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How to Construct an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Just because most people don’t click through promotional emails doesn’t mean email marketing doesn’t help accomplish your marketing goals. There’s a reason...

How to Construct an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Just because most people don’t click through promotional emails doesn’t mean email marketing doesn’t help accomplish your marketing goals. There’s a reason why as many as 87% of B2B marketers leverage email marketing to distribute their content, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

If done right, a well-crafted email marketing campaign can generate an impressive ROI. As revealed by DMA’s Marketer Email Tracker 2020 report, every dollar spent on email marketing can produce an average return of $35.40. The investment includes what you pay your email writer.

If you wish to experience similar results and achieve skyrocketing business growth, study how to create an effective email marketing campaign:

Formulate a Catchy Header

The email header is the first thing recipients see when your email lands in their inbox, describing everything they should expect to see upon opening the email. Your aim should be to develop a headline that entices users to click open the email and consume the content contained in it.

There are a number of aspects to pay attention to that relate to your email header. Before anything else, send out your email from a recognizable name rather than using an anonymous account. Some marketers won’t give much importance to the ‘From Name’, not realizing that it can make a huge difference to whether the recipients will open the email or mark them spam without clicking.

Moving forward, make sure that your email Subject Line is action-oriented, personalized, and most importantly honest. Keeping it honest means that it shouldn’t mislead the users to trick them into opening the emails. If the content doesn’t relate to the Subject Line, the recipients won’t trust your brand or convert. Besides, keep it short; not more than 50 characters.

Depending on the email client you use, recipients might be presented with a short preview of the email body. This is commonly referred to as the Preheader Text. If you don’t specify this text, the system will automatically pull some of the words from the beginning of your email body, possibly cutting off the content mid-sentence. To avoid this, add a 6- to the 11-word description that succinctly explains what the email is about.

Write an Engaging Email Body

The next big challenge to develop an effective email marketing campaign is to create content that genuinely provides value to the users. It’s important to understand that the content forms the core of your email marketing strategy. It must strongly resonate with your target audience to be able to engage the readers.

However, with over 306.4 billion emails sent every day, it can be difficult to stand out and compel the recipients to make a decision in your favor. This is where hiring a skilled, experienced email writer can come to your rescue. You’ll need to hire someone who’s been writing conversion-oriented emails for businesses similar to yours. They’ll know exactly what vocabulary to use and which commonplace terms to avoid, while also ensuring the ideal positioning for calls-to-action (CTAs).

When working with your email writer, be mindful of the following critical elements of your email body:

When a recipient, clicks open your email, your company logo should appear at the top and be clickable so that it takes users directly to your business website.


The text content of your email provides a unique opportunity to convey your underlying brand message and deliver value to your targeted users. But at the same time, lengthy blocks of text will most likely be ignored. Therefore, no matter how tempting it is to share as much information as possible, keep your text body concise and focused. Based on studies, emails containing not more than 20 lines of text and a maximum of three images get the highest click-through rates.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Many marketers new to email marketing will place the CTA at the end of the email body. Keep in mind that emails are less likely to be fully read than blog posts. Most users who click an email will only skim through it and won’t likely reach the end of it before going back to their inbox. Hence, you need to think differently to optimize your email for a high click-through rate. That’s why the best position for a CTA is around the point where your audience should have read enough to be intrigued but won’t be required to scroll downward.

This is often the most ignored part of creating marketing emails. Both from the perspective of making the desired impact and ensuring compliance, the footer is a vital element of email marketing. Include social media links in the email footer to nurture the relationship with your target audience. The links will provide them with ways to connect with you on other avenues to keep the engagement going.

In addition, the footer should always contain your contact information and email address so that the recipients know exactly how to reach out to you for further queries or to partner up. Responding to the email should be made as convenient to the recipients as possible. To comply with CAN-SPAM, don’t forget to include the physical address of your company too.

You must also provide your recipients with a simple way to unsubscribe or opt out of receiving marketing emails. This is another requirement for CAN-SPAM compliance. Including an easy-to-spot unsubscribe link in the email footer should be sufficient.

Leverage Split Testing

The emails you develop won’t necessarily work out to produce the desired results. The smallest of changes and tweaks in your email can make a massive difference to how its content is consumed. For example, you might be of the view that the subject line you developed should make the greatest impact. That’s not usually the case. There might be a more compelling subject line that proves more engaging, and another that makes an even greater impact.

Thus, it’s rational to develop more than a single subject line and compare them by conducting a split of A/B testing. This method involves sending out different versions of the same email to evaluate which one generates better results. When testing email versions for different subject lines, be sure to keep the rest of the elements completely the same. Otherwise, you won’t know what exactly is causing a change in the result.

Similarly, you can test varying versions of the email design, content, colors, CTA buttons, and font sizes across different devices. When you send out the different versions of emails, track and compare the click-through rates, bounce rates, and open rates. This method should help you improve and refine your email marketing strategy quickly.


To sum up, email marketing is a tried and tested method to building brand awareness and expanding customer base. As long as you understand your target audience inside out and are aware of some simple tricks, creating an effective email marketing campaign shouldn’t be too difficult. Following the tips mentioned in this article should help set your marketing email apart from the other emails landing in recipients’ inboxes.

Yet, as mentioned earlier, nothing can match the expertise of an experienced email writer. If you need help creating content for your conversion-oriented marketing emails, hire a professional email writer at your earliest.


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