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How to get a free SSL certificate? [Top 9 free SSL sites]

Security is an extremely important thing in a normal world. It becomes more significant when it comes to the digital world. Because...

[Top 9 free SSL sites]

Security is an extremely important thing in a normal world. It becomes more significant when it comes to the digital world. Because in the digital world there is lots of information regarding transaction data from one website to a user which is very essential for an individual not to be theft.

Therefore Google makes it an extremely major factor for a website in a digital society.

For doing this there is a thing that comes into the play that is called an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate refers to a secure sockets layer. It generates a secure link that encrypts the transformation of data from a website to a user [No one from outside can see your data].

Google takes care of the data of users. Therefore Google makes SSL certificates necessary for websites all over the world. Rather than Google shows it as spam or not secure.

Types of SSL certificate:

Types of SSL depend upon what type of security you want for your website. Here is the information regarding the types of SSL certificates.

Domain Validated (DV SSL) Certificates – This SSL is for websites, small businesses, etc. Who cannot share the sensitive information of one’s user? This is a low-cost SSL certificate as compared to the others.

Organization Validated (OV SSL) Certificates – Mainly OV SSL is for organizations. It shows the details regarding who is behind this site and about an organization. When a visitor clicks on the secure site seal( generally a green lock on the top of the address bar).

Extended Validated (EV) Certificates – It name itself indicates that it provides the highest level of encryption for the transformation of the data. It is mainly used for the sites which do payment transactions or contain sensitive information.

How to get an SSL certificate?

Once you choose what type of SSL you require then you could buy an SSL certificate from any SSLs provider (list mentioned at the end). After buying it only you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below (beginner’s friendly);

  1. Make sure that your WHOIS(“who is”)  information is correct. Moreover, share the exact details with the SSLs provider.
  2. The next step is to generate the certificate signing request(CSR) at where you hosted your website (Your hosting corporation or platform can support you ).
  3. Share the data of the certificate signing request to the SSLs provider for going ahead.
  4. Install the certificate on your website after the completion of the above process.

Now you understand how you can get an SSL certificate on your website as a piece of security evidence. Which enhances the trust of users and improves the user experience. Before buying an SSL certificate, the type of SSL certificate should be considered. It may be either a costly or cheap certificate. Let’s say, if you are looking to secure subdomains then, a costly or a cheap wildcard SSL certificate can fill the gap of website security. It completely depends upon the number of domains and the website’s structure.

Top 10 best free SSL certificate sites:

First thing First: Now you are interested to get in touch with those sites which provide free SSLs for a lifetime or for a few months. Here it is;

1. SSL for free:

SSL for free is one of the famous organizations that provides SSL certificates for a lifetime without charging anything. It creates a free SSL certificate using its own ACME server. It also supports all the modern web browsers to secure the data from two ends.

Moreover, They create a tutorial for beginners to help the user in the verification of SSL certificate and provides an easy way to install the SSL certificate on a website.

2. Instant SSL:

If you want to get the SSL as soon as possible. I recommend you to go with Instant SSL company. Because they provide instant verification on an SSL certificate. This is the reason why it grabs my attention.

Also, they provide a free SSL certificate for 90 days without any charges. It works on most of all the Web browsers that are in the market.

3. GoDaddy:

The other option you can choose is GoDaddy. This is the world’s biggest company that provides Domain Names at very decent prices. GoDaddy has more than 20 million-plus active customers.

If you figured it out then you will be able to find that it provides free SSL for one year(only when you open a source project).

4. Let’s encrypt:

Let’s Encrypt is a non-profitable company run by the internet security search research group. Because they provide a free SSL certificate valid till 90-days from the verification. After it, you can update to a premium version if you are interested in their services.

5. GeoTrust:

Geotrust gives access to a free SSL certificate to the individual for 30 days. The SSL certificate is supported by all mobiles, Web browsers, laptops, and desktop computers. Even, They also give methods for easy installation of SSL certificates and automated domain validation. Only you need to borrow the easy steps that are given by GeoTrust.

6. Cloud Flare:

Manually verification of SSL certificate requires many data to fill up. To make things easier cloud flare generated a button. Only you have to click on a button and other stuff goes automatically.

To boost the trust factor of a user it shows a green lock on the address bar of a browser. Indicates to a user that the site is secured.


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7. GoGetssl:

GoGetssl is a well-known name in the SSL market. They provide organization validation, domain validated and extended validation SSL certificates. Each and every certificate comes with a green lock in the address bar and with the validation of 90-days. After it, you can switch it to the best and low-cost premium version.

They provide a domain validation certificate in just 3-5 minutes by using their own simple and easy automated system.

9. ZeroSSL:

They issue a free SSL certificate for 90- days in just 5 minutes using their automated ACME system. Some of the major characteristics are given below of the ZeroSSL;

✓90-Day free Certificates

✓One-Step Validation

✓Industry-Standard HTTPS Encryption

✓ACME Integrations

✓Quick and  Easy Installation of SSL certificate

✓SSL Monitoring

Moreover, They provide step by step instructions for verification of SSL and simple installation of a free SSL certificate with 24/7 customer support.


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