How to make money with a dating app?

How to make money through a dating app? - Tricky Enough

“Did you know that Tinder makes nearly $1500 per minute from users trying to connect with others?” And it is also possible for you to make money with a dating app.

There is no doubt in the fact that dating apps today are blessings for single souls. More than 49 million Americans are participating in at least one of the dating apps. Instead of asking your friend to set you up with one of their friends, you can find a suitable date for yourself by simply visiting the dating apps. Tinder, Bumble, Match, etc. are some of the popular dating apps today. Apart from finding love, ever wondered how much money these apps are making? 

Without any surprises, Tinder is one of the highest-grossing dating apps earning more than $1500 per minute. During the recent updates, they added premium subscription options which act as a cherry on a cake. Options like Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus unlock extra features such as unlimited likes or rewind the accidental swipes, etc. Bumble reserves the spot of number two by earning $172 per minute. And the Match comes third by making $135 per minute. 

For more than two years, Tinder is considered one of the best dating apps today. Since its launch, it has successfully been able to stay afloat without depending on any of the income streams. If you are planning to launch your dating app and are confused about how to make money with a dating app, below are some of the strategies which will make your task easy and will clear all your doubts. 

Follow these tips and bring a storm of money from your dating app

1. Advertisements:

One of the simplest ways to generate revenue is to put ads in the application. The ad can be determined to the base of each page, and it would have sufficient scattering with the objective that it doesn’t reflect the customer. The ordinary stature of the ad will be 50pixel high. This is ideal for any application out there. In like manner, you can show full-page ads on explicit occasions just to refrain from bothering customers. 

You can put full-page commercials at the start of the application, and a short time later you can put it when there is a match between two customers. The CPM rates of these full-page promotions usually are higher. Dependent upon the country of the customers and various parameters you can expect on an ordinary scale between $5 or negligible higher than that.

CPM stands for cost per mile, which means in case that advertisement is demonstrated on numerous occasions (not shoppers) by then you will win $5 or higher. The smaller flag promotions can be of to some degree low CPM like $2, yet they are extraordinary in the long run.

2. Premium Model:

With the advertisements set up for the application, you can charge people a dollar to remove them through an in-application purchase. This is a better than average strategy to win money without exchanging off the customer experience. Remember that Apple and Google will take their cuts from this pay, which is 30%. Regardless, you don’t have to overplay managing a portion entry or getting ready portions. Apple and Google will do that for you.

3. Paid features in your app:

There are various ways to deal with incorporating some paid features in the application. The customers need to pay a certain sign to open this. There are now different apps doing it and you can pick any of those features that you have to achieve.

4. Restrict users with several searches per day:

You can compel the number of inevitable partners for people each day. So for the beginning time of the application, you can limit it to 20. So after 20 swipes or profiles appear, you will show the customers a message to pay a month-to-month cost of $0.99 or a one-time charge of $6.99 to open the boundless swipes each day.

5. Payment for a private chat:

You can disable the automatic enabling of the messaging system after two people have matched. Or maybe approach them to pay for it. This is a perfect time for mentioning that they pay as they would be incredibly on edge to visit with the new match and they would not consider the little charge, which enables them to do all things considered. You can demand a month-to-month charge or a yearly cost or a one-time cost as you like.

6. Pay for a message directly without a match:

To a great extent when a customer is tense to talk with a young woman paying little mind to the match, you can give them a way to deal with do that and clearly with a little cost. Countless new dating applications at present have this segment. You can charge a choice cost here, in light of the way that customers wouldn’t worry about paying for it if he really wants to speak with a young woman.

7. Affiliate marketing:

You can sign up with affiliate networks, especially with Amazon as they are the best. By then you can put notices for things in the question things or the advising page. These things can be various things that generally favor people favoring each other on their dates. This is the perfect way to deal with selling things without disturbing customers with some sporadic parts things. You can sell even unique other backup things related to an individual’s prosperity like weight decrease and weight gain things.

Final Verdict:

Dating apps are the best way to make an ample amount of as the competition in other sectors is high. Go through the point mentioned above, and when somebody asks how to generate revenue with a dating app, you can share these points with them. Speaking of a dating app, if you are planning to launch one, Guru Technolabs is the perfect place to get it developed. They are a team of dedicated developers who are masters at meeting all their clients’ needs.


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