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One of the most difficult thing for the webmasters is to keep up with the high ranking on Google SERPs. So, I have some question for you like, Are you using any SEO software to rank high on Google SERPs? if yes, then which is the best SEO software which has worked for you?


Are you using the Basic or free versions of some other SEO software?


At this time you don’t have any ranking or not using any SEO software.

Then I can say that this post is for you. Because I am here with an SEO software which can help you to rank on Google SERPs by tracking the search engines, Helps you with perfect On-Page SEO, Backlink analysis and also Monitor your social mentions on Social media. The name of this best SEO Software is Sheer SEO.

Learning about Sheer SEO in-depth

Sheer SEO is an Online SEO software which can help you to work like a pro blogger. It is a complete package for the online marketers and bloggers. This SEO software can help you to get the required information about any website with ease. By using this, you can get an advantage to stay in along with the search engine optimization.

Overview of this SEO Tool

This SEO tool is built to help Bloggers and marketers. And if you are working online to make money then the biggest obstacle that you face is getting less or no traffic. If you are a newbie in the field of SEO, Blogging or online marketing then this tool is just built for you only.

If you know SEO and already getting enough organic traffic for your website then this tool can help to get better results by tracking and analyzing things for you. But if you are struggling to rank on other Search engines pages then this is the best SEO software for you which will help you to increase your website’s Organic traffic quickly.

Things that you can do With this best SEO Software

Sheer SEO is a fantastic SEO tool which you can use in many ways. You can see the below screenshot for the same.

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It has features of rank tracking, backlink analysis, link creation tools, Guard valuable backlinks, link creation tools and monitoring the mentions of your website on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Rank Tracking

The rank tracking feature of Sheer SEO is one of the best features they have provided in their tool. When you will use the features of Rank tracking, you will be getting the reports of your previous and current records. As I mentioned earlier that it would not only track the ranking of your website or blog on Google but also it will also track the ranking on Bing and Yahoo and some other search engines. And you can even get the rank tracking stats on a daily basis or weekly basis by email.

Backlinks to your website

Sheer SEO has another amazing feature, and that is it can check the number of backlinks for any website. If you are an SEO expert, then you might have used these kinds of tools, but this is an amazing tool and gives us the exact number of backlinks.

And I am must tell you that backlinks play a major role in ranking your website in Google SERPs. It is quite difficult to rank on search engines without backlinks.

Density of the Keyword

Keyword density is really an important factor in Google ranking. You must know that your post or the article must have appropriate keyword density. And the Sheer SEO Software helps you to get the best keyword density in your blog post or article. It helps you to create Google-friendly content, which will rank undoubtedly.

It is the rule that we must not use the keyword again and again in an article that is counted as spam for Google. So, this tool helps to get rid of that spam and helps to make your content search engine friendly.

Backlink Checker

Getting backlinks from the other websites is a difficult task. We get backlinks by doing guest posting, blog commenting, sponsored posts and many other link building techniques.

But how we will know that our backlinks are increasing or decreasing. Then this tool is going to stand for us and will help us to know that how many links are there for our website and from which websites. In short, this amazing tool keeps an eye on the backlinks of our website.

Emailed Reports

If you are a running an SEO company or have multiple websites, then this service is made for you only. Because you will not be having the headache to do all those things. All the stats and reports for your websites will be emailed to you on your priority.

Tracking Social Signals

Social sharing these days play an important role, even Google gives more priority to the sites which are shared more. But how will you know that your content has been shared and on which social media websites?

Well, this SEO software even takes care of this. It keeps track of all the social mentions and shares for your content. Mainly on Facebook and Twitter.


If we compare the price of the other SEO software, then you will understand that how much cheaper this software is that other software.

The best thing is that it gives a trial for a period of 60 days. That means if you are satisfied with the software then you can go with it or you can quit at any time.

If you want to know more about this fantastic SEO tool, then I will suggest you visit their website “”

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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