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Beginners Guide – How to make reels on Instagram?

Instagram has recently started a new feature of Reels in more than 50 countries around the globe which is a good way...

Beginners Guide - How to make reels on Instagram? - Tricky Enough

Instagram has recently started a new feature of Reels in more than 50 countries around the globe which is a good way to capture people’s attention by making as well as sharing short videos or clips through Instagram like that of TikTok. First of all, let’s discuss what an Instagram Reel video is. And then we will discuss “How to make reels on Instagram?”.

Instagram Reel Videos

TikTok has become banned in most countries. So, to fill this gap, Instagram has launched this wonderful feature for people. Instagram reels allow people to make small videos using this app and attract more and more people towards this wonderful app. It allows the people to make small clips of only 15 minutes. A new tab has also been added to the app which is just beside the profile grid. To make a reel video first of all you need to find the function. Follow the following steps.

  • Open the Instagram app and swipe to the right of the Instagram app.
  • Now in the second step tap on the camera screen.
  • You will see several options next you have to tap on the story button that is present at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Once you tap on the story button you will see a few options click on the reel tab that is available at the bottom of your Instagram app.
  • Multiple tools are also available to create interesting content.

Instagram tools for creating good Instagram Reels

1) Select the length for your Reel Video

You can select the length of your video according to the content you want to share on Instagram. Your video can either last for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Make it clear that the real videos are short so try to utilize every minute.

2) Adding Music or audio to your Reel Video

The Instagram reels tab has its music library which you can use to add music to your reel videos. It also allows you to use the original sound in your reel videos instead of the audio available in the library. You can add music to your video either before recording it or after you record the video completely. To add music to your reel videos you will just have to tap on the icon of music that is present on the left side. Once you tap on the icon it will show you the Instagram music library and you can choose the soundtrack according to your video. You can also adjust the portion of the song that you want to use in your reel videos.

3) Speed of your Reel Video

Instagram Reels allows people to choose the speed of their video in order to make their content look more creative as well as eye-catching. You can make slow-motion videos and fast-forward videos too. Just adjust the speed of your video and be very careful to adjust your audio too for making the video more interesting and worth watching. To adjust the speed, you have to tap on the speed button that is located at the left of the mobile screen and select the desired speed at which you want your video to be played.

4) Timer

Instagram reels allow you to set a specific timer for your videos which helps you to automatically stop the video instead of using a record button for it. To use this feature you have to tap on the timer icon which is also present on the left of your mobile. You just have to tap it and move the slides to adjust the time of your video. This tool is extremely important for people who make their videos themselves. It helps them to make their videos effortlessly. Once you tap on the timer button it will give you 3 seconds to get ready and the video will start after it.

5) Adding an effects

Instagram allows its users to use a number of effects as well as the effects that you can use easily and make your videos interesting. It has an endless list of effects that you can use in your videos. Always keep it in mind to choose the effects wisely and use them to convey your message to the people properly. Multiple effects do not make your videos interesting if they don’t add any value to your videos. You can tap on the effect button on the left of your mobile and add the effect to your video.

6) Align your video

Finally, you have this align tool that helps you to create transition videos effortlessly. You can use this tool to make transition videos of clothes as well as locations too. It is the tool that makes Instagram videos more interesting and fun to watch. It helps to bring a transparent image of the last frame of the previous video. This tool only works if you already have at least one video recorded before. Tap the align button and align your video properly. Once you have properly aligned your camera with the last shot that you have taken from it just tap on the record button that is at the bottom of your screen and you are done.

Sharing your reel video on Instagram

Now that you have recorded your video and are happy with all the effects and other things, you can easily post it to your profile. It is extremely easy to post reel videos. Uploading the reel video on Instagram is similar to posting images or videos on Instagram. To post it, just tap on the arrow button that is at the bottom right of your reel video to bring your reel video to your page. Instagram also allows you to send it as a direct message to a person or add it to your story too. But, it is advised to share reel videos on your profile for better views and visibility of your content. This will create new content and will attract more people to your profile to like, comment, and share your videos with other people. In this way, you can get more likes on Instagram in less time.


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