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5 tips to Boost Your Sales with Email Marketing

Email Marketing tips are the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads. These also connecting to nurturing them and...

5 Email Marketing Tips Boost Your Sales

Email Marketing tips are the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads. These also connecting to nurturing them and turning them into paying customers.

More precisely, I would say it’s a way to connect with your loyal customers in a personalized way. This is what makes a big difference in this omnichannel marketing world.

That’s why it has the best return on investment than any other marketing channel. According to the DMA report, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which has a 3,800% ROI.

I think this is enough for every business owner to leverage this golden opportunity and boost their sales.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing where you send a commercial email message to a list of people. These people have signed up for your email marketing campaign.  In a nutshell, Email marketing is a process of sending emails to potential customers and turning them into paying customers. And retaining your loyal customer base through consistent emails.

Is Email Marketing Still an Effective Strategy?

Is Email Marketing Still an Effective Strategy?

Yes, it’s still an effective strategy. But still, many people share the opinion that email marketing is no longer effective. These kinds of assumptions arise when the content of the email does not meet the interests of the recipients.

In email marketing, the odds of success decrease if you go without a well-planned strategy. These strategies include writing a persuasive copy of the email so that the recipients will show interest in reading it. and email must also have some call-to-actions to motivate people to click where they want.

 All of these email marketing strategies can leverage sales & generate new loyal customers and there. Also, if you have deep knowledge about the types of internet marketing strategies. It will be very beneficial when you are going to make a planned strategy for email marketing.

Email marketing aims to lead people to a company’s website. Email Marketing is also used to inform, drive sales, and build a community around your brand.

Due to the evolution of email marketing in recent years. Now we can easily personalize content within emails, and create highly segmented audiences.

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

Some entrepreneurs think email marketing is outdated. Because the use of  Email marketing has been started shortly after the birth of the Internet. But many other entrepreneurs believe that email marketing is a more effective method now than ever before. 

When you already have a business, but it doesn’t “sell†enough. If you want to keep your audience updated about something fresh & want increased engagement.

Then Email Marketing is the answer. Email Marketing can help you with all of this and can easily increase your business sales.

Let’s look into the data and see what does it says:-

According to this graph, 85% of U.S. retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customers winning tactics.

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

If still, you are not using this great strategy in your business. Then it is the right time you should include it and grow your business sales. So let’s talk about some major tips you should know to boost your sales with email marketing.

Top 5 Major Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

1. Always Keep Focus on the Entire Customer Journey

The first main strategy. You must keep in mind is that your emails should carry a message that looks more about building trust relationships rather than making a sale.

In this competitive world for sustained growth. You have to approach prospects in a more human and holistic way. I think this is the mantra for marketing in the 21st century.

Always Keep Focus on the Entire Customer Journey

When you will offer useful information and incentives in the email then you can easily create loyal customers and this finally leads to sales.

Your emails are a major part of building a brand as well.  If you send emails with content relevant to customer requirements, then the chances of your email being ignored or marked as spam will drop, and you’ll have an increased open rate.

A simple welcome email will be very effective when loyal customers are showing an interest in your brand because at the starting stage trying to make a sale can spoil the mood of your customers.

2. Always Reward Your Loyal Customers

Without loyal customers, the survival of any business will be very difficult. So, establishing a loyalty program is a great way to develop relationships with customers and you can achieve this by giving your customers discounts & offer points for future purchases.

You can easily drive back customers who have spent a certain amount on your products by giving them exclusive offers such as early access to sales, discounts, or special product bundles.

There is also a great idea to reward your loyal customers by offering them incentives on special occasions such as a birthday or the anniversary of your store.

3. Make Attractive Subject Line Which Inspires Customers to Open

As we all know boring headlines get ignored and moved to trash/bins, therefore the impact of the headline is a must. So, let me give you the technique to get the best headlines that will boost your sales eventually.

Make Attractive Subject Line Which Inspires Customers to Open

The technique is that you need to write lots of headlines, for every email you write you must have to come up with 15-20 subject line ideas.

It will be very difficult in the beginning but after some time your hard work will be more than worth it.

4. Get Personal

It’s obvious you can’t manually personalize all the emails you want to send.  To make your emails feel personal & successful you have to know about customer’s requirements, how they behave and what makes them happy. 

Get Personal

You must also need a way to collect data about them such as the date a customer signed up, a phone number, a conversion event, and more if you want to send highly targeted emails.

And by segmenting several groups based on customer interests, behavior, etc, so you can easily create more personal emails for your customers that will help your sales to grow at a uniform rate.

5. Never Ignore Abandoned Carts

The main reason to abandon carts is that customers get distracted or save the product for later shopping but never come back. 

Never Ignore Abandoned Carts

To overcome this major step you must set up an automatic email when a cart is abandoned to ask the customer why they did not proceed with the final order.

Always ask if they faced a problem so that in this way you can collect any objections which you can mark for optimization. You can also offer some discount coupons in your email to encourage customers to complete the transaction and when you can fix the issue of abandoned carts this will lead to a boost in your sales.

What Do I Need To Start Email Marketing?

A very basic requirement to start email marketing is “An email list†& “Email marketing software†to boost your sales.

An Email List

This list will contain the email addresses of interested subscribers who have opted-in to receive email communications from you.

An Email List

It means they agreed to receive emails from you when they entered their email address into an email signup form on your website, blog, social media, landing pages, or anywhere else.

This listing procedure helps to reach every customer very easily and you can show products according to their requirements.

Email Marketing Software

The important step is finding an efficient email marketing software to send and manage your email campaigns and email subscribers. 

Email Marketing Software

There are so many email marketing software’s available in the market few popular names are Hubspot, Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. 

To choose perfect software you must also be aware of your budget, the number of emails you want to send, how many are in your email list, and last but not least your skill level when it comes to designing an email.


I hope you enjoyed 5 Email Marketing Tips Boost Your Sales – Tricky Enoughreading the article. So here are some final thoughts about the key points that I discussed above, email marketing tips can help you to get the most profit out of your customers but the key to success is consistency and personalization

Always personalize your emails & keep the customer journey in mind. The more value your emails gives to your customers the better your relationship with them and all of this will create loyal customers & the secret recipe to boost your sales.

Written by Shiv Gupta
Shiv Gupta is a Marketing Manager at Incrementors which is a Web design and Development Company. I would love to share my thoughts on Digital Marketing tips.

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