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6 Factors to Consider Before Initiating a Dropshipping Business — Learn Before you Start

Building a successful dropshipping business requires dedication and long-term commitment. If you want to generate more profit, it’s important to have the...

Initiating a Dropshipping Business

Building a successful dropshipping business requires dedication and long-term commitment. If you want to generate more profit, it’s important to have the right business plan and strategy. More than 90 % of drop shippers fail to achieve the business targets for selecting the wrong niche.

Most drop shipping businesses face loss for using the wrong platform to sell their products. By choosing the right online market channel, you can sell a high volume of dropshipping products. Do you know how you can boost sales? Use any platforms that will be beneficial in the long run.

Over the years, dropshipping has become one of the fundamental business models. And, the new entrepreneurs are more into dropshipping, as it involves less capital investment. In dropshipping, individuals can run the retail store without producing/stocking inventories. All you need to do is connect with the e-commerce platform that operates a dropshipping model.

These e-commerce sites will sell the products to a third-party supplier or manufacturer. With this business model, entrepreneurs can reduce operational costs. Alongside, you can save a lot of time and effort on handling the business operations.

But like the other ventures in the dropshipping business, there is fierce competition going on. To stand out from the rest, you have to focus on a few aspects. So, if you haven’t yet started the dropshipping business, consider following the below-mentioned things.

1. Opt for the Right Kind of Dropshipping Product

You might hinder business growth by choosing incorrect dropshipping products. In this business model, the entrepreneurs don’t have to take up the hassle of storing and shipping products. But, that doesn’t mean you can drop-ship anything.

A wrong product choice might decrease the site’s conversion rate. Want to know which sort of dropshipping products can disappoint the clients? Here, we are providing the list of the products that you should never consider selling:

Fragile products

You must know that fragile products can get damaged. Avoid dealing with glass items, musical instruments, porcelain, marbles, tiles, and laboratory materials. It’s impossible to acknowledge how the delivery process is going to be. So, if you dropshipping in UAE, it’s recommended to not sell any of these products.

Technical Products

Buying computers, laptops, or smartphones from offline stores is more convenient. You can check whether these gadgets have any defective parts or if it is working properly. Nowadays, 65% of purchasers prefer buying technical goods from online stores. And, they expect to receive a functional device when they are purchasing products online.

During dropshipping, it’s impossible to determine whether the e-commerce stores are delivering high-quality products. So, it will be better if you avoid selling any technical products.

Copyrighted Products

Are you thinking of selling copyrighted products? Then, hold that thought! Because with the copyrighted materials, certain risk factors get attached. You might even get into serious legal problems for selling those products. As a result, the dropshipping business might face a major loss which will be hard to retrieve.

Large/Heavy Materials

Selling a large or heavy product can be nerve-wracking. Moreover, shipping heavy products can be even more difficult. Due to delivery complexities, the heavy-weight products can get broken. So, before adding any product to the store, make sure to check its size and weight.

This information will make the shipping process less daunting and easier. You have to also think about the right shipping options while dealing with substantial-sized products. So, avoid the potential challenges by going with the right kind of product.

2. Do Proper Research before Hiring the Suppliers

You might get plenty of product suppliers, but choosing the reliable one is important. Joining hands with untrustworthy suppliers can affect the dropshipping business. Some suppliers promise to provide high-quality products, but most of the time, they deceive the purchasers.

If you want to deliver well-priced and authentic goods, find the right supplier. But, do you know how to get the best one? Start with creating a list of criteria you want in a supplier. Go for a supplier who has extensive dropshipping capabilities and delivers goods on time.

Then, choose an authorized product supplier company after browsing through the internet. Don’t forget to check the ratings and reviews to acknowledge the company’s reputation. Think about the location where the goods will be delivered. That’s the major factor every drop-shipper should take into account.

3. Know about the Product’s Demand

Do you want to sell MP3 players or landline phones? Then, you should think about selling some other products. Because, after the technological revolution, these products have lost their significance. These days, nobody buys these sorts of products. So, for thriving in the global market, go for selling on-demand products.

Before choosing any product or niche, check its market value. Certain products like CBD oils are in high demand these days. Take the drop shipping business to the next level by selling trending products.

Some applications show whether the item is worth adding to the store. Provide the product name, and it will show you how many people are searching for it. You will be able to see in which location or time the product’s sale was high.

4. Think for a Unique Domain Name

By using an innovative domain name, you can establish credibility, professionalism, and authority. Owning an easy-to-memorize domain name ensures the customers most likely visit the site frequently. Moreover, for strengthening the company’s online presence, start with choosing the right domain name. Make sure to choose a domain name that depicts the type of products you deal with.

You might find “.co or .com ” at the end of most website domains. But, that’s not needed while creating a domain name. You can put the country’s name where you want to sell the products at the end. For instance, if your company is selling products in the UAE, add “.UAE”. This will help your customers to acknowledge in which locations your drop shipping services are available.

Also, keep the domain name short and simple. Make sure to contact an SEO executive for more recommendations. Once you decide on a domain name, start looking for a hosting company to build the dropshipping store.

5. Make the Drop-shipping Store SEO-Friendly

If you want to attract more people to the online store, make sure the site is SEO-friendly. Without it, the customers will struggle to find your dropshipping store. For this reason, even after selling high-quality products, you won’t be able to increase sales. To yield desirable results, it’s important to master the art of SEO. Use relevant product-related keyboards in the dropshipping websites. But, don’t craft the website with irrelevant keywords; that won’t help you generate traffic. Consider using the mixture of short and long-tail keyword phrases instead.

Make sure to use the right format (H1 for the article’s title and H2/H3 for subtitles) while adding content. Include well-structured, and understandable product descriptions to drive the customer’s interest. And, avoid adding lengthy product descriptions; nobody reads that. Don’t copy information from another online store to get more clients. You can share a blog to reveal project-related information, and this will boost the website’s trustworthiness.

6. Selecting Right Payment Gateway is Essential

You must have decided the type of product or the location where you want to deliver those. But, that’s not all! The drop shippers have to think about choosing a secure and reliable payment gateway. But, before adding any payment gateways, certain things need to be considered. Make sure the gateway is accessible to the customer and the supplier based on their country.

Different payment gateways charge different transaction fees. Choose the one that takes the lowest costs and has multi-currency support. Make sure the payment gateway contains preferable payment options. Some consumers use credit cards to buy their required products. So, make sure the gateways offer such facilities; it will help you to improve the customer’s convenience.

Potential Reasons Behind the Sudden Upsurge in Drop Shipping Businesses

Dropshipping businesses are easy to start and have lower levels of risks. Moreover, within a few clicks, the required products will be imported into your store. It takes a few seconds for the customer’s order to process. Further, dropshipping offers work flexibility, and for this reason, there are millions of drop-shippers across the globe.

Moreover, content marketing has positively affected the growth of the dropshipping business. This sort of business model allows entrepreneurs to sell products in 191 countries. That’s another reason why dropshipping companies are becoming popular day by day.

But, if you have recently started a dropshipping business, it might take time to reach the pinnacle. Don’t lose hope; that is not a solution. There will be little or no sales at the beginning of the business journey. To boost sales, make the website design, product pages, or images appealing.

If you still have a few sales, consider changing the delivery location. Because, if you are selling winter garments in a place where the temperature always remains high, that won’t work. So, be specific, take time to research for becoming a successful dropshipper.


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