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How Many Links Is Too Many in a single post?

Have you ever thought that how many links must be there in a single post or page? There are bloggers out there,...

How Many Links

Have you ever thought that how many links must be there in a single post or page? There are bloggers out there, who have asked many times that how many links must there in a single post including the external links and internal links in the page.

And my answer to those bloggers was always that we could place a plenty of links in the post either internal or external, but those links must provide valuable information for the reader. And also it depends on the size of the post.

And also there are 100 links per page or post-theory. It was passed to the webmasters in the year 2009 by Matt Cutts, that we should use less than 100 links on a page.

But what about those post which has the lists of websites like I have crafted post on “list of commentluv blog” “Social bookmarking sites” “profile creation site” and related posts. You can just search the commentluv blogs, and you will find my post on the Google’s first page, and it contains more than 100 links. So according to me if we are doing it properly and writing content with right techniques then Google is not going to hit any penalty.

Why should we have less than 100 links?

In the year 2009, Matt Cutts Who was the person at Google spam team at that time, in one of his blog post he said that you should not exceed more than 100 links. Here is the link to the Matt Cutts post. Google claims here that a webmaster may get a penalty from Google if the links are more than 100 in number. But still, the source confirms that Google will check the post if links are valid and passes knowledge and value to the post then the page will not be penalized or hit by a penalty.

Chances that You Could Be Penalized?

I don’t think that Google will penalize that page or the whole website if we are using more than 100 links in the post or page.

That Statement given by Matts show that technically we must have less than 100 links, but if the links do not spoil the post and are good for the reader, then no penalty will be there.

If you are a regular user of Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, then you would have noticed that even with the links more than 100 the button in the SEO Yoast plugin remains green, it doesn’t turn red or yellow. So, even the Yoast is giving us a sign that more than 100 links cannot be a problem. You can see the below screenshot for the same.

So, 100 links is still a limitation or not?

Well according to John 100 links is just a suggestion to the webmasters and Google will not only crawl your website but also it will show the good results if the links in the page or post are authoritative and are valuable to the reader. Here is a question that was asked at the Google Webmaster Central forum and John Mu the spoken person of Google has claimed this thing.

You can see the below image for the same. It says that there is no limit of 100 links in the post but just a suggestion.

Does that have any value today?

Yes, there limitation of the 100 links is still in use and must be followed by all webmasters and bloggers.

What I mean to say is that if there are unnecessary links either internal or external which pass no value and useless. Then your post or page can be penalized by the Google. Google has also given it a name doorstep sites, means links in the page to the other websites which are helpful.

I will explain you with the help of an example. If we are writing a post about SEO and we link other websites which are not related to it and are totally different like inserting the links about traveling then that can be a bad doorstep and eventually end up at the end of the Google SERPs.

So, what is the exact number?

Many webmasters and SEO experts may have different opinions. So, I also have a different opinion; I will consider that 100 links can’t be the limit till we keep on providing the authoritative and good links in the post or a page. We can’t possibly add all pages to the homepage of the website or a single post. But doing internal linking with some external links will not harm a web page or website.

Although, one must keep in mind that there is still 100 links per page if the links are not authoritative or good enough.

And at the End, I would love to have your opinion. Please share your thoughts in the comments. And if you have any question or query, please feel free to ask.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

6 Replies to “How Many Links Is Too Many in a single post?”

  1. Hi Robin Khokhar
    Before reading your post, i was just applying 2-3 outbound links with scare that it may affect my rank, da or traffic. Now i am bit relaxed that we can add links as per content and resources requirements. Thanks for this post and i would like to request you to write these kind of more and more posts, so blogger like us can learn from your blog.

  2. I also believe 100 links per page is just a suggestion. However, it is a good guideline to follow. Thanks for this post.

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