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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs And Sites

Introduction to Affiliate marketing No doubt you want to make some extra cash with the help of affiliate marketing programs. And just...

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Introduction to Affiliate marketing

No doubt you want to make some extra cash with the help of affiliate marketing programs. And just in case your answer is yes then it is good to go option for you to carry on with the various affiliate programs on all kinds of networks out there.

It is believed that the majority of the affiliate marketing networks out there are going to ask to continue with all the major affiliate network programs as it is important to make the right decisions when it comes to affiliate marketing those specific products. Although the use of numerous affiliate programs completely relies on the demand and ability of a blogger but luckily there are a handful of some programs which do not need affiliate support and work tremendously by offering the maximum offering and returns to the market for promoting the products.

In this highly detailed article, we will just hover over some of the most trending and highly recommended affiliate websites and programs that you should join effective immediately to make some extra cash. It is worth when acknowledging such websites that act as a perfect handout.

So let’s begin with it:

List of Affiliate marketing programs with Websites

The most renowned affiliate programs to go with

Initially let’s take a closer look at some of the most legitimate affiliate websites and program networks. An affiliate network or program is designed with a plethora of hundreds and thousands of products and services one can opt to promote.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is deemed to be one of the greatest virtual brands for shopping and has a wide range of goods and services. That being acknowledged Amazon is nothing less than a treasure for the affiliate marketing individuals who have come across the best products which could be sold at a good enough price to make a fortune out of it. Getting approved and signing up for the program of affiliate is a pretty simple process to get over. The majority of the affiliate players are the ones who make do with just one program or network depending on the network and make good enough commission share which has dropped down to a substantially low level in the past few years and has made the affiliate program very much difficult for all affiliate marketer to stash some money from it. Although, the affiliate program from Amazon still stands as one of the most reliable and preferable affiliate programs to sign up.

2. ShareASale

One of the most senior-most and trusted affiliate programs among all the networks which have been in the market for over 2 decades as there are dozens of other goods and services which can be promoted and advertised with the help of this platform by simply joining the ShareASale. There are dozens of other options with which a product can be promoted. All kinds of major merchants make use of smart tools such as banners, text links, deals, coupons, deals, and banners to offer a great handout for product promotion. The platform has over 4000 merchants spread in an expanse of nearly all major products and services. Hence if you wish to promote products belonging to kitchenware then ShareASale has got you covered. All major highlights of the products so as to update in real-time which one is trending and which one is not. The platform offers a direct bank account transfer at the end of the month.

3. Ysense

A great and most trusted affiliate program which has some ideal products and services which could be promoted. For example, an affiliate can advertise Shutterstock with a platform named Ysense. Hence opting for an affiliate program with Impact is a great and very easy process to get enrolled with. Once done with the enrollment one can go ahead with the promotion of the goods and services available for selling. On the other hand, the best thing is that you will get an option to make a choice when you wish to receive the amount as reimbursement for the promotions. A handful of the highlights are offered as tag manager, inbound call tracer, mobile tracker, and partner manager.

4. CJ

This stands as one of the most trustworthy affiliate programs which were founded in 1999 and were earlier known as junction of commission. Great affiliate programs that were developed and founded by the establishers were designed in such a manner that it benefits the seller. Along with it comes packed a bundle of features such as cookie-free browsing, monetization package, affiliate customization, and much more to count on. The platform has more than 3800 promoters available worldwide. People can opt for promoting products easily with all parameters and perspectives. The lowest payout threshold from the company stands out to be 50 USD and can be redeemed whenever wanted through a bank transfer or cheque.

5. ClickBank

This website has been known to be one of the most ideal platforms for people who wish to go as promoters for various products. One can get enrolled and start promoting the products and services accredited from numerous markets in the least time available. The rate of commissions is mainly reliant on markets which can range between 10% to 80% which can help in grabbing a suitable profit for a promoter to keep going. Additionally, the platform comes bundled for the promoters with a dashboard which helps in understanding the stats in a single glance. Which will indirectly help a promoter to decide which products have helped him to generate more income in comparison with all other kinds of products and services he has been promoting so far. It is one of the most considerable options for the ones who have just started their affiliate journey.


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6. 2Checkout

Earlier was known by the name of Avangate, now stands as one of the most trusted and profitable affiliate programs in the sector but it does not fall short on the fact which is a great and superior program for marketers that do affiliate programs. Signing up is an easy process on 2checkout and it will offer some of the coolest features that an affiliate promoter may be getting at present in the market. Hence getting complete access to all the highly classified information as insights into the performance. On the platform, there are more than 25,000 software products that are listed on the list to advertise on 2checkout. So just in case if you are aware of any good enough software products which you wish to promote then this is a great platform that can help you do the needful.

7. WarriorPlus

This amazing affiliate program as a website has been in existence for over a decade and since its inception has been a quite popular platform to promote and earn a decent amount of income. Additionally, an option is available for hovering through the most and quickest selling products and services available on the web that could be promoted. The enrollment of the affiliate program is very easy as it takes only a minute and offers the option to come across the trending products very quickly with the least hassle. The payments done from this platform are easy and can be done only via Stripe or PayPal. Overall is a pretty decent platform that has evolved the hectic process into a simple one whereas the amount for being an affiliate at this juncture is quite massive.


The availability for the latest and most trending products being listed here on this platform makes it a much preferable option for the new affiliate marketers to stash out a good amount from it. On the other hand, finding the products which the people are talking about and wish to purchase it are listed on top of the webpage hence making it a pretty easy option to come across the best products while not wasting a second doing research on which products should be opted for marketing the product on an affix basis. There are enough testimonials on the site which showcase the effectiveness and ability of the best platform to pay and help affiliates with their efforts in selling the products. Here a blogger is free to make use of any kind of promotional technique to sell off the products. It can be done via a website, a social media page, email marketing, blogging, and so on. The ability to check the real-time reports with the interactive dashboard which keeps a track of almost every activity of the affiliate marketer on the platform. So best is to reach out earlier, pick the best and promote it way before someone else grabs the opportunity to do so.

A very powerful yet one of the robust affiliate programs which lets you sign up so to make enough cash so that you don’t have to depend too much on the primary source of income to manage your expenses. The site is already flooded with over 89,000 merchants and counting. The best highlight is that this site hosts interactive, intuitive, and self-learning dashboards that keep an insight of all activities without needing a marketer to sit down and analyze everything right from scratch. Another great feature the VigLink is that it can help you with the latest list of what’s in the trend and get going with the one an affiliate finds himself suitable with. Hence making it easier to come across the best products that sell fast and helps you make money out of it faster.

10. Rakuten Linkshare

Yet another great affiliate market program to join and make money which successfully nominates itself to be standing among the top 20 companies in the sector. A competition is conducted among the 100 million partnering channels which support and promote the wide range of products which need a great and more supportive backing to form the affiliate marketing individuals who could advertise the products on their choice of platform, the only ask is to promote and sell-off, and by going so it has been ranked among the top 3 affiliate programs to go with. This is a Japanese-based organization that has lead the way for new generation markers in the disguise of affiliate marketing. The program also provides several options for the ones which may successfully draw the attention of developers and bloggers. One just needs to apply for the products needed to begin with later on everything works on its own automatically. After the approval is accepted and acknowledged a marketer can begin to market the products. The only backdrop is that there will be tons of ads in the process. The approval is indeed required from the platform for promoting. Believed to be one of the most trustworthy affiliate programs ever introduced to the online world, on the other hand, the partners and the bloggers are the ones to be one of the most beneficial of all. As the numerous advantages and perks are seamless that one can probably enlist about the affiliate program being conducted on this site. It allows a P2p model to be effective when the promotion is being done. Payments are majorly done in cheques which can be encashed easily as per comfort.

11. StudioPress

A trusted name in the dominion of affiliate marketing that offers some of the legit theme ideals for all kinds of sites. The themes offered are blazing fast and are super responsive which makes them very much renowned among WordPress users. On the other hand, the affiliate marketer has to just spread a good word about the specific theme which can help to make a good amount of money. As the remuneration offered is 30% of the total purchase amount. This company produces some of the most reliable links and promos thus making the promotion process much easier and get a good share as compensation for promoting the said themes.

12. Envato Market

Another reputed affiliate program in the website theme niche is the Envato market. Known for the flawless range of goods and services offered by Evanto. On the other hand, one of the best offers by the company is that it allows the users to pick from 45,000 themes that could be promoted. Doing a promotional job is simply rewarding in itself. Setting it all up is easy and could be done with promo and commercials for the desired products and desired.  Simply one needs to promote the products on their social media pages and all kinds of promotional mediums that could be used to advertise the product.

13. SiteGround

Known for making some of the best themes available and web hosting which is comparatively better than those which come preinstalled on the website. And now with the help of online promotions can do a lot more than what one can prefer of doing, The highest themes available in the market. Whereas the commission rates offered are great and too high to resist. Additionally, the site offers an interactive dashboard that offers insights for its users and those affiliate marketers. The dashboard had all kinds of tabs such as promoted books, in-promotion books, sold, in a queue, etc.

14. A2Hosting

The A2 Hosting is a dependable and trustworthy site that gives vivid hosting answers like hosting on a share basis, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, focused hosting, and so on. The site is better known as a solution provider that is having 99.99% uptime SLA and fair pricing. So making it a prime preference over all other alike in the market. Every sale offered and completed can give an affiliate up to USD 150. Similar to Siteground, the rates of commission can shoot up like anything as you bring in more sales flow. Also, the affiliate program by this site has an instant stat page along with an interactive admin panel and ninety days cookie life.

15. Bluehost

Deemed as one of the most renowned web hosting solution providers and is present in the market while offering the best services in coordination with WordPress. The affiliate program on this site is said to be the highest as it gives USD 70 per sale and is free to join and have a personal manager for getting the promotion and advertisement stuff so to offer help at the beginning of the affiliate marketer journey on this site.


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Final Words

The above-mentioned was one of the most promising affiliate marketing sites which can help in making a decent amount of money. It is up to you now which one you want to go with. Picking the best and most legitimate program for becoming an affiliate is very crucial as there are hundreds and thousands of alternatives to affiliate marketing on the internet. In total there are dozens of affiliate marketing sites which the networks offer you to join the affiliate marketing program and picking the best is definitely for sure going to give you a competitive edge over all other options available in the market and networks.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. Hello Robin,
    Nice post! This post is having tons of new choices for all affiliate marketers to make money online. The first three programs that you have above stated is having a good reputation and highly recommended. Will experience the other programs.
    Thanks for inspiring 🙂

  2. Hi Robin,
    Glad to see the list of affiliate marketing programs in your blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. I tried Clickbank, Shareasale and Amazon from your list so far. I am planning to use more programs soon.
    Thanks for the great share. Have a great time blogging and networking.
    Keep Safe

  3. Hello Robin,
    Great post. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. It is my primary way to monetize my blog. Affiliate marketing works almost in every niche and helps you to generate residual income by recommending products and services. These are some of the best affiliate programs you have listed here.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

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