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4 Different ways AI is all helping the web hosting industry

While the digital world offers a number of opportunities it is also plagued with a number of threats. The increasing incidents of...

AI is all helping the web hosting

While the digital world offers a number of opportunities it is also plagued with a number of threats. The increasing incidents of cybercrimes, hacking, and other online threats have made it all the more important to secure your website against malicious elements and hackers. Unfortunately, many hackers are way too smart to be kept away with the help of present security solutions. The recent hacking incidents of some of the leading MNCs and globally reputed companies precisely prove this fact. These hackers are constantly evolving and adapting sophisticated technologies, tools, and techniques to make a silent entry into your site and remain undiscovered until they succeed in their objective. That’s exactly where AI or Artificial Intelligence can help.

What is AI and how can it help the web hosting industry?

In simple words, AI or Artificial Intelligence refers to machine intelligence designed to evolve with time by identifying the patterns and evaluating them. These predictive capabilities enable them to find out the potential threats and alert you against them same.

Some of the major qualities of artificial intelligence that help the machines to evolve and improve with time include:

  • Reasoning
  • Knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Learning
  • Perception
  • Certain intelligent physical capabilities like moving the desired objects in the desired direction with the help of manipulative capabilities.

What can AI do for your web hosting business?

There are a number of ways in which AI can actively help your web hosting business by improving the way you manage and control various operations of your business. Here are 4 best ways in which AI can help you manage your web hosting business in a better manner:

Take security and performance to the next level

No incident of malware attempts can go unnoticed thanks to the adaptive learning model of the machines with AI. You will not only get the warning but will also be provided a detailed report that can help you in taking timely action before it is too late. It enables the website owners and hosting companies to act at the right moment before harm is done. Managing a website infrastructure requires regular involvement and investment. Apart from installation and support you also need to go for clerical tasks like analyzing and processing the data. Such jobs are not only time-consuming and tedious but can also eat into the productive time of your staff.

AI is fully capable of doing such data-related tasks with more accuracy. With the help of AI, you can save your staff from such tasks and increase their productive time which can ultimately result in better ROI of your manpower investment. It will also ensure maximum accuracy and deliver fast results that can maximize the realizable benefits. I suggest you read a post on how AI and the Business world have merged.

Using data to generate reports

The owners and external/internal stakeholders of the company can get comprehensive reports including activities and periodical audits that keep the data fresh and relevant to meet the present needs. The updated information is sent in real-time.

Besides you can also get better insights into website performance that can help you in various ways like cost-efficiency, better performance, satisfied customers, and smooth running infrastructure processes that ultimately add to the user experience.

These tools are also able to perform optimization functionalities without any manual help like configuration, bug/software fixes, and upgrading.

Improved accuracy over a period of time

Complex tasks are performed in less time and with maximum accuracy and the best thing is that this capability can increase with time as the AI can learn faster than human operators.

AI can also be trained to take real-time actions to resolve the current site issues in real-time which can offer your site consistent performance. By analyzing the coded applications they can easily detect the problem and act instantly based on their “training and learning”.

So, whether your site gets heavy traffic or meets unexpected glitches/ fluctuations, you can be very assured that your site’s performance will remain unaffected. Hence irrespective of the backend network issues your user won’t encounter any downtime. Maximum uptime means maximum availability over the interest and it helps you to enjoy the maximum opportunities as and when they arrive! Of course, it has a number of long-term benefits too like building loyalty, increasing the number of regular shoppers, and helping you to enhance your conversion rate.

Better customer service

While the chatbots and automated ecosystem have already made an entry into the customer service there is still a wide room for improvement. The conventional menu options fail to deliver an excellent experience to the users. The limited set of responses that are inaccurate or irrelevant in many cases can make their frustration worse. Here too the excellent learning and adaptive capabilities of AI can help you in a great way. More and more hosting companies are now using smart human-like chatbots like Lex.  Such tools are empowered with the help of sophisticated software that allows them to check and evaluate the history of the customer like databases, previous orders, etc. However, there still are issues that are beyond the capabilities of Lex and similar tools but in such cases, these issues are transferred to the human employees. The Lex can help a company in 3 ways- saving on manpower, offering more accurate assistance to keep customers happy, and multiplying the capabilities of their support team without adding any new staff. There are many web hostings but you can review them before using them.

Besides, the performance of human staff can also be improved as these virtual assistants can perform clerical jobs like analytics and report generation for specific customers. Thus your human staff can offer a sharp, quick, and precise response to the clients that can quicken the process, lower the workload, and keep your staff (and customer) stress-free. Most importantly this strategy can help your business in the long run by increasing the lifecycle of your customers.

AI tools beyond Amazon and Google

While Amazon and Google are two of the prime and trusted players in the AI market many other brands offer AI tools that can help your web hosting business in myriad ways. Here, is a list of some less popular but equally beneficial AI tools that can help web hosting companies take their capabilities to the next level:

  • Nexidia: Get the key insights by evaluating the customer interactions and maximizing the ROI of the time spent on the communication process. If used wisely it may also help you to discover various latent opportunities to maximize the returns from each customer.
  • TalkIQ: Make your customer interaction proactively assist your business in increasing its potential and extracting the maximum revenue out of the same.
  • Paxata: Bridges the gap between data and its usability by dynamically transforming the available organized/unorganized data into the crucial business information that can help your enterprise grow.
  • UBIX: Assimilates the complicated and unstructured data and presents it in an easy format that can be used by the business to meet its objectives.
  • DataSift: sifts the data available on social media as well as blogs and presents it in a well-structured format so as to make it ready for the business. Maximizes the benefits of your social media presences.


How artificial intelligence is enhancing the gaming experience of the players.


Just like human intelligence AI or artificial intelligence is also registering constant growth as it is designed to accumulate, assimilate, and evaluate different types of data sets and take an effective action based on the same. It can do a lot of other things that can help the web hosting companies and individual website owners a long way like warning against cyber threats, keeping track of activities, taking proactive action against performance issues, and maximizing the uptime. Besides, the increasing capabilities to offer reliable and accurate support in real-time can further enhance the AI’s eligibility to play a vital role in enhancing the performance, security, and business stamina of a web hosting company.

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