Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Web Developer

Tell me, you must have heard about a web developer? A Freelance web developer is engaged in World Wide Web applications for you. Moreover,...

web developer

Tell me, you must have heard about a web developer? A Freelance web developer is engaged in World Wide Web applications for you. Moreover, a programmer that specializes in his field by using a client-server model.

Designing, coding, and modifying websites are some responsibilities of a developer, however, as per the client’s requirement. 

Here, you are not supposed to mix the two different terms, web designer and web developer. A Web designer is an artist for styling and designing your objects for the web (internet). Whereas, a web developer is responsible for developing applications and functionality. Here, we are all set to proceed.

Have a look at the Pros and cons of this challenging task:

Let’s start with some pros of being a freelance web developer-

  • Be your boss in the field- Don’t you think 9 to 5 schedule is monotonous? As a Freelance web developer, you are supposed to work with your client base. Working for him is the dream for many. However, Freelance web developer turns it into a reality. Your payment depends on you. Meanwhile, on your working capability too. 
  • A broad scope for you- The web will stay for a lifetime. However, you can predict that the field will benefit you through long-term visibility. As the internet is expanding, the same is with the job market for Freelance web developers. I hope you got my point? Useless to say that upcoming years will prove as a boon for developers.

Creativity at its best- As a Freelance web developer, you are the 1 to create your websites, starting to the endpoint. You are the incredible artist for user expectations. Hence proved, that creativity will prove as your backbone to lead you to success. 

  • Problem-solving leads to continuous learning- Problems are an essential part of a freelance web developer job. The higher the challenge, the higher will be your experience to face it. The problems are to be treated as an opportunity as it will enhance your talent and capabilities.
  • Ability to balance your personal and professional life- My family, is something that comes first in my priority list. I hope the same for you. As a boss, it’s easy to devote time to everything for which you wish. Finally, the main advantage of a Freelance web developer, as you are not forced to choose the 1(loved ones or a job).
  • Productivity will be improved- Distraction leads to decreased productivity. The higher the productivity, the higher will be the client’s satisfaction. Finally, Higher will be the payment. Meanwhile, possible as a freelance web developer.
  • Your portfolio leads to success- Just get started, and projects will follow you. As a freelance web developer, no issues about how many projects you are going through at once. Furthermore, what matters is your capability and productivity. I recommend choosing the projects in which you specialize in? However, possible after creating an attractive portfolio.

Just imagine, Ankit registered him on the matrimonial website. As the first impression is the last, he will surely give priority to his skills. Wait, by here, you are not suggested to sign the proposal. Furthermore, it is essential to examine his incapability’s also, finally, as you are going to deal with it for a lifetime.

Meanwhile, by going over my pros, don’t take any decision for your career. Pros and cons go hand in hand. So, it’s essential to know about these cons and the pros of Freelance web developer.

  • A slow start- No doubt that the task of a freelance web developer is stressful. Moreover, here portfolio and experience are your stepping stones. Unreliable clients, delayed payments are some obstacles for a new web developer.
  • Long working time- ‘Work from home job ‘only sounds nice. Moreover, here you are required to work more than your 9-6 job. Sorry to say that expectation always hurts. So, be prepared to work 7 days a week in internet-related tasks as a Freelance web developer.
  • You were forced to be a multitasked- Earning a fair wage on your own is essential. However, possible only by going through several projects at once. Stay focused (tensed) to give all a unique identity. I repeat, complete them separately, but creatively.
  • To deal with a boring topic is a hectic job- Enjoying and doing your job are somewhat different terms. Isn’t so?. The credit of a developer’s creativity goes to his topic. You can create much more for gaming than aluminum as your topic. No excuses please, as your client’s decision is to be followed at any cost. Finally, it proves as another obstacle for Freelance web developer.  

Nature of freelance web-developer jobs-

No doubt, the scope of Freelance web-developer is extensive. Despite freelance, the services are offered in small, medium, large-sized organizations. They are not registered as a routine employee. Moreover, have the freedom to work from home, part-time employees, or as a consultant/contractor. However, this affects their salary. Meanwhile, it depends on the level of seniority and location. The profession sounds interesting to you. Moreover, it holds some challenges also.

Is it necessary for a web developer to be over-qualified and licensed-?

No issues for it. Furthermore, you must have the guts to deal with the web development project. If you are passionate, then go ahead; it has a bright future with various career options for a Freelance web-developer.   

Freelance web developer as a career option is on the rise. However, before making any decision, go through its pros and cons for your inner satisfaction. Stay updated to meet your client’s expectations. Moreover, your website represents your business. Digital marketing, entertainment, mobile application development, and software industries have high scope for you. 

Finally, as a developer, your salary depends on your passion and skills. I repeat, pros and cons go hand in hand. For instance- as a freelance (work from home) job will bless you with several merits. However, you don’t realize how many rewards you are living from hand for it. The choice is yours. I wish you all the best with your future endeavors. 

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. while deciding the work whether you want to do a complete job or freelance we have to also think of the study about that so that result will be fine

  2. In my opinion, I think there are more pros than cons. So it is safe to say that being a freelance web developer is a good idea if you have the right mindset and skills.

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