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Seven Ways How AI Bots Can Increase IT Help Desk Support Efficiency

In the fast-evolving digital world, organizations are continuously facing challenges to set the balance between decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies. IT help...

In the fast-evolving digital world, organizations are continuously facing challenges to set the balance between decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies. IT help desk has become a significant part of business functions in the organization. It is playing an important role in supporting company users with constant technological services. Without the IT help desk, the company’s personnel would be found running into basic issues that could have affected their productivity.

Understanding Chatbots

Basically, chatbots is an Artificial Intelligence application that interfaces with users using a conversational program. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are the two languages that are used in developing a chatbot. AI chatbots are self-learning software systems that interpret the human language without the need for human help. They can elevate the organization’s IT Help Desk, resulting in increasing workforce productivity and overall enterprise efficiency.

Chatbots have changed the way B2E, B2B, B2C, and C2C interacts. They are developed in such a way that they get more efficient by interpreting the user based on the inputs the end-user provides. Thus, saving a lot of money and time for enterprises.

Benefits of IT Help Desk with Chatbots

With the help of Chatbot, the IT help desk can answer promptly to the agent’s support queries and resolve them immediately, in most cases. It can increase the efficiency of the end-users as well as allow the IT help desk team to concentrate on complicated queries and other digital modifications efforts.

Before looking for Chatbot, IT help desk software, consider the following benefits to enhance the productivity of the IT help desk:

1. Assisting Employees: IT help desk support team helps in offering information related to the products and services of the enterprise, answering FAQs and IT policies, troubleshooting whenever the help desk agent raises a request. Addressing these monotonous queries could affect their efficiency and, in turn, increase the cost to the organization. The introduction of chatbots in the IT help desk is the perfect solution to add value to productivity and cost-efficiency.

2. 24/7 Availability: Extending customer support beyond office hours has always been a challenge in the dynamic business environment. When a query arises after office hours or during server downtime, resolving it becomes difficult. So, these service-requests are added to the queue till the help desk staff gets time to resolve them, which results in a slowdown in work. Adopting chatbots in the IT help desk system helps to avoid these problems and resolve them effectively. Human agents working late would always have a virtual chatbot to address the queries on time.

3. Self Service: Chatbots came to the rescue when it was difficult for IT to increase the number of agents in comparison to the number of tickets raised. Chatbots answers service requests and regular matters. It suggests appropriate self-help articles to the users. Virtual agents make sure real-time, constant, and individualize interactions with end-users to improve customer satisfaction. Chatbots are consistent about response time, language, and availability. However, chatbots cannot replace human helpdesk personnel as they solve complicated Tier II and Tier III doubts.

4. Modernizing Incident Management: Some of the IT helpdesk staff are mostly busy with sorting or routing incidents. It’s quite cumbersome and error-prone if you manually address these incidents. Sometimes, even the most experienced IT helpdesk agents find it tough to sort a lot of incidents raised at a particular point in time. Due to this reason, most of the repeated queries are put in the queue for getting it resolved. However, chatbots streamline this process by smartly routing tickets based on the type of issue to the agent group.

5. Ticket Activity Performance Reports: Different departments of the organization reports all their issues to the IT help desk. The support staff or personnel will address and resolve the issue reported by any employee of the company in the IT help desk application. This decreases the efficiency of the support staff by resolving these frequent issues daily. Here, the introduction of the chatbots in the IT help desk increases the work efficiency of the staff by generating a timesheet and provide a report on frequently occurring issues that increases the productivity of the company too.

6. Human Hand-Off: Turn-by-turn discussion with the staff is operated with the help of an AI-powered chatbot. Chatbots respond by matching queries with pre-set messages in their knowledge base as they can easily recognize keywords provided by an employee in the chat to assist the employees quickly.

7. Reduced Cost Per Ticket: The most important thing for any organization is its unit cost. The cost per ticket metric is a way to know how efficiently an IT help desk service conducts work and leads to the growth of an organization. With the introduction of chatbots in the IT help desk, many tickets get lowered as general issues are mostly resolved by the bots, which in turn lowers its cost per ticket.


Chatbots have emerged into organization consciousness, and they are indeed acting as the most powerful productivity tool for business. As per the reports, more than 50% of enterprises actively use chatbots to streamline their business operations using natural-language communication.


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