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new possibilities

Before dwelling into the unexplored domains of WordPress hosting which is becoming immensely popular, it is pertinent to understand what WordPress is all about. Here is an overview!

The world of WordPress

Who does not wish to go online? Individuals, businesses and freelancers bank upon the digital world to increase their economic footprint. This is where WordPress comes in handy. It provides the appropriate gateway for almost everyone to design, create and co-create their websites. WordPress is the new normal among bloggers as it serves as the first order of both merit and choice. Multiple websites are powered by WordPress. To make it more comprehensive, you might come across a site powered by WordPress after an interval of a few minutes.

Technically speaking, WordPress is an open-source content platform meaning that any individual is free to modify it as per his free will. You might be wondering if any sort of programming is required, the answer is NO. The content management tools allow you design a thematic and engaging website in a short span of time.

WordPress hosting-The first step

When we choose WordPress as the preferred platform for our websites, the first thing is WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is hosting which caters to the needs of WordPress and its users to make its performance better. It enables users to get started with WordPress in a hassle-free manner. With just a start uplink, you are good to go ahead. Moreover, WordPress hosting also enables features like updating software and the like.

The scenario in India

Being a new world of possibilities, WordPress can be hailed as the starting point of a variety of projects. In this context, WordPress hosting services in India are running parallel to those in other countries. This has created a sort of competition and cheap WordPress hosting services are sprouting in large numbers. At the backend of this process, cheap dedicated servers are proving to be pivotal. These cheap dedicated servers are catering to a wide variety of tasks all at the same time.

Explaining the strengths

With the rapid outgrowth and multiplicity of projects, the diversity which WordPress provides befits the purpose for which WordPress was created. The open-source platform is not only a molding tool in the hands of creators but it is also a purposeful ready to use gear.

Into the business

Over the years, WordPress has powered a plethora of business sites and other related online giants which have witnessed a rapid increase in sales. With overwhelming results over the years, WordPress has gained popularity in the entire corporate world.

Riding along the wave of e-commerce

With businesses going virtual and online and customers becoming immersed in the digital world, e-commerce is the way ahead. This transformational growth of e-commerce has now inspired startups to tap the digital market as far as they can. Here comes the role of WordPress. It stands there to guide them across the digital market by enabling the creation of websites, blogs, portfolios and the like.

Starting from scratch

Given the unbelievable results, cheap WordPress hosting backed by cheap dedicated servers design a track to take you step by step closer towards your dream goals. This means that a lack of money can never stop you from designing your dream website or taking your business limits beyond the threshold!

The Road to success

Cheap WordPress hosting will be followed by an SEO friendly platform that will enable a major leap when keyword related searches happen. Usually, these cheap WordPress hosting services never leave you alone but a support team provides the requisite help and the remedy related to malfunctioning if any in the cheap dedicated servers. Apart from this, tutorials and knowledge-based content that the support team may help to allow you to design a website in a span of few minutes.

A look at the security concerns

Mention should be made about the security concerns related to WordPress hosting. Security-related concerns are at the core of almost all service providers. It is difficult to call a service provider a trusted partner if he does not lay emphasis on the security-related concerns. Usually, providers invest heavily in security solutions. This trustworthiness has an amplifying effect on the growth, popularity, and economy of scale of numerous service providers.


How secure is WordPress?

The length and breadth of Applications

  • A large number of social networking sites are easily possible by WordPress.
  • Membership sites owe their popularity over the years to WordPress in particular.
  • Business websites bank upon WordPress by acting as a money-spinner for them.
  • e-commerce sites as already mentioned are increasingly using WordPress.
  • Bloggers are already used to WordPress and are promoting the same among their associates.
  • WordPress serves as a first-hand tool to craft resumes and create a pitch among employers.
  • More importantly, WordPress also provides an open domain for forums to grow in length and breadth.

Exemplifying it

Until now you may be wondering if WordPress is an arena of amateurs. The answer to this quarry lies in the fact that WordPress is used by such governments and government organizations for whom data and information is equivalent to survival itself. For instance, the Whitehouse uses WordPress to power its official website. The global technological giant called Microsoft also uses WordPress for its official website. This should be enough to reveal the popularity and the world of new possibilities that WordPress as well as WordPress hosting brings with itself.

Critical Vulnerabilities

In 2007, 2008 and 2015 Secunia reported that WordPress was not immune from critical vulnerabilities. The security advisories reported put a few of the users in dilemma if WordPress was the right platform for their websites. However, strictly speaking no major platform is completely immune from vulnerabilities and as such WordPress should be considered rather a less vulnerable platform.

The future of WordPress

It is noteworthy to mention that the future of WordPress can be envisioned as an application platform. Though the world of possibilities is a lot bigger, WordPress holds the ability to transform the social platform as well. Nevertheless, WordPress has tremendous potential to be imbibed with new features to lend the users an unimaginable experience of website developing and blogging.

Sanchita Mittall

Sanchita Mittall

Syed Owais is a content writer working with the search engine optimization team at Go4hosting. He likes to research in path breaking ideas and innovations in the domains of AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing. His early experiments in Machine Learning include the fabrication of a wood carving router. His avid interests include art, music, cuisine and a collection of over 700 novels.

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