting.

  11. Robin ,
    I completely agree with every point that you have made in this post. I absolutely believe Grammarly is an amazing tool which adds lots of value to any blogger who wants to fine tune his writing skills. I recommend it and use it too! Thanks for covering the subject wonderfully!

  12. I am actually very poor in english…till now i was following all the grammer checking tools in MS office to write a good article without any grammer errror..but after reading this article i will surely look forward to use this tool which might help me in increasing the quality of my article and decreasing the grammer errors…Thanks robin for sharing this informative artilce..!!!

  13. That is great. I am using Grammarly Chrome Extension which is obviously free version and Grammarly is helping a lot to me. You can write carelessly (Spellings) because you know something is continuously monitoring you. Moreover, if you have learning nature, you can learn a lot from Grammarly.
    Gonna try this NOW.
    Thanks buddy for sharing

  14. Thanks for sharing this post Robin. Grammarly is the one of the best grammar checker tools. This tool will help to avoid mistakes and spellings.

  15. I guess every blogger must read this post. Being a blogger, I have been using Grammarly for so many years.The information about Grammarly was apparently given for the readers. Thank you so much for this fantastic article. I hope every blogger will get the benefit of your post.

  16. Grammarly is good for basic users and it was not a 100% error free checker because no automatic tool can check like a human and hence as far as i have observed Grammarly works fine for small small mistakes

  17. Hi Robin,

    You have nicely explained the features of Grammarly, I agree with your viewpoints. I’m using its premium version since 2015, and hence I would say that it is an awesome proof-reading tool that could enhance our writing skill.
    Its Plagiarism checker is great. As I’m getting the blog posts written by the writers for my other blogs, it helps me to find out the unoriginal content. Finally, I want to say that the Grammarly is a must blogging tool that every blogger should have. Thanks for writing its features.

  18. Hi,
    It is really necessary for every blogger to deliver the best and the best way is to make the writing error free. That is where we all can use this powerful tool.

    Thanks for sharing with us..

  19. Hi Robin,
    Grammarly is a great tool and every blogger should use it.
    People who speak English as a second language can learn
    a lot by using Grammarly and will improve the writing.
    Good, you have a solution how to get the premium version.
    This is very helpful and an easy way many can follow.
    Thank you

  20. Hi,
    I already got a pro Grammarly membership and I must say it’s one of the best (if not the best) Grammar checker available online. It not only helps get rid of grammar mistakes, but also helps improve our articles by suggesting alternate words which we fail to think of ourselves. That’s something that I like a lot about Grammarly!

  21. Hey Robin,

    For people with English as the second language, it is essential to use some tools to find the grammatical errors in articles so that writing can be error-free. From my opinion, Inefficiency in English grammar is affecting our success in speaking, reading and writing more than we might realize and Grammarly tool is best to fix such problems.

    Its pro features really sounds amazing and it has high potential to solve almost any problems related to english grammar, spellings and many more. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  22. Hi Robin,

    I must say this is quite an easy trick for a blogger to get life long free grammarly premium benefits. I have been using grammarly from long time and it is really effective to find out errors and improve blog writing skills.

    It is really necessary for every blogger to deliver the best and the best way is to make the writing error free. That is where we all can use this powerful tool.

    Thanks for sharing the tip.

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