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Websites like eBay To Try in 2024

eBay is a very popular platform for buying and selling goods. It is one of the most popular and largest eCommerce platforms...

eBay is a very popular platform for buying and selling goods. It is one of the most popular and largest eCommerce platforms worldwide. It turned many small sellers into powerful sellers and made their businesses profitable. However, eBay has many disadvantages. That’s why we are finding the best alternatives for eBay and in this article, we are going to tell you the best Websites like eBay.

Need to find an eBay alternative

Undoubtedly eBay is one of the biggest platforms in the eCommerce business, but eBay has some disadvantages.

High Fees and costs

When you are working with eBay or want to work with eBay, firstly, you need to know about the fees and costs of eBay. When you list any product on eBay, you have to pay the fees for listing the product. The fees include a layout for your product, subtitles, and photos of your product. These fees and extra costs will lower the profit of the people.

Less Flexible 

The policies of eBay are less flexible than any other eCommerce platform. When listing any product, you must follow eBay’s policies and guidelines. There is also a limit on keywords. You can only use some specific keywords on your product listing. It is also the main problem why we are looking for an alternative.

Best eBay alternative websites – Websites like eBay.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a popular eCommerce platform with an extensive customer base. Amazon mainly focuses on its buyers. If you plan to list your products on Amazon, you can list your products free of cost. You have to give 1$ per item sold on Amazon. Amazon is generally famous for its large and massive customer base. In listing charges, eBay takes listing fees from their sellers and commissions each item sold, while on Amazon, you don’t have to pay any fees for listing your product.

Websites like eBay

Advantages of Amazon

  • Amazon has a huge and wide customer base
  • You can list your products for free
  • Best choice to list your products

Disadvantages of Amazon

  • Competition with Amazon’s products
  • High competition

2. Etsy

If you are planning and want to sell your vintage items online, you can list your products on the Etsy marketplace. Products like handmade items, craft items, etc. It is a very safe website and very popular for selling your products.

Etsy is the top choice for people to sell and buy products. Etsy was developed and started in 2005 for creative people to sell and buy things. It is similar to eBay. They also charge listing fees on eBay for up to 30 days, but on Etsy, you can list your product for 120 days. Etsy charges only a 0.20$ fee per item and a fixed commission of 3.5%. It makes Etsy very cheaper than eBay.

Websites like eBay

Advantages of Etsy

  • Best platform for buying and selling vintages items
  • You can list your products for 120 days
  • They charge only 0.20$ fee per item

Disadvantages of Etsy

  • Not has an extensive customer base
  • Only niche-specific market

3. Bonanza

Bonanza is not very popular as eBay because Bonanza is new to the eCommerce business. The website has a very good rating. It is ranked at the top when it comes to seller choice. Bonanza does not charge any listing fees but collects a commission. And the website charges 3.5% on the 500$ sale amount. Bonanza gives you a greater percentage of your sales. Bonanza is a very popular website, and you can list your products for free because Bonanza does not charge any listing fees.

Advantages of Bonanza

  • Wide range of products
  • Free listing of products

Disadvantages of Bonanza

  • Low customer base
  • Best for unique items

4. eBid

eBid is similar to eBay, has a huge customer base, and is a very popular website for buying and selling products. However, if you want a cheaper website to list your products, you can go with this website. Starting on eBid, you can start for free and with a low commission. eBid has a wide range of items. You can also pay your commission one time instead of paying it every time. eBid is a very good alternative to eBay, and you can go with this website if you are looking for a low-cost website.

ebay like websites

Advantages of eBid

  • Listing items on eBid is free
  • Low commission fees
  • Very popular for low-cost services

Disadvantages of eBid

  • Low reach 

5. eCrater

It comes in the list of one of the best online buying and selling platforms because this website is 100% free. You can sell your products without paying any fee on the eCrater website. There are also several types of templates from which you can make a free online store. It also offers you to shift your products from eBay to eCrater. You can build your store on eCrater free of cost. Only you have to pay 2.9% of the item.

Advantages of eCrater

  • 100% free to create an online store and sell your products
  • Free templates to create your online store
  • Only 2.9% of fees are charges

Disadvantages of eCrater

  • You have to spend a lot of time 
  • And you have to drive traffic to your store

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is new to the eCommerce business. Still, we can’t ignore it because Facebook is the most popular social networking app and has more than 2 billion users worldwide. And for the community of Facebook, you can build your store on the Facebook marketplace, and Facebook does not charge any fees. It is easy to list your items on the Facebook marketplace and sell them. But on the Facebook marketplace, you don’t get the same protection as eBay and scam offers. Ignoring the downsides, you can go with the Facebook marketplace.

Advantages of Facebook Marketplace

  • It is free to use
  • Used by the regular community on the Facebook

Disadvantages of Facebook eCommerce Marketplace

  • Less protection than eBay
  • You will get some scamming offers

7. Newegg

Suppose you are looking for the best online eCommerce platforms. On everything you can list, then you can use Newegg. It comes on no1 for tech products. From computers to smartphones, all electronic items are covered on this website. This website is California based and has many distribution factories across the world. It operates in more than 50 countries. It provides many services to its users, such as monthly and annually. They offer different memberships. The higher the membership more products you can list. But you have to pay the commission. 

It also provides you with a guide from which you can also get more traffic to your website.

Websites like eBay

Advantages of Newegg

  • It provides service in more than 50 countries
  • Several membership options 

Disadvantages of Newegg

  • On this website, you can get mostly tech products

8. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane’s website is developed to buy and sell vintage items, jewelry items, and many other unique articles. This website is very popular for these types of unique items. Ruby Lane is a niche-based marketplace that is only popular for these types of unique items. Ruby Lane is mostly used in the countries like Canada, Australia, etc. They do not charge any commission, and you only have to pay the 0.20$ listing price per item. The cost of using the Ruby Lane website is very high, but if you need a trusted marketplace, you can use the Ruby Lane website.

website like ebay

Advantages of Ruby Lane

  • A niche-based marketplace
  • Global reach on unique items

Disadvantages of Ruby Lane

  • Ruby Lane costs very high to use

9. Walmart

Walmart is known for its vast reach and heavy and big customer base. Walmart is the best alternative for eBay. It is used worldwide and is popular in many countries. Walmart is also in the eCommerce business and is becoming popular because of its vast reach and huge customer base. Walmart is partnered with the Shopify website, which means that if you have a store on Shopify, you can directly sell your products to Walmart. It is the best website if you want a new online platform to buy and sell your things.

ebay like websites

It is free for everyone and easy to use website. You can sell your products at Walmart for free, and only you need to pay the fees for successful sales. Walmart offers a fixed listing of every item. Looking towards all the advantages, Walmart looks good to start your business online.

Advantages of the Walmart platform

  • Free and easy-to-use website
  • No fees are charged on set-up

Disadvantages of Walmart

  • You have to compete with Walmart-owned products
  • A low number of sales

10. Wish

Wish is also very popular and mostly focuses on making it easier for buyers and sellers to buy and sell their things. You can also place orders for buying and selling using the Wish mobile application. Wish becomes a common choice for mobile users to buy and sell their things. 

ebay like website

According to the platform’s reports, hundreds of users spend more than 30 minutes on their wish eCommerce platform. Most people use the Wish mobile app because of its ease. Wish becomes an excellent option for sellers to sell unbranded items and is also free to use. They don’t charge any fees for monthly or annual uses. You only have to give the commission to Wish only when you make any sales. If you plan to start selling your items online, wish is the best choice.

Advantages of Wish

  • Very convenient to use 
  • Free to list your products online

Disadvantages of Wish

  • After the successful delivery of the product, you can get your payments but payments can take up to 180 days
  • This eCommerce platform is good but not the best place to sell the high-priced items


I hope that this article is helpful for you, and there is a list of the best website like eBay. Don’t just stick with one website, Give other websites and chance and explore.


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