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Are you looking for free web hosting?

Don’t you have enough money to start a blog or website?

There may be many things in your mind about the hosting but today I am going to share a post on how you can use the free web hosting from

The traditional business consists of many problems like maintenance, record keeping, hiring staff, etc. But this has been changing with the increase in technology as it makes the people do the daily business activities online. Many organizations are changing from traditional business to online business and they are able to target many customers at an affordable cost. However, the maintenance of the online website needs some money. This made some of the organizations stand back from making themselves visible in the market. Few organizations like 000webhost have made these services free to the public so that smaller organizations and freelancers can start their own online businesses.

Chasing the dream to be a writer is now no longer a dream as there are many platforms that offer the writer to be what they want and express themselves at any cost. This made the young entrepreneurs and writers use these facilities and get the desired success. Not only freelancers but also many multinational companies use these web hosting companies to start their own websites and reach customers. This makes them attract more customers and get more profits from them.

Web hosting companies

There may be many web hosting companies like 000webhost that provide the service on the internet for the customers according to their needs and requirements for them. The charges are completely reasonable based on the type of account that the customer has selected. They give some of the services for free for some strata of customers and according to the account they select. These web hosting services are 100% legal and they have the best services that give the best client experiences. There can be 1000s of such companies but some of the following features make the 000Webhost company the best in the market.

Benefits of 000webhost using a free web hosting company

The following are the benefits of 000webhost Company:

Customer support

It is one of the domains that gives additional customer satisfaction and adds more customers to the firm. They provide 24X7 customer support so that customers can contact at any time and get their doubts clarified. This will make them the best in the market and chose them from the competitors.

Ad-free hosting

The most irritating and annoying part of the internet market is an advertisement that makes the customer frustrating. 000Webhost Company asks for the permission of the host before placing the ad directly. This feature makes the customer get some extra money through the ad and expands the business to a larger extent. This also gives money to the company so that they can also get some profits and here they act as intermediaries between the customer and the ad agency.

Hosting price

There are many organizations that charge a large amount for using their service. But this is not the same in all organizations. There are some that charge less amount and give all the premium services with the use of advanced technology and services. This makes the customers use the latest service at a low price and get more benefits from them. This feature can change according to the perception of the customer. However, most of them feel that the hosting companies provide an affordable price.

No sudden change

Some companies change policies all of a sudden and make the customers get a loss. But web hosting companies don’t do sudden changes in policies. If you want the service for a long time like 8 – 10 years, then it remains the same. Any change in policy will be informed to the customer prior to the change and this makes them the most to be trusted. This made them be the best in the market for their long-term stability.

Earn money online

The use of websites like 000webhost will get different options to earn money instantly. The simple ways are given how you can easily start making money.

  • You can either sign up for a referral link so that you will be added to some bonus points.
  • Make promotions by using the values that are available on the website.
  • After these are done your wallet will be filled with lots of rewards and money.


Having the secured servers and giving good security online is one of the toughest jobs for any company. However, 000Webhost Company is successful in providing the desired security to the customers and making the work for them more secured. They provide SSL certificate that adds the additional certificate to the HTML encryption. They also provide password protection that makes the customers use it in a more safe and secure manner. Protection of the identity of the customers is also one of the additional benefits that made them be the best in the market.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the way to increase the website’s visibility on the internet. They provide the right keyword so that customers can find the website and use its services with ease. The difficulty occurs by selecting the right keyword. The 000Webhost company provides multiple ways of identifying the keyword and setting them so that the chances of making the website more visible on the search engine. This is one of the additional features that is given by the hosting company that helps the customers to increase the visibility of the website.

Website builder

000webhost doesn’t not only provide free web hosting but it also provides a website builder for the no techie people. They act as one of the sources for website building with the latest tools and targeting a large customer base in less time. They can also provide multi-language support on the same website that makes them easy to reach all the customers. The multi-language feature allows the customers to visit the site in the language they prefer and use the services of the website according to their convenience and the companies can target a large database of the customers.

Good Uptime

Downtime is the time when the web servers are having problems that make it it the customers difficult to access them. In other words, it can be explained as the time the customer doesn’t have the access to the website. Uptime is the exact opposite of it. That is, the website is visible to the customers. There is 99% Uptime that makes the website visible to the customers and gets access to it. Downtime occurs due to hardware and power failure mostly.


Therefore, it can be concluded that 000Webhost is one of the best and free web hosting companies that take care of its customers, and even if you are going to go with premium hosting services from 000webhost their services are not going to let you down.  Or you can also try their cheap web hosting from their partner “Hostinger.”They are obsessed with their customers in such a way that they make sure that they get the required services at an affordable rate. They maintain good customer support that makes the customers contact them at any point in time.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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    Hey Robin!

    I have used this free hosting service before – when I first started blogging back in late 2010. They are one of the best out there, I agree. I would still highly recommend investing in a paid hosting service, they are not that expensive these days.

    But, if you can’t afford it, I would definitely recommend 000webhost.

    Thank you for sharing your review on this!

    Best regards! 😀

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    Hi Robin,

    Nice post on free website hosting. But I have a question. Are these free web hosting safe for professional users?