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Convert Your Excel Files To PDF! Here Are the Top 8 Convertors for You

Looking for the best Excel to PDF converter to use in 2022? or Looking for how to convert pdf files to excel?...

How To Convert Excel Files To Pdf

Looking for the best Excel to PDF converter to use in 2022? or Looking for how to convert pdf files to excel?

What is the most feasible way to quickly convert Excel to PDF? Is there any free Excel to PDF converter that can help me fix pain points?

If any of these three concerns sound to you, you are not alone. The majority of PDF consumers have these concerns. 

Go nowhere!

This complete guide has covered a list of the best Excel to PDF converters to assist you in finding the ideal solution.

The primary purpose of this page is to provide you with an impressive list of online Excel to PDF converters. When you need to convert multiple Excel files to PDF, an online Excel to PDF converter comes into play to help you save time and money.

A reliable Excel to PDF converter is both effective and simple to use. Without further delay, let’s dive into the article.

1. IlovePDF

With this tool, you can convert Excel to PDF for free. In addition, it allows you to convert several Excel sheets at once. 

The conversion method is straightforward; simply upload the Excel sheets and click the convert button. 

Minutes later, a download link for the converted PDF file will be provided. How amazing it is!

2. Exceltopdf.Net

This amazing tool supports a wide range of file formats. It allows you to convert Excel (CSV, Xls, and Xlsx) documents to PDF without affecting the quality of the files. 

Due to its user-friendly interface, this Excel to PDF converter is simple to navigate. Moreover, it has a straightforward homepage to avoid any ambiguity. In addition, it has a nicer user experience.

With this magical converter, you will go through three phases to get your PDF document done: 

  • Upload
  • Format selection
  • Conversion

This converter works on the principle of single-click conversion. Once the conversion is complete, you will receive a downloadable link.

Most significantly, you do not need to provide your email account. 

3. Hipdf.Com

It is another reliable tool for converting Excel to PDF files without signing up with your email address. 

A quick glance at the homepage reveals that it is really a simple tool.

It is also secure because all of your papers are removed from the server within an hour of conversion. You can now save the result to your PC.

4. Online2pdf.Com

This converter provides a comprehensive Excel to PDF conversion service.

Moreover, the entire procedure is quite straightforward to follow: simply upload your desired Excel document and follow the three steps to finish the conversion. 

This free online Excel to PDF converter allows you to adjust the page orientation and save Excel as a landscape PDF.

5. Ice cream MS Excel to PDF Converter 

Users can use this converter to convert files to PDF and PDF to other files.

When converting to PDF, all files can be merged into a single PDF with various file settings. This free Excel to PDF converter includes a PDF viewer and supports password-protected files.

Ice cream’s free excel to PDF converter allows users to perform mass conversions, use a drag-and-drop interface, see a rapid preview, and encrypt their files with a password.

Its intuitive interface is simple to use. Convert PDF to a variety of formats with ease.

6. Free Excel to PDF Converter 

This free Excel to PDF converter is designed to convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF as simply as possible. 

It converts spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 into PDF format in batches. 

It has a good user-friendly design and has a low price. However, it also requires Acrobat Reader or any other third-party PDF reader to function.


It converts Excel to PDF in three simple stages.

The first step, like many others, is to choose the Excel file you want to convert. Also, you can upload it from a web page.

The PDF document is then emailed to you. This site’s front page is a little complex, with a lot of information spread around.


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