SEO 2024: How To Create Effective Backlinks?

Create Effective Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that your website receives from other high authority, third-party websites. While there are over 200 methods in ensuring proper SEO, creating backlinks is one of the principal factors that pave the way for your website’s higher rankings.

When Google crawls your website, it, in particular, looks for your website’s backlinks to understand how and in what ways are your pages connected. Because the quality of backlinks determines the type of traffic your website receives, creating a solid backlinking profile should have your undivided attention.

5 Result Driven Backlinking Strategies

In this article, we will have a close look at the top five backlink strategies that you must incorporate into your SEO and online marketing plans.

Here is everything you need to know –

  1. Build Internal Links
  2. Post Guest Articles
  3. Backlinks Via Infographics
  4. The Broken-link Method
  5. Observe Your Competitors

Let’s see each of the above mentioned in detail.

1. Build Internal Links

If you have a new website, this is the first thing that you must ensure before stepping into the backlink game. Every page on your website must be appropriately linked to each other to provide a good internal structure. This way, your website visitors can easily explore and navigate through your website, enhancing the overall user engagement.

Even though there are many tools that you can use to build a good internal link structure, the best way is always to do this manually.

Tip: Limit your number of internal links per page below 100. This will positively impact your website’s usability and SEO.

2. Post Guest Articles

It is one of the best ways to reach new like-minded audiences. By posting your articles on other popular websites and forums, you will receive new readers and win more exposure. Posting guest articles is a win-win solution. This is because, even if you fail to receive backlinks via your guest articles, it will enhance your overall online reputation and maybe give you a rise in social media followers.

There are a plethora of ways for finding websites that accept guest postings.

Here is a way to find guest contributors through a search engine –

  • Your keyword + become a contributor
  • Your keyword + become an author
  • Your keyword + guest post by
  • Your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • Your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines

3. Backlinks Via Infographics

Infographics are visually appealing bits of information that attract more views and engagements than the generic blogs and articles. They are instrumental because they are easy to understand and share.

Why? Because everyone loves visually rich data and statistics.

Consider building a backlinks strategy using infographics. However, be careful of how you create your infographics. They should not be generic, or they will be lost in the crowd. Make sure that your infographics convey a compelling message – something that your audience would want to read.

4. The Broken-Link Method

This is probably the quickest way to receive a backlink and establish a good relationship with the other website owner in the process. This strategy involves finding and contacting website owners and webmasters, reporting any broken links on their website. Next, recommending your website as a suitable replacement for that broken link. The broken-link method is perceived as a favor that you do to the sites in your niche area, and thus are received with respect. Just because you report a broken link, it increases the chances of your website getting a link back from them.

To use this method, you first have to find them on the web. One effective way to do this is by using Google search queries –

  • Keywords inurl: links
  • Your keywords + resources
  • Your keyword + links

5. Observe Your Competitors

If you want to up your current search rankings, you must keep an eye on what your search competitors are doing to keep their websites afloat. Spy your competitor’s search engine and social media activities and look for what link building methods they use.

Follow them on social media, subscribe to their email newsletters, and create a Google alert for their brand name.

Use this – “”.

This will help you improve your link building game and better understand what methods work the best for your website.

Wrapping up

Having a solid backlink strategy in place is crucial to the success of your website’s SEO strategy. You can either execute the best SEO practices yourself, or you can hire the best SEO Company that helps you build a robust backlinking profile.



Suhani Sharma is a professional digital marketer, observing the advancements in the digital sphere for nearly two decades.

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    Well, the broken Back-link method works for me. You can even have backlinks from credible websites. Further, its good for both parties. You tell them about the broken links of their website. They can give you backlnks for it. Its a win-win situation. you can even use some SEO tool to locate broken links.