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What Is a Hybrid Call Center?

Both inbound and outbound communications are vital to a call center. Managing the two important functions is sometimes challenging. Each operation has...

Hybrid Call Center

Both inbound and outbound communications are vital to a call center. Managing the two important functions is sometimes challenging. Each operation has its own set of protocols, specific equipment, and software required to perform efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a closer look at what a hybrid call center is.

What Is a Hybrid Call Center?

A hybrid call center takes the responsibilities of inbound and outbound call center representatives and separates them into two distinct call center functions. One group handles inbound calls while the other group manages outbound duties. Both groups may work in the same facility, but they operate as separate entities within the organization.

While both groups use the same basic equipment, such as headsets, most other aspects of their work differ significantly. Hybrid call center representatives need special equipment and call center software to coordinate these two crucial functions with largely opposite performance profiles.

Call center businesses like Aspect have developed software suite applications that support both live outbound and inbound communications, and work to ease the unique hybrid strategy challenges associated with scheduling, management, compensation, and motivation.

As C-level executives begin to better understand the important distinction between the two functions, the more they understand how important it is to create a hybrid solution with software support.

Inbound Work

When the customer makes the call, a business must have trained customer service representatives available to field questions, concerns, complaints, and compliments. Today, the inbound call center process begins when a customer reaches out to the business via a telephone call, the website, or the company’s mobile app.

Outbound Work

Outbound call center responsibilities focus on making outgoing calls to customers, whether in response to a previous call, a chat session, or a social media post. Outbound representatives receive a list of calls they must make during their shift to ensure customer satisfaction. The agents assigned these duties are responsible for making the calls and achieving the purpose of making the calls.

The purpose of the calls varies, but here are some basic reasons for outbound communications:

  • Telemarketing is outreach to inform customers about new products, generate more leads, and gather data on the interactions.
  • Collection calls to inform customers about outstanding bills and due dates for payments.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Troubleshooting to field customer and public questions and complaints.

Outbound work is more proactive than inbound work, but it also addresses similar issues, allowing customer service agents more time to do research and provide backup during their customer interactions.

Inbound and Outbound Services Often Work in Tandem

There are times when call centers offer an outbound service once a customer has sent a message alerting them that they need assistance, which adds another dimension of complexity to the hybrid call center experience. Special software helps in these situations to ensure seamless customer service, moving between inbound and outbound services.

A hybrid call center software service supports both automated and live inbound and outbound communications. This software ensures that inbound agents receive calls right away, and that outbound agent receives all the information they need to make a full and swift resolution for optimal customer service satisfaction.


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Can You Improve Your Customer Service by Employing Hybrid Call Center Capabilities?

With hybrid call center services, you have access to many helpful communication tools across voice, SMS, email, chat, mobile, and social interactions. Whether inbound or outbound, live or automated, every interaction between your customer representatives and customers is set for massive improvement with a call center solution.


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  1. Very nice blog Robin Khokhar. Yes you are so true about hybrid call center. Today its possible to integrate whats app as well apart of sms and emails. It also helps the manager to have all the communication to and fro logs with the customer at the one place.
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