How to Set Up a Plex Media Server? (Complete Guide)


The quickest method for installing and running your own Plex media server is with this quick-start. The links below should be helpful if you require more specific instructions. Installing Plex is essentially the same as installing other programs, with the exception that you first set up the server software. After that, you put apps on your devices so that they can all connect to the server.

Preparing and Getting Your Media Collection Together

Installing your media equipment can be a crucial step. Libraries for your media movies, TV shows, music, photographs, and personal videos will be created when you configure your Plex Media Server. When you do this, Plex will recognize and match content like movies and TV series, then gather materials like movie poster art, movie casts, TV episode descriptions, and more to make your collections beautiful.

How to Set Up a Plex Media Server? (Complete Guide)

In order to automatically recognize and match your content, Plex will try its best. By making sure your content adheres to our media preparation rules, you can speed up that process and ensure the greatest possible results for yourself.

Step 1: Plex Media Server Configuration and Installation

The Server Requirements for Choosing a Server

Depending on the user, Plex Media Server may run on a dedicated computer or on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine. A network-attached storage (NAS) device that is compatible with it can also have it installed. In most cases, Plex runs smoothly on contemporary machines.

Performance Considerations for the Plex Media Server

Regarding performance, there are two very significant factors. First off, the Plex Media Server enables simultaneous viewing of content by several users. The server has to work harder if everyone in your home is simultaneously watching video on Plex. 

Installing Plex Media Server

Once you’ve chosen the location for your Plex Media Server installation, go to the Plex Downloads page and download the Server for your device. When installing, it’s crucial to make sure the Server PC is connected to the internet. In this approach, the setup wizard will function properly and you’ll be able to create an account while it’s happening.

Plex Media Server Setup and Operation

The installation procedure should be fairly familiar to you because it is what you often do on your computer. On Windows, a standard installation program is used, while on macOS, the downloaded app is placed in the “Applications” folder.

After the installation is complete or the server is started for the first time, a browser will open and prompt you to sign in or register for an account on the website. The Setup Wizard will then launch when you are prompted to agree to the terms of service.

Using Windows to launch Plex

  • It will already be operating if you select Launch Plex Media Server at the conclusion of the installation process.
  • If not, locate it and start it from the Start menu.

The Mac version of Plex

  • Navigate to the Applications folder.
  • Double-click the Plex Media Server you found.

How to start Plex on Linux?

The majority of Linux variants:

  • Open a command window.
  • Run >sudo systemctl start plexmediaserver to launch

The Plex Web App, which is included with the Plex Media Server, enables you to manage Plex and access your media using any browser. Once more, when the server is started for the first time, this should automatically launch and begin the Setup Wizard.

Wrapping Up

Accessing and streaming your media when away from home is one of Plex’s wonderful advantages. By default, your Plex Media Server will try to automatically configure this Remote Access option for you. While the automatic setup is successful for the majority of our users, it occasionally fails on residential networks. We have more tools and troubleshooting information accessible if you need help setting it up or decide you’d rather not have it enabled.


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