How to change a website hosting provider?

How to change a website hosting provider?

There may be a thousand and one reasons why people decide to change website hosting providers. Most often these are unfavorable terms of the deal. Below are detailed instructions on how to choose the best website hosting services and move your website.

Finding a new website hosting

Take your time with choosing a new hosting. Study the comments of the customers of a particular provider, its prices, server configurations, and so on. Our advice is to register a domain with a third party. In this case, you will not have any problems with changing the domain name if you want to change website hosting at some point later. If you are looking for hosting with favorable pricing terms, you can find it here.

Downloading the website

If you already use the services of a provider, you will not have a question about what is website hosting server and how it works. In simple words, a server is a large computer on which files with your site and its data are uploaded. You need to download the site to your local computer in order to transfer it later to a new hosting. You can do this on the official hosting site. If you need help, contact the provider’s technical support.

Exporting database

If your previous server stored your site data separately, it needs to be downloaded as well. To do this, you need to use a special application, the most common is cPanel. Don’t trust extraneous messages, files, or names. Attackers can use the factor of your inexperience and steal your data. After the export is done, you are ready to change the website hosting company.

Uploading the website

 After you have chosen a new web hosting and discussed all the terms of cooperation, you need to upload all the necessary files to the new server. This is usually done by the hosting service’s help desk, but you can do it yourself. For this purpose, you can also use any program convenient for you or the one you exported data from the previous server with. However, the website still needs to be customized. If you have a one-page landing site, it won’t be difficult for you to do this. But if you have a full-fledged multi-page online shop, you will most likely need the help of technical support.

Test the website

After you or a support rep have imported all the data, check that the site is working properly. Make sure that: 

  • website pages are loading;
  • all buttons are clickable;
  • forms for filling are active;
  • user data is stored on the server;
  • customer support is working;
  • all media are in place.

If everything is okay, the site is ready to be used. Hope we answered the question ‘How do I change hosting for my website’ to the fullest and you will not face any difficulties in this process.


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