How Good Graphics Make Your Business a Brand?

Good Graphics Make Your Business

The best way to understand how good graphics actually impact your business is with this example. Consider Apple. Apple has remarkable graphics. There is a complete science behind the way it designs and promotes its products.

Check out this image.

How Good Graphics Make Your Business a Brand?

This is an Apple foldable smartphone. Don’t get too excited. It is just a concept and not a final product yet. But did you notice how you got so excited just by watching a visual of Apple?

You had all these thoughts in mind that what is the cost of this new Apple phone going to be? What features this new smartphone will hold? And many more similar questions…

Surprisingly, all this came to your mind by just a concept art of Apple’s new product. This is because Apple has created a notion in your mind that its products are brilliant. While most Apple products are great, but in most cases, they aren’t really any different from what Android smartphones have to offer. In fact, Android smartphones have won against many Apple iPhones in battery life, Camera specs, and even memory storage.

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Graphics help idealize

We don’t know about a brand when it is introduced in the market. We only see its graphics and then we create an idea about how it is going to be. The stronger the graphics, the stronger its influence will be in our minds.

Let’s take Nike. How many of you wear Nike products? We all have worn Nike products at some instances in our life. And, they aren’t much different than Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and many others. But Nike has created a perception in our mind that it is the best sports brand in the market. It did that by its alluring graphics and partnerships with top sports stars.

Good Graphics Make Your Business

Graphics create perception

When a new brand is formed, it promotes itself through various channels to reach in front of us and show us its message. If the message is boring, we won’t read it. But what do we mean by boring? Boring means an unattractive message. Something that hasn’t caught our attention yet. Now, to make this message attractive, that company is going to hire a graphic designer. The graphics it creates need to be stunning, attractive and to the point. It should be strong enough to make us not only read the message but also act on what is said in it. This is where a graphic designer works with a copywriter to make the design powerful and sharp.


Tools for the web and graphic designers.

Graphics make people buy

When you know who your target market, you can target them easily by creating interesting posts that will appeal to them. Graphics not only aware people about a new product, but it also ignites their interest in the product you are trying to sell. Check out the graphics mentioned in the image below.

Good Graphics Make Your Business

The audience here is a pet lover. After seeing this image, how many of the pet lovers will at least think of buying a dog for themselves? At least 80 percent but we can be wrong.


Where To Get Inspiration As A Graphic Designer?

Graphics require consistency

If you want to convert your business into a brand, you will need consistency in design. This means placing the logo at the same place every time. Using a single font for your text. Use only a few colors for all your designs. This will add uniformity to the graphics you create. At the same time, it will make your viewers remember your designs. Observe how reputed companies market themselves through visuals. Apple sticks to a few colors and use them to construct a dark, shadowy theme that makes it more focused, shows it as a market leader, and helps it promote its message.

Similarly, you can create a witty design that makes waves. This means poking your competitors or pointing them out indirectly. Here is how Burger King and is doing it.


Graphics designs are not only a powerful way to enhance your brand image, but they also lead to attractive and thought-provoking designs that live in our minds forever. Since businesses become brands when customers become loyal and know that the business is going to have an impact on their lives. And, graphics are one practical way to make them realize this thought.

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