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An Initial Phase to Acknowledge: New Era of Digital Content Marketing

This new era belongs to the digital world as our life is getting surrounded by the electronic devices more and more. The...

New Era of Digital Content Marketing

This new era belongs to the digital world as our life is getting surrounded by the electronic devices more and more. The new strategies are being adopted for the digital content marketing by the content marketing services.

The voice telephony, internet access, and the tv are brought together in packages by the telecommunication consumers. Multiple products are bundled together and sold in the modern economy of the digital content marketing. Nowadays, wifi hotspot access, electricity, internet access and lots of other products and services like home security are bundled together and sold by the content marketing services.

We are familiar with the different combos and packages that we are offered at the restaurants and several other places. We are served three courses of a meal at a single price at some cafes and restaurants and also there are schemes offering a discount for the subsequent items purchased in a particular category of clothes. Similarly, the bundles are formed to sell the items in the new era of digital content marketing.

Bundling The Products

Consumers love the strategy of the packaging different products together and selling them in the form of bundles as it can help to buy the products at the lower price. It is in the own benefit of the consumer to buy the products in bundles as it earns a profit for them, they can buy the products at the same place, they don’t need to wander more in search of the products at different places and also the price will be less also.

The suppliers also benefit by keeping such bundled offers as they buy the products in wholesale from the market and they try to keep the price of the products low in the package so that more and more customers are attracted to the offer and come to buy it. Also, all the cost of producing an item is fixed and is paid whether a single or many customers subscribe to the channel, the marginal cost of supplying to the additional customer will be always zero.

So in the world of digital goods, it is always for the benefit of the content distributor to bundle the products together and sell them.

The Power of Social Media

The current trend going on in the world is to do marketing of the business on the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. so that the product can reach to as many people as possible and the sales will eventually rise with it.

The social platforms have a very strong capacity of getting more and more consumers for the products through sharing and this creates a chain of consumers ready to buy the product. Different consumers have different choices for the products and the social media takes utmost care to serve them those products only which they like and removes those which they dislike.

The good point is that the consumers are recommended only the products which they have a penchant for by tracking their likes and dislikes on the platform and this helps to maintain a positive relationship with the customers. Also, the use of social media to learn the consumer behavior helped a lot for improving the brand development. It was more efficient than the traditional form of advertising.

There are many reasons for the social platforms being more influencing the customers than the traditional form of advertising in the digital content marketing. The influencer marketing, first of all, sees the preferences of the consumers, their likes and dislikes and properly tracked through observations for several months and then a proper story is created to set up the fan base.

The fan base is built up by knowing the exact requirements of the customers and serving them that only what they actually need. In this manner, a mutual trust is built up between the brand and the customers and is very much needed to become the king in the era of digital content marketing.

Another true potential of the social platform is seen when a social campaign is started by the company as it has the strong capacity to reach to millions of people within minutes and to reach out new markets that the company is unknown with. More and more advertising can get the company numerous amount of followers who are interested in knowing more about the products and services of the company. Earlier, it was difficult for the companies to reach to the target audience because at that time there was no choice but to use the traditional methods of advertising only.

Now, with the online platforms, the content marketing services can easily post the information about their products without any worry and it will reach to the mass audience within few minutes. The people who will be willing to buy the products will contact you and will take interest in knowing more information about the different products of the company and they won’t hesitate to share your contact to their friends and families eventually increasing your fan base more and more. It will be the responsibility of the company to maintain the trust of their products among the customers and also to maintain the quality of their products and services.

Some Tips For Small Businesses Regarding Influence Marketing are As Follows:

1. Consider Your Brand and Find The Right Influencer

It is important to know first of all where your company stands for and what message you want to pass on to the people before you go out and seek the influencer. It will be a bad step to engage with an influencer just because it has a higher number of followers.

You must see that after engaging with the influencer what image will it reflect for your company and how many extensions will your brand receive. Many companies have said that it is the most challenging task to find the right influencer for the company. It is always good to find the influencer in the same industry as you do as the communication gets easy and target audience is reached easily.

2. It is Not All About Numbers

People do a mistake of thinking about numbers when they hear of social media influencers. It will be ideal to focus on the strategy the influencer will use to reach the target audience rather than focusing on the numbers.

The social influencer with good strategies for marketing must be the ideal choice rather than seeing its followers. The influencer within the same background should be chosen rather than choosing some different influencer from some different industry.

3. Engage With Your Influencer

One of the most important tip to gather huge mass audience is to engage with the influencer in the perfect manner possible. Let the influencer use his expertise to wrap your message in a way that attracts the target customers. Give the permission to the influencer to be creative while building your brand. If some problems happen between the company and the influencer then try to solve them with patience and try to blend with the activities of the influencer by supporting them.

Thus, this was a complete overview of the new era of digital content marketing that is used in the current scenario in the world by the content marketing services of the different companies.


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Written by Harshal Shah
Harshal Shah has a countless experience as being a CEO of Elsner Technologies PVT. LTD: Content Marketing service that offers various web development services to the clients across the globe. Mr. Harshal is a huge tech enthusiastic person who has written major & genuine articles as well as blogs on motley topics relevant to various CMS platforms. This can guide the readers to acknowledge new practices about web development and also they can learn new ideas to build & optimize a website online using multiple web development tools & techniques. Mail at sales@elsner.com

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  1. Digital marketing is gaining more and more popularity now. Do you think it will make traditional marketing outdated?

  2. Hey buddy, being grateful as you posted such a useful and informative post. These gonna help others for sure. I would like to save it. Thanks a lot for sharing your great thoughts. Keep posting, looking forward to more from you

  3. I’ve read many topics on this theme. And nowhere but here the significance of social media was described so clearly. I am accordant with you and believe that advertising is very effective in social networks. Because there are the interests of each person written and you can find out what they need at the moment, thereby using analyzing the social networks you can advertise your product directly to the target customers.

  4. Hi Harshal
    Glad to see you on Robin’s space. 🙂
    A well-written post with a lot of information to note.
    Yes, digital content marketing is an important area which we need to focus in the coming days, as you mentioned Social media can play an important role in this aspect. Its power is indeed unimaginable but unfortunately many just ignore this potential area.
    Thanks for sharing the various aspects and the need of having a better relationship with the influencers. This another vital area content marketers need to concentrate in 2018 and beyond.
    Thanks, Robin for sharing the space with Harshal.
    Keep sharing.
    ~ Philip

  5. Hello Harshal and Robin,
    Well, very helpful article for the Digital Content Marketing. In the article, I found how the new era of content marketing with the different phase.
    Thanks for the article.

  6. Super point on numbers Harshal. Floors me how so many people focus on numbers and not human beings. Numbers never bought my eBook or hired me. Only people did. Only people do. Build 1 to 1 bonds on social and through your blog. You will succeed.

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