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Hostinger the best quality and Modest Price Web Hosting

As we all know the online trend is changing very drastically. More people are shifting from offline to online business. So more...

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As we all know the online trend is changing very drastically. More people are shifting from offline to online business. So more and more people are buying the website hosting from the different web hosting companies according to their requirements to develop their websites.

On other hands, we can say that quality website hosting lay the foundation stone for any online business. Although you might be putting lots of efforts and resources to develop their website, if your web hosting is not a reliable then all efforts you are applying on it is a waste. Some web hostings are also worst; they start giving a 502 or related errors again and again and doesn’t fulfill or give the promised bandwidth. That is why you need a web hosting provider that will provide you an extreme quality of service without any interruption.

So, if you are confused about buying a web hosting for you, Then I will be guiding you to know about one of the top rated web hosting brand- Hostinger.

So I will introduce you to a reputed band named Hostinger. It provides fabulous quality of web hosting service inception since 2004. Today this company is providing its service to 29 million users with around 178 countries. With its 100% customer satisfaction and powerful technology this company is getting thousands of new clients.

Like billions of stars in the sky, many web hosting companies are providing its service on the internet, but one of the brightest stars in the pool of internet is Hostinger which mesmerize clients with its service and affordable packages.

I will give you information about plans and investigate those service and features which Hostinger is providing. After that, I will tell about its performance especially with regards to WordPress. After Knowing all about it, you will reach this conclusion buying hosting from Hostinger is your best choice or just only Pour money down the drain.

Better Customer support

The primary best feature of any organization or a company is better customer support. More customer satisfaction makes the customer happy. Hostinger offers 24/7/365 customer care support with live chat support system. You can take any type of assistance with their agent at any time, and it does not matter you are starting a new business or already have a big company.

Hosting Price:

Pricing is a major factor to buy anything from anywhere. The major reason of Hostinger to grow as a web hosting company is its pricing feature. The affordable pricing plans give its unique identity to grow it as a best hosting providing brand. Your eyes on stalks if you will see its pocket-friendly plans.

You can start your website with 0.75$ per month. Although this is a base plan and this plan not only give many features, but it is very good chance to get familiarized with this platform by this plan.

Another premium package web hosting package which you can buy monthly price of 0.89$. As per the Hostinger, this is the best premium package which fulfills the need for most of the clients. This best feature of this plan it includes unlimited Bandwidth, Email account, and MySQL database. The 3x optimization speed will help your website to improve rank in search engine.

Introducing a major business Web hosting package with a monthly price of 1.49$. This plan will gear your business towards success with lots of amazing features. This package is especially for those peoples who have a business. With this package, you can take your optimization to another level with 5x speed of standard hosting. With this plan, you will also get daily back up of your website, 2X processing power, and Free SSL certification to secure customer data. While most people won’t need this package but it is good for those who want to host for business purpose.


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Features provide by Hostinger if you buy a web hosting:

The affordable price is one of the interesting features by Hostinger with some extra features which other hosting companies may lack. These days Hostinger is providing so many benefits and features to their clients if you will see its plans you can’t ignore its benefits if you are planning to start your website. Let’s introduce all these qualities in details:


Security is a primary feature and fundamental property of any web hosting company. Hostinger can do this best as compare to its competitor web hosting companies. While this feature is missing in a single hosting plan but premium and business planes are offering SSL certification. The Benefit of SSL certification is that it provides an additional layer of encryption on HTTPs packets.

Word Press Optimization:

Choosing a WordPress hosting is a great way to improve your SEO rank and traffic of your website. Hostinger is providing the very good feature with WordPress hosting “ 1- Click Word press installation”  by this simple step you just have to fill a simple form with Hostinger after that you need to open hosting control panel and click install “button” WordPress. This is very simple errand for any client to establish its website. Hostinger has its custom caching plugin which helps in optimization techniques without customer interaction.

SSD hosting:

As we know, Hostinger is one of the major web hosting service provider, to see the demand changing the market trend and to give something new to its clients this company migrates its servers to use of SSD storage. With the help of SSD technology, 4X speed is increased or read/ write of the disk over tradition storages. Hostinger is very popular for its SSD Storage which is more reliable. Some hosting companies charge extra for SSD storage, but hostinger give one more extra benefit of SSD storage with its premium and Business web hosting plans.

Auto installer/ website builder:

Another important benefit provided by Hostinger is that it offers easy to use an auto- installer and website builder tools. You can use this popular application to build your website with just a single click. After then you can customize your website with many free templates or as you want. The most convenient drag and drop tool easy for every client who has not a good knowledge of programming.

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In small words, we can say Hostinger is budget- friendly and reliable brand. If you are thinking to start your website by buying hosting from Hostinger is the best option than all other marketplaces.

Written by Robin Khokhar
A full-time blogger and Entrepreneur. Helping people to grow online and making them a brand. Who runs this blog and another website named Pixa Ocean.

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  1. Hey Robin!

    This is the first time I’m learning about Hostinger. I can’t believe the prices they got!

    They seem to be a decent hosting service for a new blogger. I’m thinking about giving them a try and see how everything goes over time.

    Thank you for sharing the review man! …. it is very helpful!

    Cheers! 😀

  2. Hey Robin,is this real. 1.49 USD for business hosting. It’s beautifully priced. I’m gonna check out Hostinger.
    Thanks buddy

  3. Hi Robin,
    Is this web hosting company has affiliate?
    How reliable is that? I scammed by HostGator.
    Any suggession?

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