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The Expert Guide to Set Your Guest Post Titles

You might have written an exceptional blog post. However, the main point that will attract people is the topic of that article....

Guest Post Titles

You might have written an exceptional blog post. However, the main point that will attract people is the topic of that article. This is the first thing their eyes will see and their brain will process. If it is not engaging and attractive, chances are that your blog post will also not get the attention it deserves. Therefore, we have written some ways involved that guides on how to set your guest post titles.

The famous formula

There are a few types of headlines that perform better than other headlines. These captions include a headline which starts with a number indicating how many points or subheadings are included in it. “How to headlines” are headlines that are designed to suggest some methods of performing a certain action. A headline, which lets people know that this blog was specifically designed according to their needs, attracts many readers. Thirdly, the famous comparison is a caption, which borrows the name of a famous person or a place to get people to click. Scarcity headlines tell the reader that they are informing about something that only a few people know about, for instance, titles like “Little known tips..” or “The secret of…”. Finally, yet importantly, big promises headlines attract the readers by promising the readers if they clink of the link, they might discover a lot of information that they would not have received otherwise. Apart from some famous headlines that get the most attention, there is an ultimate formula that starts with a number then adjective then keyword and then the promise follows.   

Pay consideration to the captions you prefer

You might have noticed that every day you come across different titles. They do not only belong to blogs but to newspapers, YouTube videos, emails or any other article. You will always have a reaction towards that title, even if your reaction is a negative one like ignoring it.

If you start paying attention to different titles more, you will become more capable of creating your own that can grab the attention of the reader instantly. You should also notice how you respond to those titles that you come across. In this way, you will be able to recognize what works, what does not, and what is the reason behind it. The deep insight that you will acquire will lead to you generating good headlines.

Practice makes everyone perfect

Everyone knows that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, if you want to generate the best topic for the post you get then keep working on it. The more you practice on the art of making captions and headlines for different posts, the better you get at it. Commit yourself to this task every for half an hour or a whole hour. Eventually, you will notice yourself mastering this skill.

Keyword research

One of the basic elements of any caption you are going to make is the keyword. You need to research what keyword works best and attracts the reader’s attention. This research will assist you in figuring out what your audience is thinking about, looking for and what kind of words do they use to conduct their own research. According to content writers services, you should be using the same words that your reader uses because in this way search engines like Google will also be able to optimize your site and rank it on top. However, this does not mean you will force the keyword into the topic. You need to use it strategically but if you cannot figure out how to use it then it is better to leave it.

Multiple titles for every post

Once you are done writing the content for the guest post, the process does not end there. The next step in that process is to work on the title. Your post will become obsolete if does not have a catchy title. Hence, you should spend as much time working on it, as much you spend on writing the content. The trick to performing this action is to write multiple topics for one post so that in the end, you have a choice and you can select the best one. In addition, to have a choice, you will obtain information on what people generally like. It might be something that you were not fond of.

Avoid overselling

Having a good caption does not mean that your content should not be great. Avoid promising things in your label that is not included inside. People find it annoying when they click on a link only to find it does not even include information regarding it. If you are going to make a big sell in the topic then make sure your content sells the same thing otherwise figure out another name for it.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the ways that one needs to follow to be an expert in setting up the perfect title for their guest posts.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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