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E-junkie is e-commerce assistance for marketing your digital downloads and sell-books

E-Junkie is an extremely low-priced shopping cart service with all the tools and functionalities you may require. E-Junkie users can trade with...

E-Junkie is an extremely low-priced shopping cart service with all the tools and functionalities you may require. E-Junkie users can trade with both digital downloads and physical goods quickly. Set up is secure, and navigation is smooth and user-friendly. What makes E-Junkie outstanding is that all its transactions are done within the system. That means that they are much secured, especially for digital and downloadable products. The customers who buy virtual goods from a client’s-E-Junkie store provide a secure downloaded link that expires after a specific time. From this blog, you will learn ways of selling your eBooks through the use of E-junkie. 

Everyone who wants to sell online can use E-junkie to fetch all the fresh products up for sale in a matter of minutes. Simple this E-junkie platform buttons are a ready-made label or design, simple you can copy-paste HTML source code or make a link; Their standard shopping cart appears as an overlay. The shopping experience for possessed purchasers inside claimed to exist in site marking. E-junkie has the format of 27X7 support for sales tax, meaning there is more Percentage discount coupons, associate program, and inventories. If you are selling tangible items, you will benefit from the quick, configurable shipping and packaging calculator. Buyers receive direct gratification. 

They also receive the immediate pleasure they all expect. At the same time, all things maintain the buying of a digital product, as they can receive your way to chipping the cost to download instantly after payment completion. For vendors selling downloads, e-junkie mechanize as secure the advanced conveyance of possessed documents only as codes. You can use the GST system that is in the sales tax set up in paying your shopping cart. Besides, there is added VAT, via new packaging as well as Shipping cost live calculator.

Key Features for E-junkie

Digital Delivery

E-junkie sells all Documents source codes, generate some keys, and the software and a assemble of all. They have a quick way to verify each sale and send out-owned digital goods. They do it following the required steps of using the downloaded links before their expiry timeout.

Protection of the e-book

E-junkie ensures the stamp the purchaser’s name; email likewise exchanges ID in PDF downloads, which deters them from distributing it.

Shopping cart

Customized shopping can appear as an overlay within the owned site’s sales page. They fit the existing items. 

Item Lalsoing Page

They automatically make an SEO friendly item listing page consisting of a simple link, and one can connect to it irrespective of their location.

 Offline selling of the link downloads

E-junkie provides you with personal unique download source codes for every marketing digital downloads that allow you to sell them system offline. You can trade-in shops, fairs also displaying!

Discounts also Promo Codes

E-junkie makes store full. Make storewide or item-specific promotions, discount promo code, or some unique gift scratch cards. it has the best features of the best Shipping; smart packaging also cools holing.

How e-junkie works?

When you register for E-junkie, you start a free 30-day trial by then you can begin to remember items for claimed E-addict Seller Admin. For every question, there is an instant HTML code for claimed E-addict truck fastens purchase. You can utilize either of the two kinds of catch, considering possessed needs. Duplicate this catch code glue it into the possessed site. See E-junkie Tools Getting Started page for great directions.

A purchaser taps on claimed E-junkie buy button arrives at the checkout page, where they pay utilizing possessed picked installment processor. The Best installment escapes to processor notice to the E-junkie Platforms server. When they satisfy the payment, the E-addict Tools server checks the installment affirmation and screens for looking at the corrections.

After installment and the e-junkie group get to the purchaser and thanks to them. By site page where they present their one of a kind download interfaces so, they issue them a thank-by and by email with a connection to come to the download page if they did not continue checkout.

Benefits of e-junkie:

Buyers get a unique download link that is supposed to expire after a specific time. That means the owned digital products and goods are safer from disallowing or without authentication to a simple step by step downloads. The single purchased item is to E-junkie server. They offer seven days of a free trial. Thus, avoid making any payment to get started. PDF stamping to personalize the downloads is available. You can set up an affiliate program for owned products using e-Junkie.

E-junkie lets one add the shopping cart to owned blogs, eBay, or other websites to sell downloadable items. It is one of the most straightforward solutions for anyone to receive and get started. Once you have set up materials on E-junkie, place the buy now button or send direct links to the potential buyer.  

A guide to Selling on e-junkie


Head over to the E-Junkie site also clicks on “Start 1-week free trial now” at the bottom left of the page. Ensure to click on add your particular product from the dashboard of your e-junkie.

The next step is essential, as here personally will design settings for product download. Being that you are selling an eBook, ensure to choose a single file download. It will adjust depending on what you are selling. Therefore, ensure to describe your product name before clicking to the submit button on the next page.


From there, upload the eBook or any other digital download that you are selling. You will do this by merely displaying a simple screenshot that you are the best understanding of how useful it is as shown below:


On the same page, you can receive a Shopping cart button for owned products. You can receive various buttons, which you can use on an owned blog or other websites. The easier way is to buy new buttons, which allows the users to pay and download the eBook quickly.

E-Junkie is well-known amongst all the small business operators and individual entrepreneurs searching for practical and reasonably cheap shopping carts. Here are some of the advantages that E-Junkie provides through selling virtual and tangible products like MP3s, eBooks, software, artworks, and tickets. With e-junkie, you can Set up owned products, pick a plan later, without any transaction fee or limitation of the width. Only pay a flat monthly fee to get premium E-junkie tools. Ensure to use the shopping cart that is donating the buttons to accept payments for both digital and physical goods. Therefore, it is essential to set up prices and hidden transaction fees. It is possible to get anything that you want from online using E-junkie to fetch the entire renewed product up for sale within a short period.

Selling your products and digital downloads have been made extremely easy from your website, blog, eBay, Craigslist, social media sites in the likes of Google+ and Facebook. There is no exchange limit, no transfer speed limit, no arrangement expense, and no exchange charge. E-junkie accepts payments via multiple payment channels. An extra useful feature that e-Junkie offers is to run an affiliate program for owned products without any cost. For instance, you can create an account of this Affiliate program using this eBook. It provides you with their link, and in turn, you earn 80% of all sales. You can download an eBook cover image that you can use with owned affiliate promotion articles.


If you want to advance in selling and marketing an e-book for on the web, meet e-Junkie and figure out how best to Sell E-Books Online using the platform. Set Up an e-Book Affiliate Program. It oversees claimed computerized items, real item stock, dispatching figuring, shopping basket, and online shop in one spot. Sell on the possessed site, blog, or internet-based life. E-junkie review surveys express that it is the best internet business advertising stage.

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